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Q1 DM From Blitz

Download my first Quake DM map,"Hatful of Hollow" from here:


Also visit my website which has more shots:
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Why are you bumping a thread, where not a single link does work? Not the download, not the screenshots, not the website itself... 
blitz still hasn't won a single match on this map yet. 
That's Not True And You Know It 
Hey Dude! 
Hey man. I never meant any harm. I've left that board now, anyway. Good luck. Sorry you had to change everything around, I know that sucks, and I apologize for that. 
we seriously need to just close this thread before it gets bumped again for no fucking reason. 
Good I didn't finished it with a praxinoscope really. 
Good at least that page could be found. 
dis map is teh Rox0r 
Da Best 
I Lub This Map 

RE: Last 3 Posts. 
please don't do this, we don't like morons. 
Are there any servers running this, out of interest?? 
Will Cost A Lot Of Money, Buying The Way 
Starting a toppic for Abandon won't work.
But this crap lingers on....

Aargh...four thee 
while i hate to perpetuate this thread, there are some servers running this map, i think a few of the google servers have it. the #tf crew would know. actually im pretty sure blitz knows himself. 
Yes, Funny You Should Ask 
The Googles servers are running it...

Googles 1
Googles 3
Googles 5

Also, I had a bunch of people join a game one day (European players) and they all loved the map and asked me to get it put on some UK/Euro servers, so it might be across the pond soon as well.

Go map. 
This Map Rox0rS 
My box0rS 
Mocking Hurts 
yeah, make another map already 
kick ass map bro, yeah map on another, yeah 
yeah, dis map am win, yeah

dis map am win, yeah

is da map running on any servers? yeah

i get a constipated feel every time i play dis map, yeah

then have trouble evacuating my bowels for days following, yeah

i keep playing till i shit though, yeah

any more mappage from da blitz? yeah

you rox, you big fag mapper you, yeah

got to go take a dump, yeah 
Don't make me take my pepper spray out of my man purse you internet stalker. 
da blitz has spoken to me, OMG OMG OMG

blitz is da bestest mapper of quake mappage, yeah

i love your map

it makes my faeces hard, and brings great satisfaction come time for a bowel movement, yeah

you da man, da bomb mapper, yeah

you make more map? yeah

OMG OMG OMG, i have spoken to da blitz


i think i have to take another dump, yeah 
Hey, Guy 
go fuck off! we don't need more trolling here. 
...but we do need more jokes about that domain name. 
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