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Deleted... popular request. Democracy, innit.
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Seriously, can you not?

Way to drag an otherwise relatively mature and decent board down into the gutter along with the rest of them.

And the worst part is, it's not even offensive in an amusing way.

Worst thread ever (on this board at least ;) 
I Think 
everyone would be better off if this thread was deleted by the admins.

It's not controversial or anything. It's just bad. 
Well said ;) 
is true people in #tf dont make sex just maps u fucking geeks 
So now we have a thread where the only posters are the ones saying it shouldn't exist.

Two tears, now I'm guilty as well :*| 
Post Of The Year 
Would be a nice idea to launch a sex porn mod/mapping contest...
I saw in the past a map with bunch of porn shots, but I'd wonder to see some real porn monsters (just imagine a shamblers with a thong, and tits... brrrr....) in a map, having to hardly fuck them with explosive toys in order to defeat them... cool mod it would be I think... I also imagine very well all the pervert trying to play and masturbate at the same time... bwahhahahh !

Seriously, this should be on the front page before any news items, so new visitors know what to expect! 
Its Like He Is The New QMD... 
Just as reminder, in General Abuse thread I just said (see #14148):

I'm very surprised that nobody thought about opening a sex thread, as this forum is full of pervert... :P

.. so don't "blame" me if Trinca took this sentence as an opportunity to open this thread, and remind everybody how pervert he his (ask his wife :P)... So I'm not responsible for this... done...

Well, for sure this thread should be closed, as it has nothing to do with Quake.... so following this idea: why no closing as well, music / film / drunk / other PC games / console games threads... ? I guess some people will not be happy then ;)

Anyway, moderators have to take a decision now... thought... 
BTW, I don't want moderators to think I'm forcing them to close this thread: they do what they want :P 
Erase The Thread 

It's fucking retarded 
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