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Planetquake LOTW Back In Swing!
disregard the name 'Tei', Scampie wrote this

HOT JESUS ON A STICK! Quake Level of the Week reviews have been posted on Planetquake!

Guys, I cannot believe how awesome and cool and awesome this is. 2 WHOLE REVIEWS! Czg's WONDERFUL Februus Death q1sp map has been EXPERTLY reviewed by RPG! Holy Hot Tamales Batman!

And playing the role of newbie reviewer with a chip on his shoulder and a slug in his belly, Blitz! Reviewing the equally WONDERFUL Return to the Shadows by Gibbie (aka Biggie aka STFU GIBBIE).

You can read these WONDERFUL reviews here!
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The News Its Not From Me. 
Hello Scampie.

[Stop posting your engine as news. This is a level editing forum, not general Quake.]


[What happened is this, I accidentally hit 'Approve' to post your news when I meant to hit 'REJECT'... can't delete news items, so 'interested parties' who will remain nameless suggested I just edit the news into something else.]

But.. this text ITS NOT MINE!.. its a forum error. The nick is correct, and ip, but not the text. Its send by somehome other guy.

If you cant remove, well.. I can live with this, not problem.

Thanks anyway. 
for someone so worried about identity and such, you don't seem very worried by the fact the your original news post stated you included Czg/Vondur's and Kinn's maps with your engine, which was news to all of them. Perhaps in the future, you should be more worried about not appearing like a theiving jackass, grabbing content from where ever you can like a mongrel retard too caught up in his own self love to send a quick message to those who's work you're including. 
[so 'interested parties' who will remain nameless suggested I just edit the news into something else]

My english is bad. So you change the content? Ok. I understand. But I think whas a bad idea to not place a warning about or something. This content make me look bad, or something. 
About Czg/Vondur 
e1m1rmx is .map source is gpl

I have post the news about this here to collect feedback about the idea to include maps with engine releases. Because newbies that get new engines dont know about new maps. So I think can be a cool idea to bundle everything: maps, engine, external textures, lits.. etc.. In Only One File. 
This news rocks! 
Of Course, 
credits and Readme files where included, and the main Readme file point you to the mappaks readme files. 
Yes Yes. 
but you still should have asked, only becuase it's polite. 
[but you still should have asked, only becuase it's polite.]

I agree. Mail sent. (was sent before this post) 
I've been meaning to speak with you about this, but I can't seem to find a valid email address with which to contact you. I would rather have spoken to you in private, but nevermind.

In principle I don't mind the idea of you bundling my map with your engine. However, there are a few things to bear in mind:

1) Please ask my permission before doing something like this. This is crucial. I can't stress that enough.

2) I have not tested my map in your engine, so I cannot assess it's compatibility. I know there is at least one engine out there which causes odd bugs in my map (JoeQuake, specifically).

3) By bundling my map with your engine, you are basically saying "This is how Bastion of the Underworld should be played". Again, as the map author, only I am authorised to suggest which engines work best with my map.

So, in conclusion, could you please wait until I have tested my map in your engine before you include it in the package please?

Best Regards,

Hello Kinn.

The quality of your work is impresive. Much better than the official quake episodes if not the better existing mappak for quake. The re-distribution whas under this license from the readme file:

<from the readme>

You may only distribute this zip file as long as this text file is included in the zip.

You may NOT distribute this level for any commercial purposes.
</from the readme>

To respect your feelings and opinions about this package will remove the download link from __NOW__ and replace with a release withouth your work.

If other artist: Venomus, the QE1M1 retexturing project, the MD3 remodeling project, CZG/Von gpl map, Sound artist, etc.. want his work not to be bundled into Telejano releases, I will glad not to distribute his work.

As anytime, I follow licenses and credits original artists and include original readme files has posible.

Thanks for your advices.

The link has been removed. Working in a new release (8.02) withouth extra bits ( a quick release ). 
Thanks for your comments.

As I said before, in principle, I don't mind you bundling my map with your engine. It just came as a surprise to me that's all.

I'm going to give you the benefit on this one for now, and say that it's fine; go ahead and include my map if you like. You have my permission. What you are doing is indeed consistent with the license agreement in my readme, as long as the is included intact.

Also, for future reference, it is good practice to inform the relevant authors before including their work, but i'm sure you know that by now ;) 
Hurray Hurray Hurray!!!!

Play fair. Stop trying to shut people out of this forum and restrict it's use and effectiveness, and start trying to encourage some community spirit across the Quake/customsation scenes. You know I personally hate engine mods and shit but even so, moderating a public Quake site I'd rather see cooperation than dismissal (the latter is for you to do off duty...=)) 
I had originally posted it by accident after trying to reject it. the decision was made by vondur and myself together. it was changed after suggestion by Kinn and RPG and encouragement by others. There was alot of cooperation in us dismissing this. 
Yes! Sham! UROK! 
Scampie is drunk of the power he got!
He's not ready to rule!
He cures his weakness by acting like a god!
Scampie! Yuo go awaey!

Ban yourself and proove that you're fair, like Shambler said!!!

Scampie Was Not Out Of Line 
on this one. Tei should have shown a greater deal of courtesy. I'm aware it may be difficult to get in touch with Romero in regard to E1M1, but at the very least Tei should have informed Kinn of his plans.

Having said that, Tei has been around the Inside3D forums for ages. He is one of the good guys there. I am sure he'll do better in the future. 
Yes, I have learned a lot. Thanks to all.

And yes, the invisible wall betwen mappers and everybody else in the scene still exist. Scambie was, by incident, the tetris player here, but I think he is inocent.

Blame Tei for all this everything, please. The bad and the good about this. 
i fucking hate tetris 
Fun Facts! 
not many people know that Tetris is the 1st ever Communist videogame. The blocks moving down the screen represent Capitalist scum, and the player plays as the Communist state, moving the blocks into ordered lines as a metaphor for converting their ideology to the only right and proper one. Then, the line is destroyed, punishing the scum for being Capitalist in the first place. If the blocks fill the screen then communism becomes McCommunism and you lose. 
Rofl Starbuck Lawyer Force Me To Say: 

sorry to this all, sorry. I am sorry :I 
Hey, it is all forgotten. Well, at least for me. Now go make me a mouse driven interface, Dues Ex style object picking, model_mover functions, and cocktail recipes from the console since Fitz is ignoring my demands. 
Never Forget: A Clever Review 
Corliss, Richard. "Don't Read This Story!" Time, March 1,1993. P 57. 
Oops Wrong Story 
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