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Just wondering if anyone is interested in a wizard/arcane themed q1sp project. The idea would be a common pak file, including a bunch of arcane monsters/props, and whoever wants to donates a map in an arcane theme (id wizard, contract revoked, ikblue, new texture sets, whatever). Then they get strung together, and that's the pack.

Criteria for arcane: in my opinion, there should be lots of books, heh. And a focus on signs and symbols and magic and such. contract revoked is a good example.

Anyone interested?
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Ya Bastard 
I wanted post 500 
Internet Outages 
Can't connect my comp to the internet again, patch forthcoming as soon as it does(and I get this backlog of maths work done...)Mages didn't have the teleporting permitting code in, they do now. As for scrags, I've spawned them fine with the current patch, maybe the fix for ogres broke fiends. I'll look into it. 
Preach are you still alive? 
I'm Here 
Finally got the connection back today, so here's the patch before it breaks again.
Fixes teleporting monsters, although I still don't see what's wrong with scrags, unless you're trying to make them patrol after they teleport in. Not sure how well that will work if you do. If you really need it, I'll look for a fix.

Also a few balance tweaks, tidied up the chaingun animations some more, key icons now work(or did they last patch?). Putting icons for the other keys in would take a rewrite of how the powerups are done, but since nobody seems to need the feature it's probably not worth investing time in. Ok, have fun! 
Who of these guys is the weakest: Acolytes, Sorcerors and Warlocks?

Biw is it possible to make something like "magic" visual effect? I mean kinda fluids in the air, permanent and temporary. For example I want to make the effect of magic crated bridge. When player presses a button the bridge moves from the space outside of the map to where it should be (with speed 1000), but plater doesn't see it. Then player teleports back (after a few seconds) and sees the bridge. I want this bridge to be covered with that 'magic' effect for 5-7 seconds.
Or another example. There's a place of rituals in my map. When player enters that room he sees that place surronded by mages (they are summoning someone there). There should appear that magic effect. Then player kills all those mages, but ritual as already made. Magic effect stays after their death. And after a few seconds a big bad monster spawns in that place.

Is it possible to make something like that? I remember forcefields in base maps. Maybe it could looks something like that but with different color and not plain. 
dunno what "fluids in the air" means and "magic" isn't very descriptive XD, but if you want, you can use the hip code that makes particles and simply make those flash for a bit. 
Did you recieve my emails? The only I replied you recently and the one I sent you a few weeks ago to your netgames address. 
Through The Looking Glass 
Even though my connection is technically broken, I've found a way round that to upload today.
Two changes. One is to do with acolytes and warlocks. The hierachy of mages is meant to go acolytes < sorceror < warlock. Unfortunatly a bug/feature meant all acolytes were being turned into warlocks anyway. Been fixed now, but it means monster_mage now defaults to acolyte rather than warlock.

The other change is a quickly hacked together entity you might find handy for that magic effect. It's called misc_magic, and it spawns the effect from the troglodyte magic. Parameters are:
count - duration in 10ths of a second
weapon - colour of the particles
lip - radius of the circle
Just target it to set it off. I dunno if it'll actually do what you're after, but on the plus side it was only 10 lines of code. 
For those of you who don't know, these new mages can use any weapon their underlings can. You can set the rank of a monster_mage with a count between 0 and the default of 2, or use monster_acolyte, monster_sorceror and monster_warlock entities.,/q>

count should default to 0, yes? 
Default for count is 0, but there was a lump of code that changed count to 2 any time it was 0 or greater than 2. presumably so that when you made a default monster_mage it became a monster_warlock. Which is well intentioned in itself, but the problem is monster_acolyte just calls sets it's own count to 0, then calls monster_mage, so you get in a mess. Only reason I mentioned it was if people had used a monster_mage already, expecting it to default to monster_warlock as it had been so far, they'd need to alter it to make it the correct level. 
Given the essentially infinite number of these entities you can use and the consequences of them firing at targets, any start/hub map type functionality can be implemented. You could even have the start map fill with monsters once the rest of the maps have been completed.
(From Quoth mapping tutorial, about info_endgate and info_mapgate)

Wasn't it our plan to have the stsrt map invaded by monsters once the other maps had been done? Do we still want to do this? If so, is there any chance that we can co-ordinate with Necros and Kell to have this as a feature? 
Monsters In The Start 
If it's needed, it'd probably be easiest to add it directly. The ammount of rewritten code in the arcane progs means merging things from other mods is often just as involved as writing them from scratch. I'd probably just go with adding another spawnflag like the teleport flags, which removes the monster if a value isn't set, and a corresponding option to set that value on trigger_changelevel. Seems easier, since it's just a single monsters on/monsters off situation. 
Monsters in the start map is basically what I wanted.

The thing is though, we could just use two different BSPS - as the maps will be played in a linear order, the final map could just link back to a different version of the start, containing monsters etc. 
Linear Order? 
That's not how I imagined this to go...

My idea was that you have a start map which is a hub to 3 arcane-themed maps. Once you have done those, a door opens to a more evil area that willl lead back to the variant base map.

Of course, you are the project leader, so it's your call... 
Originally, Fat Controller wanted the start map as a sort of a "hub" to several other maps.

But lately Pulsar suggested having the maps in a linear order, which I now think might be better. We are kind of thinking of having a thematic progression in the maps, which would make more sense if they were in a set order.

But it's not set in stone.

Btw if I don't have a beta of my first map ready by December then someone shoot me. 
Oh, And 
if I haven't updated the project's web site within a week then give me the same treatment. 
Which Weapon? [nt] 
An Uninformed Opinion 
make it have some kind of structure, not just a hub where you can do maps in random order and start with shotty in each. That isn't so great imo. 
I'm Taken Away 
I have to leave tomorrow. Not to leave the project but leave my home and pc until february.

My knave map is about 1-2 weeks to be finished (beta) but I was called today and told that I must go tomorrow. In fact I should have left in august-september but (fortunally for this project, unfortunatelly for me) I'm leaving only now.

I'll come back soon and finish my map and make a new one. I hope Tronyn will finish something when I return :)

See ya, guys. 
make it have some kind of structure, not just a hub where you can do maps in random order and start with shotty in each. That isn't so great imo.
Who said anything about resetting the weapons between the maps ???

PuLSaR: Good luck, whatever it is you have to do... 
have luck balancing combat if you don't know what weapons the player'll have. 
Tronyn Et Al, Re Post 516 
linear order > hub.

Fair Enough... 
So we have a start map, 3 arcane maps, an evil map, and a final map where your library gets invaded. Sounds good... 
Source For Baron 
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