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Some of us from another corner of the Quake universe got together last year and decided to create a project called to invigorate our community.

After some setbacks and false starts, we finally have officially launched the site.

This site is more geared towards multiplayer and more geared towards regular Quake (NetQuake ... ProQuake/JoeQuake/QRrack), but as the site evolves I want to place some emphasis on the some of the wonderful single player creations that exist in Quake which I feel are not as widely known as they should be.

Primary contributors to the effort: Steve aka Solecord, Yellow No. 5, Baker, Apocalypse, Hydrosmoke, Bam, Zop, Sputnikutah
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I think QW's whole idea was to make the game playable to those without broadband, which back in 97 or 98 weren't really that common. I remember playing regular Quake on a dial-up back in 96, and switched to QW pretty much immediately as it came available.

And of course all those hardcore players will point out that NetQuake and QW have totally different physics and movement. Obviously.

Good luck with the site! 
80 Members, Hoping To Reach 100 
We have 80 members in just 6 days, we are hoping to reach 100 within the first week.

If you like Quake, please consider registering at

Thank you. 
Thanks For The Explanation 
hope you do well! A friendly community is a real richness. 
QW made Quake more playable for everyone, by introducing player prediction, which no longer meant movement was lagged by the amount of your ping. Every game has adopted it after QW.

QW and NetQuake don't have completely different physics and movement at all. It's just in QW, movement isn't delayed, and you don't get 1 frame of friction when you bunny-hop like in NQ. 
1 frame of friction when you touch ground during bunny-hop, even. 
vb, have you been drinking the Quakeworld kool-aid again? 

I was just explaining something. 
Some players are used to the NQ physics/rules. The physics are quite different, you can bounce someone incredibly high in the air in Quakeworld.

Also, in NQ you can dodge rockets even in close quarters fights and it is a fine art that experienced players absolutely love.

In QW, due to prediction, by the time you see the rocket, it has usually travelled a significant distance towards you.

I agree QW is big improvement for competitive type of gaming and in countries where internet connection quality is a major issue -- and, in fact, there are many features in QW that need ported to NQ (map download comes to mind), but to some of us the changes in QW feel weird and some feel like cut corners to accomodate the types of internet connections that we don't use (90%++ fat pipe users = cable/DSL).

We don't play NQ because we don't know about QW. We play NQ because we like it better.

And, as you've noticed, we don't have anything against QW. I'm all for Quake in all it's forms. 
I understand that oldskoolism, keep it up. (qw players are often whined on about it too.) 
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