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Quoth - Part 2
Finally. Quoth Part 2, the base-oriented update.

Note: the mapping tutorial is only half done. We've decided to release anyway, because it's taking too long, plus there are maps already finished that use this content and surely some more will follow.

Map sources for all the Quoth maps, including the previous pak0 maps, are downloadable from the tutorial page.

Have at it.

[edit: fixed URL]
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While We're At It 
Finally being able to toggle triggers is something to think about for Quoth part 3! 
I Remember 
it being a neat little feature, but a bit limited for trigger_hurts; only really good for making health generators.

The multiple targeting features mean the mapper can just killtarget whatever they like, but an internal thing (to the trigger) would make it simpler and avoid potential logic fuck-ups. 
It Can Stay A Trigger_relay Then 
I was wrong about "that just leaves". I've also noticed that info_groupspawn and info_multispawn aren't described in here yet. Because it's not obvious to me: which one is the old func_hordespawn, and what does the other one do? 
Coop Switch? 
The documentation specifies the following:

coop_only = 4096
not_in_coop = 8192

However, my own experiences, combined with examining the source to e1m2quoth tells me that the opposite has been implemented, namely:

not_in_coop = 4096
coop_only = 8192

This could be a serious shock to any mapper that doesn't do lots of testing, and a source of confusion to any mapper that does. Was a definite wtf moment for me... 
Info_multispawn And Info_groupspawn 
Both of these entities are for spawning multiple monsters(or items are supported now) from a single entity. Combined with corpse removal or judicious killtarget use, this lets you juggle entities in a large map. They differ in the position and way they put the monsters into the map once triggered - the multispawn teleports the monsters in one at a time from the origin of the object; the groupspawn teleports a whole squad in at once.


Quoting from the old documents on func_hordespawn:

This entity spawns them in one at a time from the same point (it's origin). The entity will only spawn a monster if there is room, and will wait if there isn't. Once it is activated, it will spawn until it has created the amount of monsters specified.

The value for "spawnclassname" and "spawnfunction" should be the classname for the type of monster to be spawned e.g. monster_demon1. Both of these values must be added and both must be the same. Only one type of monster can be spawned form each func_hordespawn.
Specify the number of monsters to spawn with "count". Default is 3.

Key change here, the default value of "count" for an info_multispawn is 1 instead of 3. Note that if you use the old name of func_hordespawn then the default remains 3. This is the only difference between these two entity classes, and the latter only exists for legacy support. So don't include it in entity definition files "just for completeness".

The "wait" key as usual is used to specify the pause between each spawning.

If you want to have different types of monster spawning into a horde, you can use multiple func_hordespawns but you cannot place them on top of each other without risking different monsters getting stuck.

It should be added that only the following keys get transfered from the info_multispawn to the monsters spawned from it:

For anything more sophisticated(if you're trying some entity hack for example), you need to add the entity in the regular manner.


All the info about setting spawnclassname, spawnfunction, count and which keys are transfered is common to both these entities.

The wait key is not used. Instead, the monsters are spawned in a grid starting from the origin of the entity. The entities are spaced "lip" units apart, and the rows are "t_width" units wide in total. So to get a 3x2 block of monsters 64 units apart, set "lip" to "64" and t_width to "192" You may have to experiment a little to get the placement and values correct. (thanks to Kinn for this idea) 
Yeah, the documentation has them transposed, from the source:

float NOT_IN_COOP = 4096;
float COOP_ONLY = 8192;
thks for the hard work Preach 
And those that dig the deepest ditch get awarded a bigger shovel :) 
Is a great piece of work, so thanks to Kell, Necros and Preach for the time and effort. 
2.1 Patch 
Ok, we've had you waiting a lot time, but there was one glitch that took this long to iron out. I now present to you the Quoth 2.1 patch:

Drop the pak2 in with pak0 and pak1. There's a full list of fixes included, but the main ones are fixing the info_bomb crash and including the default earthquake sounds.

Another big change is that info_rubble/func_breakable entity now support a "dmg" key which sets how much damage they do on contact, and setting this to 0 makes rubble do no damage. Now, I know in this thread I argued forcefully for damage to be non optional, but Kell persuaded me with a more compelling argument: the entity as it stands is so flexible in terms of types of debris it makes, that it should be able to accommodate both things that inflict damage and things that do not. So that change is in, and I don't think too many people will bemoan it.

Many thanks to Than and Ricky for doing the playtesting on this, hopefully there are no huge bugs left. Enjoy. 
The source code will not be released. 
Quick question: How can I get all the information I need to map for Quoth 2 in GtK? I apparently only have enough for Quoth 1. 
Source Pt 2 
say i were to graft bits of it from a decompiled progs dat and tidy them up to make them useable, would i be allowed to use them in my own mod providing all due credit is given?

(i'd kinda planned on doing this anyway but wanted to have a clean conscious about it ;p ) 
You are destroying the positive-sum game that is sharing! I hope Richard Stallman slices you in half with a katana! 
Figure It Out Yourself, You Lazy Asshole 
Absolute bullshit.

Thanks for the contribution to the community, fellas. 
they dont want to release the source cause people will criticize and de-construct it publicly on the thread 

Thanks for the contribution to the community, fellas.

The mod is the contribution to the community. I beg of you to accept this, rather than ask for more. If you have any other criticisms, then you know my e-mail address. 
just to make sure there is no misunderstanding, my comment was intended for the guy who constantly has his hat in hand asking for things, not for you, a person who contributed quite a bit to Quake mapping by making great maps and raising the standards we are all obliged to keep to. 
Shit, I thought you were being sarcastic. 
i will cry :p


negative joke... Quoth died for me since what happend with the base i dont give a shit...

just want to thks Preach for all the work he made to finish Quoth2 content. 
Kell / Preach 
Thanks a lot for the update: you rock... 
oh sorry and thks Kell to for all the work to :\ 
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