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Vondur + Czg = New Spq Map
You might remember I stuck many of my old map sources onto a page some time ago, in the hope that they wouldn't just be wasted time. Thankfully, my hopes came true.

Vondur picked up the remains of an old e1m1 remake I did, and decided it might be worthy of a polish. He didn't finish the map though, but handed it back to me so I could see what he was thinking about it. I made some new bits on it, and passed it back, and so on and so on, until today when we've got a finished map to show you all.

So yes, finally we ended up with a nice modern upgrade of the good old Slipgate Complex, which we have dubbed The Slipgate Duplex.

Screenshots and info: download:
Fileplanet download:

Please enjoy and tell us what you think!
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hmmm, might be good idea to use those texes.... depends on how you'll do that and light that and detail that :) 
E1M4 Are Belong To Meeee 
Already started work on it... ahh... no more medieval stuff... 
fatty u rok! :) 
Stick with similar layout, and definitely same textures. Idea is to capture E1M5 feel but with 1337 modern designs as Vonzg have done. Maybe trickier but similar gameplay.

I think the idea of redoing the maps, just one by one, rocks - as long as they are all similar to the originals but really 1337.

But just keep it low key at first, don't aim for the whole of Quake as it will be too ambitious and fail to materialise. 
If You're Really Going To Remake The Exmx Maps... 
Then remake them.

Don't use completely different texture sets, that'd defeat the purpose (in my mind anyway). In the case of e1m5, for instance, I really liked the atmosphere of that map, and you'll change that completely if you use a markedly different texture set.

The Von+CZG map really is the ideal example of what a remake should be - largely the same layout, textures etc but improved in countless ways.

At the end of the day you want to evoke the same feeling that the original levels did, and you can't do that by using radically different textures etc. 
i'd agree with smablo and fribbla 
I'd like to see a remix of episode 3 with idbase textures instead. 
sorry to dissapoint, but i've decided to continue with the kjsp1 textures. i am doing the map more for myself then anyone else :P and i really wanted to try out these textures.
not to mention i already have 1500 brushes down... ;) 
since people are snatching up maps to remake and no one apparently has e1m2 then I call that one. 
I Think Episode 3 Would Look Good 
In a Headshot style mix of wizmet and techbase like my last speed map. In fact I've been working on a version of e3m2 Vault of Zin that does just that and gets rid of ALL those 90 degree angles (they torment my soul) as well. 
Here U Go. 
You have asked for it, now dont complain.

Title : The Slipgate Duplex HARDCORE

Bunch of monsters added. Route and gameplay changed.
map file included.

WARNING: its hard (no skill settings). u have to get all the secrets and look for hidden ammo, or u are toast.
But dont giveup. Quicksave often. Its beatable, once you know what to do.

Speedy ( 
I really want to see a demo of someone playing through this without cheating. 
It's Good That People Have Started To Remake Episode 1 
then my map is E1M3 =) 

although the start was very difficult and i died three times, so i knew the layout up until i went through the gk door into the second base. 
I should have removed penta
nice1 necros 
and not much extra kills - there are 4 fishes

2 demos: first shows how far I got on first attempt. Second demo is second attempt, so everything after is new.

On the subject of E1 remix; it would seem appropriate that I do e1m6/e1m7. I'll do both if no one else voulnteers.
I'd do e1m8 too, but I dunno how we'd get teh gravity to werk :/
I'll stick with m6 for now. 
Getting the gravity to work is easy, just call your map e1m8.bsp :-)

Not much help really. 
there's worldspawn key responsible for gravity - "gravity" :) 
O. K.

You've ruined the e1m1 clipping bug. Bah. 
are you sure that works? O_o

that's not how e1m8's gravity is set... that level's gravity is hardcoded into the qc, that's why any map called e1m8.bsp has low gravity. 
My Choice 
i gonna do e2m1 wanted to do e3m2 but that one been picked :-( . im more interested in tech-style base themes anyways. 
necros: he was lying to you. a common tactic of commies.

(gravity in worldspawn works in q2 and q3 btw) 
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