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Quoth - Part 2
Finally. Quoth Part 2, the base-oriented update.

Note: the mapping tutorial is only half done. We've decided to release anyway, because it's taking too long, plus there are maps already finished that use this content and surely some more will follow.

Map sources for all the Quoth maps, including the previous pak0 maps, are downloadable from the tutorial page.

Have at it.

[edit: fixed URL]
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That begs the question though, what are the other spawnflags then?

So far I have only included spawnflag 1 as "ambush" which I assume is used here in the same way as the standard monsters.

If spawnflag 4 is used to turn the Sentinel into a nail guy, what are the other spawnflags used for?

Are there any other new spawnflags for any of the other monsters? The Quoth web page does not specify any new spawnflags for any of the monsters as far as I can see. 
I just realised I didn't even have the complete range of spawnflags for the standard stuff, let alone the new ones. (The whole easy/medium/hard/not in dm)

I never noticed since I haven't done an SP map in Radiant! (Or at all..)

So yeah, anyone got a list of all the spawnflags (new and old? ;) 
Monster Flags 
There are the general flags added to all monsters here:

I don't think any individual monsters have new spawnflags. Also all the coop/not in skill level/not in dm apply, but those get applied to every entity. The monsters in quoth1 tended to have their own keys rather than spawnflags, like the dangle key for vorelings.

Spawnflag 2 was skipped because that is also ambush. The ID people screwed up and made spawnflag 1 crucified for zombies, so to make an ambush zombie you give it the second spawnflag. This will in fact work on any monster, both in original quake and quoth. 
Thanks again for the info Preach! 
Fribbles, here's what I have for those standard flags:

SF_NotInEasy = 256,
SF_NotInNormal = 512,
SF_NotInHardNightmare = 1024,

I think "DM only" is all of those combined (so, not in any skill level - only DM). It's not a real spawnflag, just a side effect (I think). Or, obviously, not setting any of them will also let the entity appear in DM which is why your DM maps worked. 
Not In Deathmatch 
Not in deathmatch is 2048, it's a different flag. Quoth adds

coop only = 4096
not in coop = 8192

which are the next two flags. The quoth coop flags don't work quite as efficiently as the built in ones, mostly with regard to precaching things. If all the shamblers in your map had not_in_easy, then the shambler models wouldn't get precached in easy skill. The same can't be said for the coop flags, as it's done by the qc code, not the engine. Hopefully other than that the effects are the same. 
Could you respond to my email pretty please? 
One More 
Details for the info_trap entity, which is quite complex:


This entity allows you to create highly customisable shooters along the lines of the spikeshooter in regular Quake.
if set, will not start until triggered. Will also turn off when triggered again.

info_notnull to shoot towards. Theoretically, you could target monsters or func_trains... This is only the initial direction. If "tracking" is set, projectiles will eventually curve toward the activator.

delay between shots

delay for first shot

determines the speed of the projectile

0 = None, 1 = Vore style, 2 = Death Lord/Rocketeer style

0 = Flying, 1 = Ballistic (Explode on Impact), 2 = Bounce (noise2 sets bounce sound, duration sets fuse time)

Defaults to 1. This is the least amount of damage the projectile will cause

If set, damage will be between 'mindamage' and 'maxdamage'. Maxdamage is at least mindamage

Makes this projectile explode. Higher values increase radius and damage. (Player rockets are 120 for reference)

Sets the sound to play when firing

Sets the sound to play when hitting

Sets the sound to play when bouncing (only applicable with style=2)

How long the fuse should burn before exploding

This is how much damage will be multiplied when the shooter hits func_breakables. This is so shooters can break func_breakables fast, without needed to be overpowering strong and kill the player in one shot.

Whether projectile should glow, 0 = Don't glow, 1 = glow

String for obituary message, "was zapped by a trap" outputs "Player was zapped by a trap"

Various preset values for common projectile settings. Preset settings simply replace default settings. Can be overridden selectively.
0 - No preset
1 - Player Rockets
2 - Player Grenades
3 - Player Plasma
4 - Player Nails
5 - Player Super Nails 
That Just Leaves 
func_door_button, which sounds like it's related to doors somehow... 
It's a regular func_button except that it can be attached to a door, so that the pair of them move together. This is basically for making lifts with attached buttons. While the door is in motion the attached button and any other buttons which target the door are disabled.

Set this key to the targetname of the door you wish to attach the button to. If you require several doors, each with their own attached buttons but all of them affected by by the same trigger, then give them a unique targetname and use targetname2 to give all the doors a single name to trigger them with. In all respects besides this key, the func_door_button is identical to a regular button, and the usual keys of wait, delay, target apply. 
You just gave me an idea... 
So why does Quoth2's ambient_generalpurpose precache that one machine sound instead of drip1.wav as specified? Placing a regular ambient_drip entity somewhere in the map seems to fix it though. 
And what's with those "lr_strt.wav not precached" warnings every time doors have sounds 0? 
Sounding Off 
The machine sound is always precached regardless of any entities you add, so that it's first on the list for some protocol message hacking. Not sure why drip1.wav isn't being precached if you've set it in the noise field, I've just made a test map in which this sound works.

I also included a door with 'sounds 0' and I get no warning messages. "doors/ir_strt.wav" is the noise for 'sounds 5', but if that was the cause then it would be precached. You're gonna have to send me the map file with these problems, as I can't replicate them myself. 
Oh, I didn't know there's a 'sounds 5' option (as well as 'sounds 6' which uses er_strt/stop), especially since none of the sounds are included in the Quoth 1/2 paks.
I'll send you the map file later on. 
Sounds To Me 
Sounds to me like you're trying to do some hacky stuff with the noise fields to support custom sounds on your door. This isn't necessary in quoth, leave the sounds field at 0, and set noise1, noise2 to the desired effects. They will be precached by the progs if you do this, so you don't have to worry about including them with another entity. 
Yeah, I'm using sound hacks. Setting the sound fields to 0 did the trick.

As for the ambient_generalpurpose sounds, I don't know what I did apart from moving some entities up the list but for some reason it works now. Odd. 
play_sound_triggered as well. 
How do I make a door button stick to a door that starts open? 
Place the button in line with the starting position of the door(the "closed" position). Not very intuitive, but the buttons don't take account of the spawnflags of the door. In theory this could be changed, but if I did that now, then you'd be put in the position of making a map that works with the current progs, or one that will work with a new one. 
Discovered 30 Minutes After Posting 
New issue: It appears from the documentation that trigger_relay can't use the broadcast flag. Yet, when I rename it to trigger_once (so I can set the notouch flag), the entity mvoes to the origin and becmes unselectable by clicking on it (GTKR 1.5.0). I must be missing something here... 
Relay Race 
The documentation might be a bit misleading then, because the broadcast flag does work on a trigger_relay, it should work on any of the regular entities used for activating targets. Myself and Kell would like to add that we cannot be held responsible for editor bugs that result from attempting to make a Quoth map : - ). 
Does "cnt" work for all triggers? I mean to autoremove a trigger after n uses. 
What, A Cnt? 
No, that was only added to trigger_hurt, and I didn't know it was there until now. Adding it to trigger_multiple/all triggers is certainly something to think about for Quoth part 3 though. 
While We're At It 
Finally being able to toggle triggers is something to think about for Quoth part 3! 
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