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Doom 3 - Quake Mod - Shambler's Castle
It's done!
A recreation of one of our favorite games of all time, Quake, in the Doom3 engine.
Featuring 1 map, 5 new monsters, all Quake weapons remade with new sounds and much more.
Get it here:
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This Is Amazing 
Best mod ever... too short though.
and fiends DO have eyes... ill go with the lovecraftian source. :) 
It's Evolving
I hope they also improve the sounds (and the music ffs). 
now I'm getting impressed. The new levels look great, definite Q1 feel to the base ones. Love the look of the new darkly demonic one. I'll take speedy's advice and not treat this as a remake, more enjoyable that way.

Neg!ke, with three musicians on board one would hope the sounds/scape/track improves.

Keep at heXum! 
Maybe time to reinstall Doom3 . . . 
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