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Dark Messiah Might And Magic (Fantasy FPS) Demo

May have been mentioned in GA but I haven't looked. Anyway you guys need this shizzle yo. Proper fantasy FPS, hadn't heard of it up till now, but it's the real deal.

1.4 gig demo (ROFBBQMAO) which gets you approx 15 minutes of gameplay, BUT it's pretty cool. Spot on fantasy atmosphere, swords, sorcery, orcs and gobbos, castles, caverns, you know the score.

Nice GFX (source engine), runs well even on my 2k3 PC, reasonable controls, and proper FPS gameplay that works well with melee even and has some fun options (kicking enemies into fires for example). Has a vibe of Blade + Enclave from an FPS perspective, which should be enticement enough.

What are you p1mps thinking given that fantasy FPSs are so rare then??

(P.S. Hi, it's me.)
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Only Played Once 
thought it was pretty meh-ish although it did seem like some fights might become interesting in those places the enviroment offers a wide range of possibilities (wich pretty much was only at the end of the short demo). 
this games' environments are pretty nice, that tall castle in the cave rocked my world.
but i'd agree with czg here, movements and somewhat random melee combat is kinda annoying. hopefully one can use ranged or magic attacks instead of that melee mess of random buttom tapping.
also, there're some VERY obvious spike traps thrown all over the place for the player to kick monsters on. i find it somewhat unnatural.

overall, this one is promising game and i hope some movement issues could be fixed via good old console. 
You can use magic or ranged attacks right there in the demo...did you not get to the second level? The clifftop temple? You start with a bow and can raise your bow skill and/or spend skill points to aquire a few spells.

Also, if you want to drop immediately into that map, aquire all skills, plus be able to noclip, godmode, etc. add

+sv_cheats 1 +map_warrior e3_l06_l09 +exec config.cfg

to the end of your shortcut, and add the following to your config:

bind "F1" "mm_npc_create_orc_sword_shield"
bind "F2" "mm_npc_create_goblin"
bind "F3" "mm_npc_create_cyclope"
bind "F4" "mm_npc_create_Phenrig"
bind "F5" "mm_npc_create_human_guard_bow"
bind "F6" "mm_npc_create_undead"
bind "F7" "exec myconfig.cfg"
bind "F8" "god"
bind "n" "noclip"
bind "[" "map_warrior e3_l06_l09"
bind "l" "mm_player_add_skillpoints 20"
bind "q" "mm_player_add_adrenaline 100"
bind "mouse3" "ent_remove"
bind "mouse4" "ent_text"
g_ragdoll_maxcount 200
arrow_unlimited 1
mm_player_stamina_megasprint_cost_per_second 0
ent_messages_draw 1
developer 1
mm_player_skills_grosbill 1

(note: adjust the above to suit your key configuration, and you may want to kill ent_messages and developer if your framerate shits itself) 

but i'd agree with czg here, movements and somewhat random melee combat is kinda annoying. hopefully one can use ranged or magic attacks instead of that melee mess of random buttom tapping.

I agree about the movement and feel, yes, and about the blatant and silly spike traps. No argument there.

But I still don't get the random melee combat thing. The one thing this game gives you is plentiful options in combat (although not as focused as Blade, admittedly).

Say I'm facing an Orc, and am just using the sword (ignoring the daggers, daggers+stealth, arrows, flaming arrows, magic spells options etc). I can do the following:

- hack and slash furiously
- circle around, avoid his blows, and attack cautiously
- block his blows if/when he attacks
- choose one of 4 "planned" strikes (these may be of varying use, I don't know)
- kick him off the edge of something
- kick him over and stab him with a killing blow
- kick him into a fire
- kick him into another enviromental hazard
- throw something at him
- throw something flaming at him
- build up my adrenaline for a killing blow
- use a shield to block if I have one

And that's just with one weapon (and the ubiquitous kicking/throwing). I don't think this game lacks combat possibilities. 
That's not to argue with Von in particular, it's just about that one comment, which I think other people have said.

In melee games, I prefer something that has clear and varied combat options (Blade) rather than something that just has homogenous slashing with different weapons (Rune). 
is the ogre boss battle in the demo?

It crashed completely (reset the pc) just after the cutscene played.I guess the crash isn't meant to happen, but do you get to fight him? 
If you mean the big nasty thing you get a glimpse of at the end, yeah, you can fight him. You just have to enable cheats and noclip to him. Be aware that the cutscene trigger trips even if you hit it while you're noclipping, so you have to circle way wide in order to actually get into the room with him. 
but of course the fight is buggy as hell as your not meant to get there :D 
Just Played This... 
Hope the demo duration doesn't reflect how long the final game will be. =\

Was fun otherwise, I thought the gameplay looks rather interesting, not enough enemy variety to make a good opinion though. Looking forward to seeing how the full game does. 
This Game Indeed Rules 
It's nice to see someone finally create a decent fighting system for an RPG, rather than the basically turn-based shit in most RPGS (your character is X level, their character is X level, all the game does is play a fighting animation for both characters while rolling the dice and calculating the victory).

I've played a few levels into the full version and I have to say I'm impressed. BTW I must respond to Shambler's comment, Rune is possibly a bit less detailed than this, but comparing them is apples and oranges. Rune has tons of moves and even weird hacks that the creators never intended (by analogy: rocket jumps) and remains intricately playable with all kinds of shit one wouldn't expect even to this day. That said, an RPG could never have the high-speed combat typical of Rune, where the focus is killing and nothing more - no story, no exploration. Imagine playing Oblivion at Q3 speed. It wouldn't work. 
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