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Teaching Old Progs.dat New Tricks.
You know about the info_notnull explosion hack. You know about making monsters drop weapons or alternate ammo using the .weapon and .ammo_whatever hacks. You know about making items float in the air by spawning them on a temporary platform. Let's have a thread where we talk about new ways to use existing behavior and get novel gameplay. If you're a "retired" mapper, this is a great time to do some armchair level design and suggest ideas you'll never have a chance to use yourself.
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Code: Lightning And Monster Triggers 
Teleport glitter, such a nice name for it. I thought it was possible to do this like the explosions, but that's not the case, spawn_tfog will always put them at the origin. This is because spawn_tfog is a function with a parameter in the QC, it's defined as
void(vector org) spawn_tfog. Use will always pass a null parameter to this, the value '0 0 0' for a vector.

However, this same thing actually allows us to get lightning beams working! I'll detail the trick first, then explain how it works. You need something to trigger the lightning, lets say a trigger_once with target l1 for simplicity's sake.

Make an info_notnull with these keys, doesn't matter where it is

targetname l1
use FireBullets
v_angle 'x y z'

where x y z is the angle you want to fire the lightning at.

Then make an info_notnull in the place you want the lightning to start with these keys.

targetname l1
use W_FireLightning
ammo_cells 9999999

This fires the player lightning attack, so it does damage, and has a 600 unit range. Each time the lightning is fired it uses one cell from the ammo_cells count, and it won't fire with none, so set it nice and high if you don't want a limit. The most important thing is that the FireBullets entity is one entity higher up in the maps entity list than the W_FireLightning.

How does this unlikely thing work? Well, W_FireLightning fires a bolt along the vector v_forward. The firing thing pretty much works like any other info_notnull does, the only problem is this v_forward vector. v_forward is usually set to the player's facing duing player functions, so we need to find a function that sets it for use.

This is where the other entity comes in. It calls FireBullets. How is this safe? If you look at the FireBullets code you might notice it has parameters (float shotcount, vector dir, vector spread). Luckily, all these values are null, so the shotcount is 0 and it fires nothing. Luckily before it fires it aims the v_forward vector along it's v_angle. The order in which the entities are spawned is vital, becuase that's the order they will run their 'use' functions when they are triggered.

Wooo, that took a while. Ok, for a little bit of fun, how to make a trigger that will be triggered by anything that touches it, not just players. This includes everything from rockets up. I know somebody wanted this in mapping help a while back, but I only figured out how to do this today. Make a brush with class info_notnull and keys

think InitTrigger
nextthink 0.1
touch multitrigger

and any of the trigger_once/trigger_multiple fields you like. Two caveats. One of them is about sounds. The "sounds" field won't work, but if you set the noise field to a sound precached already then that will play. The second one is this trigger is a bit dangerous. Don't give it a message or you'll end up crashing the game if a non player triggers it, I expect. Also, the activator will always be world, so it may not trigger everything right. Of course, activator would be player otherwise, so anything that relies on that probably would be inappropriate for a trigger activated by anything.

Ok, done for now. Have fun 
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