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E2M5rmx :: Q1SP
so it turns out by missing the contest deadline i was able to get my entry released before the others :-) think of it as an unofficial warmup...



hope you enjoy it! also this is the only quake related site i use, so if anyone knows any others then feel free to spread it around :-)
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Those screens looking fucking -sick-. I want to retract my stupid ass entry. I wish I had finished it now... 
even from a pretentious, non-fun point of view, that looks great!

Ergo, I'll download straight away. 
Superb Map... 
...but what the smegging fuckma have you done to those Ogres?!?!

I completely forgot the E2M5 layout and where the secrets should be.

There's some great architecture in this, really shows how much Quake mapping has come on in the last 12 years ;) 
rj map for 12 years? 
Nice Map 
(Damn those ogres, took me a while to realise why I died so often, then it got easier.)

Some wonderful architecture, I especially like that room which you later revisit on a higher level. The lighting was a bit dark.
Great job!

News from here spread around all by themselves. ;) 
Great Map 
I really wish I had remembered to record a demo, as my 1st run through was very entertaining! :/

Had a few issues where I was sniping Ogre's with my shotgun for a fair amount, but apart from that the map was great in terms of design.

It looks fantastic! Love the texture combo and skybox, very nicely done. I didn't have any issues with brightness (or lack thereof).

I did at the very end run out of all ammo apart from rockets, and had to kill a Shambler with my axe (hence I wish I had recorded!) but I think I was silly with ammo pickups early in the level, collecting them when I only had few units deficit...

Overall a very creative outlook on the e2m5 map, loved every minute of it.

Oh, the moving platforms bit was very well done btw, I first saw it and sighed as I thought it would be a very crap puzzle, but it turned out very nice and the combat involved was good. 
Quake1 still alive and kickin' !

Thanks, mate ! 
pretty direct adaption of the original it seems, it was the original route, wasn't it. Just _much_ bigger scale.

Well done, textures aren't my cup of tea, neither is blood instead of water. It would have been a good opportunity to finally _show_ us the mysterious Wizard, or at least the lizard ;) but perhaps some things better reamain unseen...

I thought the room with 2 fiends (crescent shaped room) seemed a bit empty for the scale.

Moving platform thing was well done, it did look like a "no please" kind of puzzle, but it's in fact pretty clever (and simple.)

One problem for people with less than stellar FPS:

The jump out of the MH slime pit onto the walkway with fiends is FPS dependant. You won't make it with really low FPS (r_speeds contribute to that situation.)

Same situation as in Ijed's TPOF, the jump out of water towards the key area.

Otherwise, good map, congrats! 
Thumbs Up 
I just have to agree with what's already been said. Great architecture and balanced gameplay. Those ogres are more fun to fight with their precise aim.

I recorded my first playthrough on hard and about mid way it shows a bug with a hell knight stuck on one of the rising platforms.

Definitely a must play. Right now. 
i always loved the q3gothic textures, and you got the nice reds in there and some awesome circular room designs on top of that.

n1 ^_^ 
That's a remake. Nm was actually a challenge thanks to the Ogres and everything was impressive and well built.

A couple of times the Shamblers had trouble hitting me for ledges . . . which was alot of help ;)

The ending was cool. 
Very Good 
Solid construction with a proper theme. A bit dark, the brightness slider helped. The z-aware Ogres were ok but nothing special in the end - they didn't change gameplay considerably - and I barely noticed the new ambient sounds. So in my view, an id1 version would have done the job as well.
There're some possiblities for optimitazion, although r_speeds seemed to stay within reasonable limits most of the time. Five items dropped out - people, test your maps with developer 1!

Definitely a cool remix, really makes me look forward to the other ones. 
So in my view, an id1 version would have done the job as well.

pretty much the sole reason for moving to a custom progs was preach's 'teleporting monster flag' code. i had loads of gameplay situations where i didn't want to spawn the monsters in straight away and i really hate setting up teleports up for all of them; it's incredibly tedious & time consuming as well as being prone to target errors and a strain on bmodels. once i put that code in, the rest of the alterations were pretty much a bonus.

the ogres suck in this map without the z-awareness, probably due to its scale. there were very view situations where they could actually hit you prior to the code being added, which resulted in lots of dull 'stand and shoot' action which isn't what quake is about for me...

thanks for all the comments, people :-) 
Gb @#9 
I always was thought the wizard was the zombie nailed to the wall in the vertical section of the Dismal Oubliette - where the platform lowers as the player has traps and enemies thrown at them.

Reckon it was so that id could cheat a boss in, the same as they did for the two fiends on a lava bridge in e3 - an event more than a boss, as such. 
Well Done 
A nice remake here. Very nice sense of scale, with the map seeming to dwarf the player.

New orges kicked my ass. Not used to them being able to aim. 
Great map! I liked the q3 textures and blood water. The semicircular room with windows looking out on to the skybox had a great atmosphere. 
Love It 
absolutely great architecture, texturing and lighting. Some of the main rooms look brilliant (my favorite being the spiked dome one where you can also peer out into the skybox).

gameplay's nice too, interesting and refreshing from the recent horde maps.

oh, and I like the new ogres even if the new cde makes some of their long range shooting look funny animation wise. 
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