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E2M5rmx :: Q1SP
so it turns out by missing the contest deadline i was able to get my entry released before the others :-) think of it as an unofficial warmup...



hope you enjoy it! also this is the only quake related site i use, so if anyone knows any others then feel free to spread it around :-)
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Fiends On A Lavabridge . . . 
i guess it was cool back then :) 
To Be Fair 
It's not bad, the mechanic would be completely new to anyone who'd played the rest of the game - a fiend spawning both in front and behind on a bridge over a lavapit.

Everyone's seen that and all it's variations loads of times by now in all the custom maps. 
Wow, very nice map, nice re-texturing, good texture selection, gameplay as food as the original, not to say better...
So really good job ! I want to see more ! Go map ! 
Looking Forwards To This Map! 
Screenies look dead sexy, and by the sounds of the feedback you've nailed it! I'm gonna be too busy to try it till the weekend, but I will! :) 
Yes Yes! 
Fine remake of the original.
Love the grand scale of the architecture.
Good you dropped the cage ride so the player had to swim - Not much more to say that hasn't been said!
Good map - looking forward to your next!! 
Good map - looking forward to your next!!

thanks.. that may not be for a while yet since i'm working on a pretty grandiose episode thing :-)

no idea when that'll be done by but i'm hoping it'll rival zer in terms of size & scope 
Pretty Wicked Cool 
nice choice of textures and color/tone range. 
Beat It- 
on nightmare. I used AGLquake.exe, and recorded a demo, but thanks to the lying bastards who told me it could record a demo across deaths, I thought it recorded my whole adventure. Alas, it failed me.

The ending parts were especially evil, especially floating in the blood with 10 health, killing a shambler at the GK door with only a shotgun (and then blowing myself up when fighting scrags). The scrags destroyed player, as well. Nice level! 
scrags = spawn 
Nice Architecture 
Arriving at what I thought was the final horde with 40 rockets, 1 health, and nothing else, I was pretty happy when I'd managed to finish off the two shamblers that were there, the vore, four hell knights, and two scrags, while swimming.

I wasn't that happy to discover that after that there was a whole other room full of that shit. :( ANY items before that would have been nice. 
the last room immediately springs you onto an RA & about 50 health and if you bomb it down to the sides quickly enough you can grab enough firepower to take down the shamblers while the HKs & fiends mostly infight it out.. it's certainly doable.

there wasn't really anywhere i could add last minute items in prior to that. the little area in front of the GKD opens up as soon as you trigger the water trap, so the extra nails i put in there could be grabbed prior to getting the GK.. but then there seemed enough ammo prior to that anyway. *shrugs* i dunno, guess it's just impossible to balance gameplay to everyone's tastes when everyone plays differently. glad you liked the architecture :P 
OK - Had A First Look At This Last Night! 
Very cool map! I haven't finished it yet, and I have done a first run demo, but I will post it up later:

Love the textures, ands the scale of this map! Also there is a nice variation of monsters used, and also a nice variation of gameplay. Some very nice touches to the architecture, as well as the overall theme of the architecture. As others have said, the round atrium area kicks ass! That's where I died... Also I like the rocks around the cieling "windows" - very nice touch :D

Very well done!

More later.... 
"it's Certainly Doable." 
the fifty nails in that room and the seven rockets I came in with really weren't enough, actually, especially given how little room there was.

I turned around and began scouring the map for anything I hadn't picked up yet - no health at all, but I found the LG secret, which of course I couldn't actually get because you have to jump into the slime for it and I only had 1 health ... 
When I got there the push threw me past the monsters - a quick circle strafe around the room left them tearing each other to pieces, just needing to finish off the last few survivors when the dust settled.

Sounds more like you had problems adapting to the ogre z-aiming - until you learn their new behavior they degrade your health + armour much more than normal ogres, since they can actually hit you.

Id1 ogres tend to need careful placement to pose a real threat to the player, which makes players automatically seek to break their placement when the appear, trying to hide underneath them. 
Fun Fun

First play, on skill 0 for no very good reason.

A fine remake. 
Loved the architecture, as well as the good use of q3 textures. 
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