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#tf / Func_qmap BEEF Thread.
Inspired by Scampie who has more beef going than the average American "lite" breakfast =).

So let's have it out here...

Scampie vs. Xen

Scampie vs. ProdXL

Maj vs. ProdXL

(actually most people vs. ProdXL)

Wrath vs. Everyone

Grindspire vs. someone it seems

Me vs. Speedy occasionally

Mod-makers vs. well they just look like a right bunch of knobs anyway.

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Marcher 2 Announced 
exclusive trailer here: 
posts #560 to #564 kind of read like they are in response to something completely awful otp did elsewhere

If that gutless, ball-less fuck Scampie is to be believed (lol), apparently there exists a person who chases your every move around the internet telling you to kill yourself and that you're a jew sjw cuck like someone does to sock and MFX and me.

Since I was guilty of such high crimes against the AD team such as: posting one of sock's twitter jams on func, and posting a download link to an early version of Giftmacher's proto-Sepulcher, it seems like that very unsubtle emphasis is supposed to mean "otp did it".

Which is obviously fucking bullshit, for a multitude of reasons that I shouldn't even undignify myself by presenting. 
You could ignore the "chases your every move" cause who knows if thats factual or not. But, you DO tell people to kill themselves and call them "soy". 
1. No, I just tell that to mukor, since he's a blight on society.

2. Daz has revealed himself to be a giant pussy the moment he hosted tf on Discord and made it safe for work.

@anon Asking A Sensible Question,. 
I think there is twitter beef or something. 
For Fucks Sake! 
The only interesting piece of shit post in this monkey feces slinging bitch fight was Kinn teasing about Marcher 2.

Except we all know he's to senile to map anymore... 

You are obviously the same guy as #575

People who I respect and communicate with on discord know what I've got cooking, gamedev-wise ;) 
Here's A Sneak Peek...for Any Doubters 
Less Beef More Playing/making Maps 
Also why is anon posting still a thing? 
Since Shambler Asked So Nicely. 
ww, you are a bigot and a racist, and it's fucking laughable that every other person in quake turns a blind eye to that.

And to answer your other question:

ww Today at 2:17 AM
do you actually have friends that aren;t white?
not counting the cheap asian girls

1. Yes,
2. They weren't cheap - there's actually an interesting IMO story behind all of that, and I suggested it to dumptruck for my Quakecast episode, but he was more interested in dicks and Jazz Jackrabbit. 
Okay, Glad You Cleared That Up. 
I have friends that aren't white too. I guess that makes us both great people. 
Oh Really. 
I'm sure they all share your views on "mass migration". 
According to otp, if you voted brexit and express any misgivings about immigration/integration it makes you a bigot and a racist; uneducated and probably inbred.
You're so full of shit, you pretend to be some humanitarian dog lover but it's all just a ploy to get your dick wet. For the amount of bile you spew it doesn't wash. Given the chance you'd be the first cunt loading people into the ovens. 
Whitewhite Is Very White 
who knew? 
Things I learned in discord yesterday: free movement of existing EU citizens inside the EU is exactly the same as free movement of people from outside the EU into the EU, and if you dare to imply that the two things may have different political ramifications in the eyes of the general EU populace, then you are stupid and misguided and ill-informed and and and and and and... (Note: merely observing this makes you hitler, expressing any opinion on this yourself isn't even necessary). 
To Whom It May Concern. 
Why the sudden need to look me up on Instagram and LinkedIn? It's only been a couple of months since you said "Lol otp thinking i give a flying fuck about any of his personal details".

If you need a reference, or something, just ask. 
Would be nice if I didn't have to ask Vondur again to remove posts where you use my real name, just because it's an open secret doesn't mean I like to have it out in the open. 
Yeah I Agree. 
No need to probe into off-line / off-topic stuff. I can't imagine otp having a real name would make him any more appalling than he already is :p 
Will it be more successful than the project you chose to completely not mention on your podcast? Who knows.

(At least ignoring it was better than enabling Scampie in his quest to rate everything skacky and I made a 1...)

What do I have to do with your beef with Scampie OPT? I am baffled. 
Oh...there actually is something you DON'T want to have to do with Quake related ? :D 
Threats now huh?

I'm just participating in the forum. Sorry you don't like it. I'm not stopping any time soon. But I will try and be more selective about what I reply to and how I reply. But you may want to do the same.

Just a reminder of some examples of times you have come after me recently (unprovoked):

These are just the ones off the top of my head. I'm willing to live and let live and I'm man enough to say I was wrong to comment about sm200 at all.

I'm sorry and I will back off now. You do the same. 
I was wrong to end that post with that sentence, I'll admit. It was nearing 2 AM and I was getting increasingly sleepless and restless so I lashed out.

I will back off now. You do the same.

Yes, good. 
Still No Q1 Logo On #tf Discord Admin 
Also A Request To Bring Back :qsad: 
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