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New Q1SP: In Ovo By Jaromir Bergmann announced:
A new set of Single Player levels for Classic Quake from Jaromir83. Levels include a military base and palace, with a DM version also included for one of the levels!

I mirrored the zip at,com_docman/task,doc_details/gid,948/
(around 2.7mb)

You are supposed to start with the map sg13, it seems to be a little episode.
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Good to know it gave you few minutes o�fun! As for the ejm3-I will probably disappoint you. I do not feel like I am going to ever finish this map. It really means tens of hours of work, you know. But if I find someone who likes the start of ejm3 and would have time to finish it, I wouldn�t be against this idea. 
come on dont be lazy ;) go for it! we got time... we can wait ;) 
And yes, important! Start game playing map sg13, because sg13.bsp is the first level of this mini-epizode. I should make write it more clearly in a documentation. 
Tens of hours of work isn't exactly much... 
jago is right... go finish the map dont be lazy!!! 
Maybe I really should think about finishing the third map. Can you, guys, give me some tip for a epizode 1-like maps so I could get some inspiration? (I am playing BBelief by M.Worch again now for example) Thank you. 
The Way I Learned To Make 
more intricate brushwork was to recreate maps from the 100brush contests. Since the map files came with the two packs, it was easy to have the examples on hand. Also at 100 brushes those files did not tend to be difficult to decifer from sorrounding structures. I still like to keep my z-plane clean and straightforward so when I go back to an old map, I have no problems understanding the layout. 
Base Pwnage 
Jaromir, havent played your maps yet, but definitely finish the third map !! (i keep them for when i�m in the right mood :)

i think two of great base maps i have played so far are Hexameron: Phase One ( and The Final Threat ( 
Ok. I will certainly try these bsps (downloading now) if you say they are good, but my third map is actually not "base-style" map. That kind of e1m2,e1m3,e1m4 feeling was on my mind rather. You will see while playing it:).

PS: What exactly do I need to play GL quake? Compatible graphical card? Some special dlls? 
Well, APSP1 (The Final Threat) really is perfect. It uses fine ikbase texture pack from Fingers. But pls do not expect something like this from my Spligate Complex 13, which is my first bsp ever. 
WOW! I must praise another levelpack! I see there is no point in trying to build perfect levels anymore. There is Quoth already and is unbeatable. Must play (but you probably did...).,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,47/limit,30/limitstart,0/order,date/dir,DESC/ 
did you play Lost Chapters? 
Or Sorry 
it doesn't contain any tech stuff. 
Lost Chapters? No. Will you provide me an adress to download pls? 
Lost Chapters 
When I try to download (tried 2 times) zip from Kell s homepage, file is damaged, other download sites (mentioned in discussion about this mod) do not work at all. I would love to play it, screenshots (with great new monsters used in Quoth too) are tempting, just have to find where to obtain it... 
Lost Chapters Again 
What to say? These ones are perfect. Starting from excellent "start map", new monsters to unique mapping ability of the master-creators (Necros, Kell tc). Absolute must-have. 
Zerstörer Modifications 
If you think there is not enough ammo, play In Ovo with Zerstörer modifications (file dml6prog). SUpershotgun and nailgun are replaced with much more powerful/better looking weapons which make In Ovo much easier! 
Jaromir83 / GLQuake 
1) Remove opengl32.dll if you have it in your Quake dir
2) Download and install FitzQuake
3) PROFIT!!! 
Good Oldskool Maps 
The first one is a nice base with good progress, the second map has more diverse fights and again well done progress/layout. A good point is the use of spawn traps: challenging but not overwhelming, good job.

Only thing was, I like to play maps from scratch without weapons from previous levels, and the second map is very tough that way, it�s not possible to kill the zombies(no explosive weapon in the level), but it is doable, took me a "few" tries ;)

The visuals etc. are nothing fancy but as long as the gameplay�s there I don�t mind.Thanks Jaromir. 
Sielwolf really pleased me by recording demos of both In Ovo maps (available for download here
Will anyone else do, please? 
Review Posted: 
Fog In Horror Trip Level 
Try playing ejm2 using Fitzquake with parameter "fog 0.05". It adds a bit of atmosphere! 
High-res Base Textures In Slipgate#13 Level 
Also do not forget to use new high-res base textures (DebaserTextures_v1) for sg13. Enhances the look of it greatly! 
recommended game to play these levels in:
"Bastion" (better monsters/weapons) 
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