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Night Journey Revisited - Q1SP
A big pak with lots of outdoor scenery and intense combat in classic style. There are 6+1 maps and the pak was originally made by Tronyn/Daz and released in 2003 in an unfinished state. Please check the readme for details. Special thanks to Tronyn for the permission to re-release this great pak.

Download: (zip, 6,7 MB)

Have fun! Any comments are welcome.

Note: Quake Mission Pack 2 required to play this level.
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There will be a review of this on my site at some point in the future.

seomtime between next week and...after that. :) 
"there is a clipping error in the beginning of nj3b, by the way - behind the portal the player can fall through the floor. "

oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, came across it too. 
Thanks For The 
comments everyone!

mwh: The messed up models you saw are caused by the classic engine mesh mess. Just delete the contents of the id1/glquake and rogue/glquake folders and run again. The correct meshes are now regenerated. I should've supplied these in the pak, sorry.

Ionous: The secret map of NJ was AFAIK A Desert Dusk. It looks like that anyway.

Neg!ke/nitin: Sorry, I missed that ugly hole in nj3b.

For those who don't have the Rogue MP2, I've uploaded a small file that hopefully should be enough to play the pak: . It's basically a smaller variant of the pak from the original NJ release. I hope noone objects to the Rogue material here. 
the secret map was a new version of that map (as yet incomplete). "After Dusk." 
thanks for the upload; i didn't have rogue on this pc before, but i may give this a whirl at the weekend now :) 
played on nightmare and there were some tough spots in the first few maps, mostly with wraiths. the changed gameplay in the last two maps was much more enjoyable and ultimately worth slogging through the early ones for. 
Finished Finally 
(thanks for the tip aguiRe)

I enjoyed these maps. Very well named, it really felt liked a journey as you progressed through the maps.

Gameplay/balance was a bit weird in places. I played on skill 0 and it wasn't too bad (esp. if you compare to the rogue maps). Now replaying on skill 3 and not looking forward to those guardian combats... 
One Of The RA Secrets 
in nj2 is very difficult to get to. It's accessed via the same high window that all the wraiths enter from in the spiral ramp room. Jumping to the window probably requires a double GJ or similar.

Knowing speedrunners being able to perform some moves that mere mortals can't, maybe this secret isn't so hard with the right technique? 
One Grenade Is Enough 
Especially with the slope. Never, ever would have thought of looking for a secret there, though :-/ 
Clue To RA Secret 
The pocket on the ramp.

I got it after trying about 40 times but I'm not good with trick moves. 
Thanks for the reviews! 
whats your e-mail address? 
I reformatted and haven't set up my old one again since. 
Are you a Canadian mapper? I'm guessing by your email that you are. 
That's right, I'm Canadian
I guess most people here are American, with a few Europeans here and there and the occasional Australian. 
don't forget about the russian mafia :> 
I would assume the majority here are Brits. There's a lot of em. I don't even think I can count all of them on my fingers. 
English (not European)
New Zealand 
And Also... (regarding Email Extension...) 
.. some people from Portugal (Trinca), Nederland (Madfox), from Australia or Austria... (I'm not sure about distrans and Scragbait location... sorry guys...), Sweden (aguirRe), Denmark (Hrimfaxi), and France (Bal and I), etc.., etc.. summarize, Func_ is worldwide ! 
Um Yeah 
yay for the intarweb 
eheh from france i guess there is at least 5 mapper´┐Żs 
I know for sure that Bal is from France... and if there are others french mappers.. they stay hidden ... ;P 
Nah, most of them map for inferior games I'm sure, thus by default, I declare you the best french mapper JPL (as you are the only one working on q1sp stuff afaik, well I'm working on some stuff too but painfully slowly).

Here did some q1 stuff recently, he's french, and well, there was Nunuk, and there are a couple french mappers working abroad, like Chicoverde who made some UT2k? maps, and worked on pariah. 
...thus by default, I declare you the best french mapper JPL

I'm honored you said that ... even if this is a default option .... ;) 
Bal go finish make episode4 :p 
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