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Turtlemap 100
Turtlemaps for SM100 are in! 3 maps were turned in by the deadline! bambuz and voodoochopstiks worked on a chainmap for this event, while Zwiffle and neg!ke went solo with their own projects. Headthump wished he could've finished his, but alas, he couldn't and hopes to turn his in next week. Thanks to all who participated!
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I Say 
neg!ke is a stupid nickname. But the map was very good! Thank you!

Hellknights are still boring as hell. 
It's not that stupid a name, apart from the fact I can't work out how to pronounce it. neg-ike? nejik? neg-clicking sound-ke? etc... 
nek!ke's map was okay except I don't really like knave.wad but that's my problem.
bamvoo: I can't wait until you two collaborate on a CS:S map.
Zwiffle: [18:22] <czg> Zwiffle: even if I had a 100% hitrate I still wouldn't have half the ammo I needed for your map. Nice try tho. Love the textures. 
I say it like this:

nedge - EEK

But that's just how I imagined it. 
I was playing neg!ke's map, and got involved in a fight with a dead rat. 'Oh' said I, and placed a grenade for detonation on its back.

solid_bsp with a non-bsp model

that's what quake said just when the grenade exploded :( I was even recording, but everything stopped abruptly. 
rather nice pack!

negike and zwiffle's were the best. though i'd liked more detail and contrast lighting in negike's level.

bamvoo - nice idea and good realisation for the turtlemap. 
u cannot kill the dead rat with the grenade, quake crashes. i re-killed it with the nailgun ok... 
bamvoo: nice idea (despite the lack of detail), but way too bright! i got lost again because of this. x)

ziffle: i like egypt/metal-base mixtures and here it looks very good, too. though i ran out of ammo near the end and had to leave the shambler alive it was great.

strange thing about the grenade error in my map - i haven't run into this one at all - never tried to shoot grenades at the rat during playtesting.
no idea what's causing it.

about my nick: there is a obvious hint in my map. i'v seen worse names - besides, it isn't meant in the 1337 way, you know? ;) 
Good Job Guys 
neg!ke very nice map! a litle thing in here and in there and it should be in contract pack the map is great...

Zwiffle thks got u add the secrets places... the map have few amo :p but with the secrets give a great help! good map!

bambuz and voodoochopstiks isa very basic map with few details but have lot�s of action :)fun to play

thks u all for these minuts off pleasure! 
Thanks For Being A Goodfella 
Zwiffle. I wont dissapoint ya. 
The Bsp Model 
error in sm100t_neg!ke is caused by a door (targetname halldrop) without a brush. This info is in my Q1 ToolTips and using my engines, you'll also be able to track down the error. 
Yay, very enjoyable map, with some original ideas, the stinky thing rocks. 
Well well.

Thing I liked most about Bamvoo was the unusual design and theme, an interesting idea.

Thing I liked most about negke was the spacious design allowing easy manouverability and very flowing gameplay.

Thing I liked most about Zwei was the bold blending of two seemingly disparate themes. 
What a very positive way of looking at it. :D
Thank you for the comments. 
They all had good aspects to them, all were fun, all were worth playing. But I guess I posted that because each map had something that really stood out - and it wasn't the usual "cool gameplay / cool architecture", but slightly different characteristics.

P.S. Someone do a ZweiTurtle speedrun already - dog pounce leap from block to wall blocks, then strafe jump behind GK door and onwards. 
Tried It 
That dog boost is annoying as hell. 
If it's not feasible kill the dog and grunt shot boost ya. 
Nice Maps 
Bamvoo's map was unusual and pretty good-looking, but scale/detail/action suffered. In such a horizontal map, I'd suggest lowering the sun pitch to get more shadowing out of the brushwork.

Neg!ke's was easily the best both visually and gameplay-wise, but too sparsely populated. The rat hole was a good idea, although less minlight feeling would've helped here. Could only find 1/4 secrets ...

Zwiffle's was also pretty good-looking and highly detailed, but was ruined by a severe shortage of ammo/health in the later half. Some ambushes were a bit harsh as well. 
are you having any trouble using 7-zip with any of the new .zip files? This is the second download (first was RPG's new map) that would not open. I'll download winzip or the like this weekend when I have time to catch up on the new releases, but I was wondering if you may know what is causing this problem. 
all three are enjoyable in different ways.

bamvoo_tur100 reminded me of doom somehow. but it's the shortest.

sm100t_neg!ke was the best out of three. rat hole was fun, i don't remember since how long did i saw spawns/tarbabys in usermap! except the rat crashed my fitzquake080 once my grenade exploded near it...

zweiturtlemap wasn't as detailed and beautiful as neg!ke's but it was also good and pretty dark in some places (reminding of doom3 for some reason) and feels like it's on par with quake episode 4 maps. 
The only problem I have with 7Zip is on my old W95 system; sometimes some archives cause an "Unknown Error" box to pop up.

I'm normally using Total Commander ( ) for all file operations. It has either native or plugin support for most archives.

Please send me an email with a brief description of your system and the zip problems and I'll see what I can find out. 
Nah, Ok 
the crashing bug caused by the 'brushless door' is a really stupid thing that shouldn't have happened to me (thanks for pointing out, aguire!). though on the other hand it's almost impossible to fire the rat-trigger with grenades anyway...
however, since more people than expected seem to run into it, i uploaded a fixed version (-onlyents) for those who still want to play this map without the risk of a crash:!
and thanks for the comments so far! 
Teh Rat 
well it's possible to grenade it

since i didnt want to waste any nails i fired a couple grenades so they landed very near the rat and boom - the crash =)

speaking of bugs, zwiffle's map hung fitzquake on the level exit, right after stats it seemed to try loading a map which i didnt have or what? 
Its Belly Baking In The Hot Sun 
Yeah, cool stuff.

bamvoo: Uh, how many hitscan enemies in a wide area with no cover? *cough*
Nice idea though.

zwiffle: neato thing with the temple/base combination, I found that fascinating as I travelled through the map; it's not often that a texture theme invites closer inspection like that. Lots of overlap in the layout for such a small space - a little too low in some locations, but no biggie. Gameplay was unneccessarily harsh though, with lots of point-blank ambushes for no good reason ( other than lack of space perhaps :P ) and a severe shortage of Stuff�. Was still fun, mostly.

neg!ke: Yeah, what's up with your name dude? :P
Anyway, omgknave!!!11 etc. Cool use of the textures: solid structures, neat trim, some interesting details like the rusty supports.
I thought the use of 128� book stacks as pillars at different altitudes was clevva; made for good combat as well as adding volume to the layout. The bad smell thing was amusing, especially given how much work you put into the rat design. That was a lot of spawn in a confined space though. And as aguirRe said, there was a bit too much reliance on minlight. Wouldn't have hurt to deliver the SSG or NG earlier; I felt like I had to plug dozens of monsters with only the SG. Lots of navigating through the layout and well-paced combat though, so an enjoyable map for sure. 
Bump: Random Q1SP Tip 
Zwiffle's map x. Cool theme, simple yet effective construction, good size; too many hellknights, poor ending. 
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