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Turtlemap 100
Turtlemaps for SM100 are in! 3 maps were turned in by the deadline! bambuz and voodoochopstiks worked on a chainmap for this event, while Zwiffle and neg!ke went solo with their own projects. Headthump wished he could've finished his, but alas, he couldn't and hopes to turn his in next week. Thanks to all who participated!
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I Say 
neg!ke is a stupid nickname. But the map was very good! Thank you!

Hellknights are still boring as hell. 
It's not that stupid a name, apart from the fact I can't work out how to pronounce it. neg-ike? nejik? neg-clicking sound-ke? etc... 
nek!ke's map was okay except I don't really like knave.wad but that's my problem.
bamvoo: I can't wait until you two collaborate on a CS:S map.
Zwiffle: [18:22] <czg> Zwiffle: even if I had a 100% hitrate I still wouldn't have half the ammo I needed for your map. Nice try tho. Love the textures. 
I say it like this:

nedge - EEK

But that's just how I imagined it. 
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