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New QDM: Alcyone
This is a rather small 1on1 map dressed up in idbase textures.

Download & info:


Looking forward to hear your comments!
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From The Screenshots 
excellent lighting! 
Already Supported For Frogbot Bots 
Great job man realy love the map ;)and made some waypoints for it!

take it from here!
alcyone and other 264 maps supported.

and the map qc

keep good work gibbie ;) 
amazing brushwork and layout once again!
you rock!
you raped quake engine once again! :D 
Really excellent looking little map; possibly the best looking idbase level i've seen. Brushwork is fantastic and the level of detail isn't too high, it's just right, keeping r_speeds down and not distracting the player from the layout. Everything seems to be angled this way or that, but in a really clean way, nice and curvy like vondur's mum.

The lighting as nitin mentioned, is excellent, maintaining interest while staying modestly low contrast in most of the accessible areas.

I'm not much of a DM player so i can't really offer any insight on the layout, but from just running about it, it seems tight and well-interconnected. 
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