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A New Quake DM Map By Maric
A simple, small, space-floater-castle-thing. It is dressed out in Kell's textures (mostly) and should hold 2 - 4 players. Thanks for all of the suggestions in the Mapping Help forum. Thanks to inertia for making suggestions on much needed changes.

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The Map 
looks nice. I luv knave texes. Those hidden teleporters are a good idea. I'll play it with bots soon 
First thing I did was jump into the void and die.

The second thing I did was jump into the void and not die.

The second thing I did was jump into the void and not die.

I am at a complete loss for explinations on this one. The damage brush covers the entire bottum of the map with a 16 unit gap around the very outer edge. It is set at 500 damage. 
As Far As I Can Tell 
this is due to the player movement being retained after gibbing. If you wait for your head to stop bouncing, then respawn and do another lemming the trigger should kill you successfully.
Whether or not players will be so courteous in a deathmatch I don't know :P 
Did you ever use my suggestions about the gameplay of your map?

Furthermore I think you should fix this problem with bad void deaths -- skull.bsp does it fine every time, so its not some odd thing wrong with quake itself. Ask Zaka how he did it if it turns into a real puzzle! 
Looks Neat. Pon The Dl. 
The second thing I did was jump into the void and not die.

Ooooh frib you are so 1337... 
Nice Map - Love The Textures Set! 
humm everytime i jump i died... guess i�m not jumping to same place... :) any interresing in waypoints for frogbots? 
You Did Nothing Wrong Maric, 
Its a pretty common bug with these sort of maps in Quake (one of the reasons why void maps shouldn't be done in Quake, but that's another story).

There was a discussion about this bug fairly recently here - can't remember which thread though. I also can't remember whether there was an elegant solution to the problem (I think the best suggestion was Bal's, just cover the area with many death triggers and hope ONE of them works).

p.s. Voidbler: go jump. :D 
My Two Pence: 
Lovely visuals! And I love architecture I can climb around on. I'd have liked to have been able to go inside the towers, though. Even just in passing. It would make them seem more 'real', rather than just overly large pedestals for the items on top of them. Here are a few ideas how to do this:

GL Tower: As in the screenshot below, simply shift the player's route along a bit. All it really does is incorporate the tower a little more, but I think it would be suitably effective. The only problem comes with the stairs, as they now collide with the path of the next set which is bad map Feng Shui.

RL Tower: Again, see the screenshot below. A barred archway, leading to a room containing the RL and a yellow armor or mega health. The bars would only open from the inside, and the room would be accessible by the teleporter that's currently used for the quad. If this were to happen, that teleporter might benefit from being made a little more obvious/accessible.

Quad Tower: A staircase joining the quad tower and the RL tower would add a sense of conectivity to the design. As it is right now, I find the towers feel very far removed, or disjointed. Following on from my previous suggestion about the RL tower, the teleport to the quad would now be right beneath it, making it a much more trecherous experience to get it as people can watch you teleport up there, then trigger the trap. On the subject of the trap, I think some sort of visual/audio representation of it working would be helpful, as I spent a long time shooting the button and wondering what exactly it did. Then of course, I went and shot it from the trapped area and found out. : P

Whether you go ahead with any of those suggestions or not though, I certainly think the map needs one well placed red or yellow armor [unless I just missed it?] to add a little purpose to the player's route.

I too had the void problem when I fell down twice in quick succession. Would it be possible to put a trigger_multiple with 0 delay down there to turn on the trigger_hurt? That way, if it doesnt get you the first time it'll just keep triggering until it does work. 
Another little query! Why are the .bsp and .txt in a folder of their own, within the .zip? This confused me greatly, as I didn't notice at first so I was wondering why the map wouldn't appear in my list. :( 
It Looks Cool 
I downloaded it, and I think the looks are the best part. Nice style, neat architecture which goes with the texture set, but I don't know how good it would be for DM purposes. It seems much more like a SP map to me. When I think of DM I tend to think of more open atriums with smaller rooms around the outside. While this is pretty open on top, it's very constricting at the bottom and seems unbalanced where the RL is.

Just looking at Text_Fish's screenshots, I'd say they're sound.I would add a little more stuff on the top, cuz the RL position is prime sniping/camping grounds. I admit I ran around for 10 seconds in SP, and this is all just real quick run-around-comments, but the map looks great and I think it could be really fun with some balancing/improvement. 
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