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Q1 SP - For My Babies 100
A new (old) map for Quake - details in the ReadMe file.



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Yes, I kind of forgot about the secrets. I had placed them in the map very early on in the build and just plonked things in them to 'mark' them. I never went back to them to consider what was in them and how they might be found or used.

There are three(!) YA, one GA, one Pent., one quad, and one transporter short cut. And as a bit of a teaser, the quad and pent. are very close to the final battle.

The LG is not a secret because you can see it and it's obvious how it can be obtained albeit that it needs to be done carefully.

Anyway, glad you liked it - I'll let the babies know. 
"...and QdQs is probably a nice plugin type mod..."

Not really :-)

But if, as you say in your readme, you have commented all your lines with //PREACH then it should be quite easy.

It's complicated slightly that there's stuff for dragons and bowmen in there (only checked ai.qc so far) but thanks for your help and comments. I'll let you know how I get on. :-) 
Preach Again 
The only thing you didn't mention in your post above was the bit in triggers.qc that joins it all together :-)

There's a couple of people testing it at the moment then later on we'll upload and post on SDA in case anyone wants to play with trigger info, grenade timers and exit times accurate to 5 decimal places... ;-) 
Fmb100 - Secrets 
I have been asked for some spoiler information and have produced a crib sheet if there is anyone who has not yet figured them out (and still wants to).

I won't post it here so ask here or e-mail me mikewoodham - AT - msn - DOT - com 
Make A Nice Dm Map!!! 
you got great maps, could you make next a dm map ? ;) 
Sorry, I don't play DM and therefore don't map for DM. I wouldn't even know where to start.

For SP it's easy: start at a begining, and follow one or more routes to the end. And that's it. Sorry. 
I just keep playing your Sp maps ;)and the new dm that will come bye other�s 
Great Map Mike And Tronyn 
I've enjoyed all the FMB maps and this one is no exception. The one map that I'm working on has an uninterrupted line of sight that is almost as long as the one in this map. I'm not the only one beating up on the Quake engine. Here are some notes:

- I played Hard and got 100/100 kills and 5/7 secrets. I'm going back to see if I can get the missing 2. The map had a long play time which is also good and I love the old skool atmosphere. Haven't seen the hanging gutted corpses in awhile. Ran just fine on FitzQuake 0.75.

- There were some good surprise scraps and I died my share of times but the combat never was unfair.

- Lots of ammo, especially nails and grenades. This made Hard easier since ammo conservation wasn't needed.

- There was a nice variety of lighting, from dim and creepy to full daylight.

- The terrain is great - I went to the site in your readme to look for the util, but I'm not sure if I know which file to download. I'd like to try the program since I'm not crazy about manually making terrain.

- The secrets were good but one was really hard to reach for me - took a lot of tries. This is a good map for secret hunters.

- There is a pocket near the ramp that has a button beneath blocked by steel bars. I went looking for secrets and jumped in and became trapped. Perhaps it was supposed to be lava filled but instead is a pit you have to noclip out of.

- The end was a total party and using delays rather then counters added an element of urgency. I held my fire to get the infights going.

Cool map and it was nice to check here and see another FMB collectable. 
replayed the map with the proper route now.
found SNG. everything was nice and fun!
thanks again mike und tronyn!

real nice piece of stygian world :) 
Scragbait: Glad you liked it. Sorry about the missing lava - I don't know what happened as it was there originally, honest. I only saw it when I played necros's demo, and by then it was too late to fix it. The Terrain Generator is here:-

Read the tutorials.

Vondur: thank goodness you played the full route. Now you can try Speedrunning! 
Found The Other Two 
Secrets. 7 out of 7 without cheats. Both were yellow armours. 
Speedrunners Wanted 
OK, Fmb100 now designated a Speedrunners map!

Get over there now... 
I notice with a certain amount of resigned and unsurprised amusement that they've also added Obiwan3 and Sadlark7 - which I did the first runs (admittedly quite amateur) on several years ago, but of course that got completely ignored, eh??


FMB100 will be interesting though. 
It's not like we keep tabs on what runs you did or did not do like 6 years ago. The speedrunning world does not revolve around you :)

on another note I'd be interested in why adding obiwan3 and sadlark7 is amusing. 
what the hell is obiwan3 and sadlark7? O_o 
old classic maps from the dark 90s 
good series -- tended towards temples, internal missions and crampness. 
Anyone Who Cares 
just to let you know i will post a review of this map, probably in the next week or so. 
Finally Played This 
nice work! 
Two Fmb100 speedruns over at

The longer one shows the 'correct' order to get the Quad damage secret.

The quick one... well, I knew that you could squeeze through and decided to leave it in as there was no benefit if you wanted 100% kills. 
Finally Played This Too 
Hey, that was fun=)
I had a feeling during the playtime that this map was made for me:) I has almost all features that I like to make and to play, I would have placed only some more monsters, but this time 100 is the key.
I enjoyed the final battle a lot. Overall good work: style, design, gameplay - I want more 
I has almost all features
should be
It has almost all features 
Insomnia Induced Free Time! 
Wicked sexy level, Mike. I wished I had more to add then groveling flattery, but it is hard to criticise the first thing to do a good job of scratching my Quake itch since Pulsar's last level.

I'll report to you a bit of a bug with Dark Places. It drops the game if you attempt a save game. Works fine in FitzQuake though. 
Mike says: Great! Got to kill the fiends first

RPG says: What fiends? I don't remember any fiends.

Fiends say: we want 2 imple j00r ass!!

That moment was absolutely awesome, Mike. I'm guessing that my response was exactly what you had in mind.

Great map, too. 
Just about right. Glad it worked for you and glad you liked the map (and so long after it was released?) 
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