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New QDM: Alcyone
This is a rather small 1on1 map dressed up in idbase textures.

Download & info:


Looking forward to hear your comments!
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Thanks for comments :)
distrans: Rotating those texs help to define the shapes/architecture better and it is more 'realistic'. What did you want me to do, not align the floor tex at all or something? That would look like crap. 
Hehe... man's crap is another man's pate.

I take your point about helping to define the shape/architecture, and I agree that if the floor was wooden boards or metal grates then rotation would be a must... but these metal "pavers"... I'm still not convinced. 
Easy For Fribs To Rate This Map. 
It's just asking for someone to rule the map with an iron grenade. :D

Still, this map looks awesome. Must play against a human immediately. 
Looks perfect, though a bit tiny. Will be fun 1v1 over internet. 
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