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Contract Revoked: The Lost Chapters
This information is repeated on the Lost Chapters webpage on my site, with images:

The Theme

Return To Fodrian

Fodrian is a planet. Though it isn't exaclty a medieval version of Coruscant, it is flecked and pitted with numerous cities, some vaster than could ever be fully explored. While the events of Contract Revoked depicted the trial of one lone slipgater, countless other beings have visited this world down the aeons.
Daring individuals frequently invade the library-cities, hoping to steal artifacts of great power and renown.

Written on pages torn out and discarded, filed away in secrecy or scattered to the winds, these are their stories.
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thanks a lot for this, Gom Jabbar! ^_^ 
is the best german evar! 
are you doing a map for this? Also, do you use worldcraft (if so, what version) - I'd be bloody amazed if you managed to make Marcher with WC 1.6 (even on a fast pc, the old unnaccelerated wc versions run pretty slowly unless you use visgroups wisely) 
are we allowed to use skyboxes, since fitzquake supports them?

What about hipnotic func entities? 
than, and anyone else interested:

I've already made 3 new skyboxes to complement the knave.wad
necros and I decided not to include them in the downloads because of the skybox bug still present in FitzQuake. We're hoping metlslime will be able to release the new version of FQ before the final Lost Chpaters pak is complete. I understand Von has already been harassing him about it :P

The 3 skyboxes can be downloaded here:

They correspond with the conventional scrolling-cloud sky textures in the knave.wad thus:

sky_red = fodrian
sky_starfield = stars
sky_void = void

Since I consider skyboxes to be 'special' textures like sky_ and *liquids, these skyboxes are officially part of the knave.wad
Do not use any other skyboxes.

To implement, add the key/value to your map's worldspawn, e.g:
"sky" "fodrian"

Note that the void skybox panels are tiny 16x16 black squares. Even if you intend to use void for your map, the skybox is preferable to the sky_void texture because ( as with all skyboxes ) the rendering can be significantly faster.

Hope this helps. 
Hipnotic Funcs 
Hipnotic rotating entities are currently not included with our chapters progs and are not part of this event. Sorry. 
Omg My Map Got P1mped 
I might just make a map for this now, kell u fecker! :) 
not sure where to post it.
decided here cuz it's hot editing thread now
(will copy in the mapping help too)

there's a bug in info_intermission description in the entities.def that goes with gtkrad 1.4.

here's the right part, replace it if you want less puzzlement with info_intermission:

/*QUAKED info_intermission (0 1 1) (-16 -16 -16) (16 16 16)
This is the camera point for the intermission.
Use mangle instead of angle, so you can set pitch or roll as well as yaw: 'pitch yaw roll'
If there is more than one info_intermission in the map, Quake will randomly pick one.
If no info_intermission entity is in the map, Quake uses the player start.
pitch -10 (look up10 degs) yaw 10 (look 10 deg left) roll 10 (tilt 10 degs right)

set 'pitch yaw roll'

I'm not that bothered about the lack of hipnotic ents, I just wondered if there was any more stuff planned or just not mentioned in the docs. 
there is plenty more stuff planned, but not for inclusion in the Lost Chapters - the rest will come dot O_O 
Entity Definition File Converter 
Just uploaded the little program I was talking about that converts entity definition files for Quake.

Currently it only converts the good old .def files into .ent files to be used with GTKRadiant 1.5. Additional file formats (i.e. .fgd) and games might be added in the future.

You can download the program here:

Hope it's of any use to some of you... 
the 1666 brush limit exactly? 
I could drivel on for a bit in order to explain, but I don't want to spam the thread and the short answer is: to increase the chances that stuff actually gets finished. 
Yes, I made Marcher with WorldCraft 3.4, aka "Teh Hammre". I'd like to do a map for this, but I'm not sure I've got the time atm sadly, which is a shame because the theme and custom content available here is stupendously good. 
not even in two months? :( 
I always feel good when I hear that another awesome map has been produced with worldcraft - not that other editors haven't been employed to create other works of genius in the past (spogsp1, gmsp3 for example.)

I don't really have enough time myself, but I'm willing to try and make time, because I do shit at work allday and want to do something that doesn't fuck me off horrendously. 
I know the rules say FitzQuake but if I try to run a map with a light_flame_brazier_short in WinQuake I get the following Quake Error:

Mod_LoadAliasGroup: interval<=0 
it appears some stuff still managed to slip past our eyes. :\

i found out what causes this though. apparently, somewhere along the line, the short brazier's model accidentally got set two sets of framegroups (instead of one) and it appears to only bother software quake engines (tyrann's Software quake does the same).

there are two solutions to this:
if you know how to use qme, you can extra the small brazier model file, ungroup the extra frames and then replace the old brazier file, or you can download this:
which contains pak1.pak and drop that in your chapters folder.
it contains the fixed model file which will override the broken one in the pak0.pak file.

this will be fixed when we reupload the pack with all the maps in it.

sorry about the inconvenience! ^_^ 
Started mapping a bit for this project and playing around with the new features, but came across a strange problem.
Every time I load Chapters up, everything goes smoothly for about 5 seconds, at which point the game is minimized into the taskbar. If I click on it I'll be brought back into the game for a few seconds and then spat out once more. I've never encountered anything like this with Quake before, and so I'm wondering if anybody has any idea as to what I can do to resolve the problem. Has this happened to any one else? 
sounds like you've got a program running in the background that keeps asking for screentime... either turn it off or get it to stop?

sorry, that's all that i can think of. afaik, there is nothing in qc that is capable of doing that.
heh, that'd be a funny trap -- instead of getting killed, the game minimizes. :P 
Well I'll have to look into it - been away from my computer for a while...
Pretty sure that the problem lies elsewhere, but I'll figure it out eventually.
Thanks necros 
irritatingly I have a lot on at work at the moment, so haven't got any further with this map than a paper layout sketch and gameplay ideas.

Don't know if I will be able to make the deadline or even continue the map. Sorry if I seemed to have comitted to doing something. I will give it a try if I get some time. 
than just said he's making THREE whole maps for this!! 
What A Coincindence This Is Bumped Up... 
* Shambler makes a map for kell's ludicruous contest that consists entirely of secret areas full of grunts and biosuits
<DaZ> omgomgomgOMG
<DaZ> teh Shamblarr maps!
<DaZ> arb denied
* Shambler removes all arbs from the vicinity
<Kinn|Maya> Shambler: what's the title of your map? :D
<DaZ> "kinns anus makes goatse look like childrens material"
<Kinn|Maya> :(
<Shambler> correct
<DaZ> oh sorry no, thats my map title :/
<Shambler> and that is indeed a quote from one of the works of Shakespeare
<Shambler> admittedly an unreleased work...
<DaZ> an unrealised work ;)
<Kinn|Maya> DaZ: you'd have to turn someone completely inside out to achieve that :/
<redfellaq3dm5> they had goatse back then?
<DaZ> of course 
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