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Hellchepsout New Q1SP Released !!!

So, it is finally done !! After 2 months of mapping, my first map is now released and avalaible on my web site...
This map was developed using QuArK 6.4.0-alpha3, and it also support transparent water and colored lights features... I used FitzQuake0.75 as test engine...

I would like to give a special thank to aguirRe who supported and gave me precious helps and feedbacks about my work... thanks a lot again man!!!

So please take a look at and please give me your opinion about my work..

Enjoy !!!!
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-1 point for map name I can't spell

Yes, I did wonder if anyone else thought that

Hatchepsout was an egyptian queen

This I like; I always appreciate names with substance.

JP, what you may be better doing if your map title is as long or convoluted as that is use the old, boring abbreviation style for your filenames e.g.
And save the title for the worldspawn and the web.

Also: nice debut map. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next. 
Very Nice First Map 
gameplay was good except too many rockets and armor on medium and I'll restate my hatred for underwater spawns.

layout wise, it was a bit cramped at times but no big deal.

Looks wise, you did well with basic brushwork and the final room was prtty cool. Lighting was a bit inconsistent though (the colored lighting was a bit overdone, I took oit out as it was too strong).

nice job. 

nice debut map 
So, I will try to choose title name easier to spell, I didn't think it will become a big prononciation challenge for some of you... Anyway, the most important was most of people enjoyed while playing this map... I restart mapping on a DM this time.. The name will be simpler, and thanks again for comments, advices, feedback, etc... Thanks also for those who helped me during this last months to achieve this work...
See you soon with a new map.
No, don't do anything with your ideas for map names. I'm sure that if someone doesn't know how to pronounce "Hellchepsout", he'll then ask you for not naming your maps, because he can't read either. 
nice map :) i like it a lot! 
do you hate me? 
certainly not, my russian brother- you have the same communistic blood in your veins, as i do :-* :-* :-* :-* 
i thought that the war was imminent... :D 
/me stands behind Vondur, gently holds his hips and starts to dance romantically 
Is There A Love Story 
... starting between Vondur and MisYu ??? ... hhmmm ... very interesting ... I didn't know this forum was a gay one... ;-) sorry... hum... 
JPL, sorry for the offtopic though..

Misyu, you rock bastard! 
No Problem... 
... I was laughing just reading your conversation while out of its context... (don't know if it's clear...)
No, Von, u rok kthxbye

JPLambert, good map, although I hate meeting the monster, who looks like a just picked up snot. 
Thanks a lot... but a Q1SP without monsters is too easy to clear... no ??? ;-p
Anyway, this first map was really interesting to build. I learn a lot of things about mapping stuff and editors, and certainly I will have to learn more in the future. I hope the next one will be better...
Map Reviewed At My Site: 
Hellchepsout : "The temple of Hell" reviewed,
plus also other map news. 
I've just take a look at the link, and as well to the summary area, and what a big good surprise for me to read the comments and to see the overall score !! I didn't think this first map will have this success... It's really encouraging for me to forward mapping !!!
Thank you very much.... Thank you very much... 
Another Review At 
Great !! 
Thanks again to all guys who supported me for this map..
A Good Time! 
Fun map! Great work for a first release. Not very hard but fun to play. I could actually explore w/out fear of "sudden eradication"=) 
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