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SpaceHulk 256 Brush Map By Ijed
Here it is:


Thanks to Distrans for the concept.
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I'll always be up for a coop session. Only you're pretty far away...

3zb also has the "move out of the way" thing... the angriness is handled by the teamstate, if team leader/mate/flag carrier has an enemy, they'll cover... if in follow mode...

not picking up ammo at all makes it easier, but it would be cooler if they did :) and automatically tossed backpack if player in range and player.ammo < bot.ammo...

For fun, I tried this map with a few Zeusbots; it doesn't look too convincing, they headbutt and either shotgun or axemurder the fiends, and don't survive for long. ie the team WILL get spread out over the map, because they respawn at the starting position. They don't really do the dodging bit either :-/ also of course they don't work with Quoth.

Making a bot lure a fiend in one direction, then strafe in the other, check fiend position, turn around and fire, then repeat until fiend->dead, would be lots of work... plus checking if it's in a corridor, and picking a different tactic... plus checking if and how many other fiends are around... o_O it would be cool to watch though :-) chasecam, hehe...

own mod required is, and lots of bothacking. Maybe you could tune the bots for dodging fiends specially. Not simple... something for the list I guess.

Teambots for Quake. 
. . . would be cool to watch though :-) chasecam . . .

Thinking On 
I reckon there'd be enough work in just setting up all the resources, like the weapons, models and players.

So it'd probably have to support singleplayer primarily but with the same player class system. 
Will watch today. 
Good Demo 
A bit more run and gun than Trinca's - I thought you were going to get overwhelmed a couple of times.

Made me realise I should have had the eliminators patrolling and had some autokill for the fiend triggers upon returning upstairs.

Ah well. 
I'm Still Trying 
to beat it on nightmare. 
Too Hard Imo 
with so little health... 
did you see this?

Warp demos in diehard mode. 
But I'll give it a look. Seems like a long time ago, now.

It's Possible! 
I can get to the lift (almost) doing a Nightmare Speedrun! And I have completed it on skill 3!

Excellent map Ijed!

Sielwolf - What's your best time for this mother? 
It Felt 
very space-hulkey (played the computer game only).
That game was hard and desperate. 
let's see your speed demo :) the demos I made during playtesting are still here: 
Well This Is What I'm Talking About: 
Skill 3 speedrun *attempt* :)

Havent watched you're "quoth" demo yet, wander if its one demo....

I bet you could speedrun this Sielwolf! 
I hear Sielwolf plays this one in id1, like a man :-)

respawning ammo, phhh...

nice attempt :) 
Can't You Do 
respawning items in regular quake with a qc hack? just set 'respawntime' or something on the ent, I thought. 
I Think 
You have to set its use to respawn, then trigger it.

Will watch the new demos today. 
Oops I didn't notice your question ;)

I just meant I liked it because I didn't have the confidence of knowing where and when monsters were going to spawn.

It seemed like every time I was opening a door my first few attempts, a fiend or 2 somehow was right behind me killing me.

I adopted a very conservative play style after that but the "safety" of a normal Quake map was not present (you know, clear area ... continue ... retreat back through door ... wait for dumb monsters to come ... lob some grenades ... repeat).

I imagine there was a pattern to the spawning but the not knowing how it worked altered the dynamics for me and I was paranoid due to that. 
Really enjoyed the map 
Sock-inspired Replay 
Skill: 2
Monsters: 76/76
HP left: 20

Played this for the second, maybe third time now, so some of the thrill was lost, but otherwise it was still full of shock and the "twitch". Especially when you open a door, expecting 3 fiends, and get 10 instead. The most unsettling moment was when I got pummeled at the console (lost all remaining RA and like 80 health), went back to the upper tier with ~40 HP, feeling quite safe because I knew a GA is up th-- oh shit...

Anyone notice that the gravity here is lowered? A very subtle change, but it works :D

It's also commendable that you managed to convey a scary, desolate atmosphere with only 256 brushes. What's that evil whistling wind sound you used thorought the map ijed? I looked through the quoth paks but couldn't find it. 
Don't remember the sound - the source should be included though.

What I like about the map is it's like a puzzle - different routes activate different groups, and when they chase you down different corridors the thing plays out differently.

The small size keeps it short and fast as well - I tested by only quicksaving after the download was finished.

Will mention again to any new players, you need to wait at the console for the download to work. 
I Mean 
One quicksave at the midpoint. 
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