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SM121 - Constructive Deconstructionism
4 SP maps by generic, neg!ke and Zwiffle.
The theme was "destruction", which led generic to blast barrels and exploding crates, neg!ke to a makeover of an Egyptian tomb and Zwiffle to a refreshing bath in some sewage ruins. There also is a space map with pipes by neg!ke that did not make it into the last pack.

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everytime a monster's bounding box is too close to wall or touches it ('walkmonster in wall'), it's removed. this is far more common than items dropping out.
what i meant here though were the vores not getting squished. 
There are a *lot* of compatibility issues with DP, missing monsters/items are just a few. The basic problem is probably that the designers don't test much with existing Q1 maps to ensure functionality. 
custom maps, that is! 
I only remember 2 maps from neg!ke and one from Generic, but it's been a few days (and a few beers later). I don't wanna sound like a kiss-ass, but I love neg!ke's maps. They are always a little "out there" - I really dig that.

sm_120_neg!ke - Trippy, challenging, excellent look to it. No crashes for me. I suppose the end was weak, but who cares - it's a speedmap.

sm_121_neg!ke - Another cool one. Last vore took a while to figure out (probably because the first 2 go down easy). I hint of oddness, and it kind of looks like you were aiming for more, but got bored or timed out.

sm121_generic - Very playable and finished. Like everybody else - crash city in the final room. I did get it to finish on try 6 or 7, and was expecting fireworks.. oh well heh. 
You Are Right About Neg!ke, 
Megazoid. If someone were to gather all of his speedmaps, connect, edit and polish them up a bit, we would have one hell of a new Quake episode. 
Download Link Doesn't Work For Me Now. 
could someone post a new one? 
All Packs Can Be Found At 
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