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Project: Monsterfree - New Q1SP By Pulsar
This a strange experimental map. It's small and contains no monsters, but is's full of traps and puzzles.

If you expect to play usual q1sp, this map is not for you. Gameplay is strange, not everyone will enjoy it. But anyway, welcome to the Monsterfree Training Center.


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nice little map. got nostalgic feel playing it (remembered rubicon times ;)

here's my first run demo 
Can't seem to download the map 
I thought this was a great map honestly. Very interesting architecture and gameplay. I honestly thought it could have benefitted from monsters being in the map, but it was perfectly fine by itself. Maybe a little overly easy, I never really came close to dying. Awesome job. 8/10 
Can't seem to download the map

yes, I know it, some people seem to have problems with downloading from this server. If nothing helps the only solution would be ask anyone to make a mirror.

Zwiffle: I never really came close to dying
Really? Heh you're the man ;) 
could you make a mirror plz :D 
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