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Do You Enjoy Your Game Industry Job?
Hello everyone, I know alot of you out there actually have professional level design jobs. I'm just curious if you feel it's worth it. Is doing what you love for a living worth the very long hours and relatively low pay? Is being around interesting people and not having to deal with corporarte bullshit enough incentive? Do you still engage in your own personal level design projects even though you probably spend 50-70 hours a week doing level design? Are the arcane editing tools you might use at work and having to conform to someone else's creative vision sapping the enjoyability out of one of the best damn hobbies there is? How much room do you have to exercise your own creativity in the levels you design? How do you feel regarding job security? If you feel you need to post anonymously to reply to this thread please do so, I think this thread might be important to let people know what exactly they are getting themselves into when they pursue their 'dream job working in the industry'.
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All of what you said can be true, but not universally. It's horribly dependent on what company you're at, or which project you're working on.

1) Started on 21k (ukp, after 3 year AI degree and doing 3 months work ex. summer before).

2) Well, mine are generally alright (depends what you mean by 'boss' though, this goes from lead coder to CEO).

3) Games jobs are probably below average, but it's not peanuts either. Leads and seniors can go into 40-50k. Starting salaries are what you'd expect for graduates.

4) Nope. A lot of people here spend their lunchtimes playing AA/CS/UTk3/Q3/etc., stay after work for Halo/football games, own 2+ consoles. As a coder you wouldn't do much play-testing anyway.

5) Er... k... not sure how to respond to self-pity.

6) *shrug*, they're not falling of trees here, but good people can still get good jobs. However, it would be trickier coming straight out of uni - experience is very important.

NOTE: This is UK. I have no idea what it's like in US. 
Thanks for replying, Maj. I was expecting to be ignored to death since this thread is so old. :)

What about the US, anyone? 
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