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Mapping For The New Age
I want to present for discussion some things that I have discussed with others and even here for possible consideration now or in the future.

These are new thoughts based on problems that have surfaced, challenges and new ideas.

1. Maps using solely shareware Quake monsters plus any others developed in expansion packs.

Reason: Right now, most maps can only be used by users of registered Quake. Registered Quake at the moment cannot be purchased new anywhere on the planet. (The ID store is being revamped, could be months).

The shareware monsters:

Knights (Swords only kind)

Registered monsters:

Hell Knights

This way at least a pool of custom maps could legally be tried by someone who has shareware Quake for free.

Additional monsters like the Quoth characters or the FC1 or Lunaran badguys could be used as well.

The reason I bring this up is that there is a package called FreeQuake which is a legal distribution of the shareware install plus some more modern engines.

This project was started over 1 year ago, back when the whole QuakeOne team was rather oblivious to single player.

Beginning in May there will be a major push of the package as we will have more compatible servers online.

It would be nice to have some custom maps that do not use pak1 monsters so downloaders could experience the newer aspect of single player as well, and if so, we'd include engines more geared to single player in the install list.

2. Gateway Teleporter Maps

Screenshot of the idea.

3. All-Time Best Map Packs

This doesn't really require anything special since many of the license agreements would permit it. Although I'm still surprised there isn't one. Would be really cool if combined with #2.

I have 4 other categories of thought, one was the effortless sampling of single player maps via a Quakeworld coop server.

The other 3 ideas, there isn't much sense talking about them because they require a huge amount of work.

Last, but not least, are their any mappers willing to volunteer some of their maps for a pilot project to create a small self-installing package of no more than 10 custom single player maps? This will be promoted at and given mention at some other sites to introduce multiplayer types to single player.

We only want to include maps where we have the backing of the author to do so, because we view that as the respectful and considerate way to do things, even in cases where the readme.txt permits or encourages redistribution without asking. In our view, you cannot be part of a community without treating others with respect and requesting dialogue.
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Quake Noir, now there's a movie I'd go to see. 
Vore:free To A Good Home 
If you change your mind about the vore and decide you want one in the pack, then you might want to take a look at this one.
It's essentially a remake of the original vore at a slightly higher polycount, designed to look like the original - as opposed to some of the existing openquake models. It has seen the light of day on this forum on a previous occasion, but on seeing this topic I had another look at it, redid all the animations and tweaked the skin/mesh in a few places. So take a look, feedback welcomed.

I suppose there's still a kind of copyright issue with this model if id were fussy. Although it was constructed from scratch, it's very obviously derived from the design of the original. Of course, if it's gonna be functional without code changes the animation has to be pretty similar, but I guess it doesn't excuse the rest of the model. Anyhow, the thread reminded me I never did anything with the model, so here it is. 
Baker loves fat women 
not bad, actually.

the walk animation looks pretty good as does pain, but there's something about the death anim that looks a little stiff... i'm not sure though, and i can't put my finger on it. :\

also, i'd say the arms are a little too beefy, and i'd just scale those down a bit.

but yeah, a pretty good remake of the original. :)

but yeah, definatly see what you're saying... if i didn't look closely, i might not notice the difference. :x 
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