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Speed Map 109
Speed Map Session # 109 has in store for us 6 maps from 5 regular mappers, Generic (with two maps) Trinca, Zwiffle, Drew and HeadThump. Mescaline was this week's theme, with an alternative theme of 'Hell'oween for those of the more social ritual bent.

Check out the bad trips we have in store for you. Strafe dance with fiends under the leaden skies of the Dimension of the Doomed, or get shredded into Cherry Garcia Gibbage by a psychomonkey Shambler. Whatever floats your boat we have in the shop, man.

Note: A temporary download site until I solve whatever lame brain thing I did that prevented a proper posting on Spirit's site -- HeadThump
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That was a bit of a clusterfuck huh?
Thanks alot guys, I really appreciate it. 
I just got them from the first link... =D
I like neg!ke zerstoerer map, very nice, good action. And I also enjoyed your map Headthump, quite satisfying to run through it really fast without dying. =)
Good work people. 
Sm109 Comments 
Trincas was a Trinca map.
Zwiffles was pretty cool, although it paled in comparison to Neg!ke's zermap. Generics tight map was a lot of fun, but I didn't really enjoy the "acid" map as much. Headthump wins my vote for this pack - a nice big hard level crammed with gameplay. died once trying to beat it. that's a good thing.
I was pretty happy with how mine turned out. not the prettiest thing ever, but it was cute, and it had a kind of "complete" feel to me, which is something I don't always seem to find when I map.
Good work, and I'm looking forward to 110! 
107_generic: well named, end quite tough to get all kills.

109_generic: what a fun map. end seemed a bit easy, maybe i should've made a dash for the gold key earlier.

zwiffle: funny map, nice tough start. felt like jpl's castle with all the death knights at the end.

ht: really packed the enemies in, i got both secrets but missed 7 enemies somehow. layout was a bit blocky.

trinca: well. took 6-7 attempts to finish with 51 kills, 14 health and 20 shells in 1:10.

drew: reminded me of a sadlark map with it's tight design. played carefully and had enough ammo for a vore/shambler at the end.

i also have a 107_ht, 108_neg!ke and y18 (bambuz) that are the forgotten ones? 
Different Stuff 
Whose the guy with bad credit that didn't pay the bill?

A mirror at Spirit's "I'm not mirroring the speedmaps anyways" Quaddict site, hehe ;) 
Thanks Everybody, 
but missed 7 enemies somehow

The Tarbaby spawnpoint is pretty easy to avoid, and a couple of scags do a weird little cross over to the lava pond when they are suppose to ambuash you. They'll attack you though, if you hang out at those bars in front of the silver door long enough.

I enjoyed all of the maps, gotta give the wink and nod to Drew for the Mayan (the original psychonauts) twist to the theme. 
Woo, Nice! 
i can't wait to play them at home tonight!
and there even is a map by the mighty zwiffle himself... :) 
For Your Info 
there are OTHER maps in the 107-108 scampie-away-span BESIDES sm107_generic, at least by ht, neg!ke and bambuz, but this was not mentioned in the news update. Headthump's geocities site is out of bandwith so could some kind soul upload those to quaddicted? Spirit? Do you already have them? Seems the filearchive has but not the others.

I really appreciate the effort of all the people, but this is all slightly annoying. Let's upload ALL STUFF INTO ONE PLACE AND KEEP IT THERE, OK?

sorry for the caps but don't remember the tags.. 
The File Archive is nothing official, I just upload when I'm in the mood :)
I uploaded now as well, have no others. Every registered user can upload to Quaddicted now. The path is .../filebase/filename then, File Archive entry needs my approval. Just use the Fresh Uploads category for it. A description and screenie would be nice though.,com_docman/task,upload/Itemid,52/

I think someone should make "proper" packs of the non-spawnpoint packs when the domain is back up. Those single map .zip files should NOT thought of as official releases imho. Such stuff makes managing an archive very hard. Please! ;) 
I Second That 
the 'lost' maps could have been mentioned in the sm109 post, at least.

btw. spirit, could you by any chance give me my exclamation mark back (in your file archive)? :) 
You mean in the filename? Nope, I don't touch the filenames except of lowercasing. was the file that was released, so I won't change that.

^ That's what I wrote before I read "I had to take the '!' out of the zip file name to get the Pagemaker uploader to work, sorry Neg!ke."

Well, I'll do it then :)!

gotta go now so i can't look at the upload, but i only have one more currently, the
I mirrored my files to 
You Are Right Bambuz 
I got a bit panicky because nothing was going right at the time, and I gave myself a hard deadline to get the speedmaps out; Lost Speedmaps will be included next time. Heck, I'm willing to give you a preview of my write up of the next speedmap session before submitting it to the news to make double-triple certain. 
sorry guys about my map but was my first atemp... i promiss that next week it will be better... :) 
Spawnpoint :( 
that sucks. My mini page was hosted there. Still, can't really expect scamp to keep it going when he's left the community.

gonna get the sms now 
I thought it might be your first map :) Game play was not bad considering it was just a couple of rooms. Keep trying. What editor you using? If it's worldcraft... help here (if you didn't know) : 
109 drew - cute map, like the style, just like a mini proper map.

109 generic - pretty cool and fun.

109 ht - big, but boring.

109 zwiffle - small, but boring.

109 trinca - a masterpiece ~_~ 
Hey Shambler 
thks :) i know u whould like it! :) 
Megazoid Quake Army Knife 6.5 i dont like much worldcraft maby one of these days i try wend i get better in maping and it will take many time...eheheh day day day i think i will learn :) at least i hope... 
hey Drew what did u mean "Trincas was a Trinca map" ~? roulf 
It was totally unique and you're a pretty little snowflake? 
trinca: uhm yeah, reminded me of the first doom maps i played... you could have vised and lighted it at least. i ran out of ammo quickly and died.

generic: nice idea, dull colors. but ohh so trippy

headthump: very big. i found it quite entertaining and even discovered the secrets. the silver key trap was nasty. i liked those light things at the ceiling (where only the bottom of the flame model was showing).

zwiffle: this map confused me. it appeared to be a gut (as it lead downward), but instead of an anus there were teeth...?! i better don't draw conclusions here :P

drew: very clean and well executed style. fit perfectly into the cramped theme. all the opening monster closets were cool, too. nice one 
Did you know jellyfish eat and poop from the same hole in their body? They only have one, so they have to make the best use of it. ;) 
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