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Apparently it's been released today. How the fuck did that sneak up on us?? I guess I got so b0red of HL2 news I stopped reading any of it.

But I've ordered it.

So what's the verdict from the homies?? Discuss tha shit here.
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D3 Domino 
D3 domino would be build with exploding barel ... 
Hi-res Textures Pack 
I just found it:

What is this:

- The Cinematic Modification adds Hires-Textures to all human characters, some non-human characters, nearly all items, walls and vehicles (and the vending mashine of course). (Hint: If you prefer the original Low-Res Textures, delete or rename the "materials" folder inside the Mod.)

- It replaces the original HL2 music with a more classic score in the style of large Hollywood productions, that fits to the specific game-situations. More orchestral, more ambient, with unique themes for combines and Alyx. (Hint: If you prefer the original HL2-music score, delete or rename the "sound" folder and the "scripts" folder inside the Mod.)

- It adds a new weapons-balancing and strengthens all the weapons to a more realistic level. No more firing numerous rounds at the combines; kill them with 3 to 5 direct hits, just like in real-life combat, but beware: Your opponents weapons are comparable. After 3 to 5 direct hits (or 1 direct headshot) you *will* be killed. (Hint: If you prefer the original Weapons balancing, delete the file "skill.cfg" inside the Mod's cfg-folder)

- The additional Insane Hires Props are previous unreleased Hirestextures for nearly all props in the game, even little items like binders, computerparts, doorlocks and so on. The huge amount of details will give your HL2 virtually the look of a render-intro, but be warned: The amount of new textures will tax your hardware to the limit. Better don't use this pack with outdated DirectX8 cards. Don't even think about it, unless you are using a 256+ MB card.

I can't test it since I don't have HL2, but I would love too :> 
Oh, Some Fan Made Asset Replacement 
Which is not only free of any real substance, but doesn't stack up to the quality of the original art.

wd texture sharpening dudes, make something orginal and useful next time. 
Looks Better Than The Q1 Texture Peplacement Packs 
At least it's a step in the right direction for the texture-replacement trend. Just going by the shots, it looks pretty consistent with the original content. 
looks like they added layer of dirt/damage over some. well, not much difference, but atleast they look NOT worse :) 
Dear Esther 
An interactive narrative built using first-person game technologies

This looks quite beautiful and atmospheric. I still wish there was a non-Steam HL2. 
Looks Cool... 
...but how do artists learn to write these terrible Artist's Statements? It "interrogates the very notion of interactive narrative itself?" Really? Is there some required course in art school that teaches advanced thesaurus mining, torturous sentence convolution, and principles of applied pomposity? 
No There Isn't 
you just develop the instinct for it because it's the easiest way to veil that you're bullshitting your way through the latest assignment.

/me interrogates the very notion of some tequila 
My Favorite 
Is in the 'trailer' ( watch it, it has to be heard to be believed ):

"doomed as a syphilitic cartographer" 
I just played through (I guess) most of Das Roboss and I must say that is so much more like I thought HL2 would be. Fantastic mod, highly recommended! 
Just Played It 
that was pretty good!

I actually liked the sections before the end best - heavy but not overly challening combat in an environment that was kind of HL1ish. 
Playing Some Mods Now 
Whoopservatory is cool but a bit short and sparse. 
Still got a copy of HL2 on steam that I can give to anyone as a gift, so if you still dont own it for some reason and want to play it, just link me your steam account page :) 
yeah, I liked it but wish I could really have wandered around the place and taken it in at leisure - really only got to see the observatory in bits and pieces - felt pretty roped in...
one of those lower order issues that's not really an issue, in a way...

Still prefer mission improbable 1+2 
yeah although it was very well built, felt a bit too linear and roped in. Also, the cool ending was way too short (very neat idea though).

I have MI 1+2, as well as quite a few others downloaded. Will start playing through them, have the HL2 bug atm. MI3 shouldnt be far off apparetnly. 
Bless his soul.

Nothing so far can compare to the quality of Minerva:Metastasis, in my opinion. 
How many mods are broken with the May 2010 update? Is HL2 itself even playable? 
HL2 is playable, I don#t think Valve would leave their own game broken since 2010 :P

As for mods, I have not found any in my collection that are broken, tho I've heard a few were affected :( 
What Daz Said 
some HL 1 mods have issues though, since they came out before steam etc. 
HL2 Is Fine 
not sure about mods, what did this update do? 
Not Sure Exactly 
But I think some code changes broke maps and mods built using an earlier version of the hl2 engine, can't be any more specific than that though I'm afraid. 

Another well made Ep1 mod but again feels too sparse and lacks the engagement that HL2 at least appears to offer what with the numerous setpieces and scripted events. 
Mission Improbable 
This is more like it, very high quality stuff and long enough to get immersed. 
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