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Quake Turtlemap 3!
Well, I've put off releasing this too long already... Speedmap site isn't ready, but it's so damn close I tells ya!

Anyway... A new release! A massive pack of 4 Single Player Quake maps built in a single week! And don't let their seemingly quick build time fool you, these are some great maps!

There were 3 authors who finished maps for the event, Hrimfaxi (who also submitted an older map he had which fell under the rules), Leviathan, and Zwiffle! Good work guys!

Download the pack here: (4.5mb)

(Note: Hrimfaxi's first map is now updated to be a full vis'd version so it'll run better)
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I know you want to promote speedmapping/turtlemapping etc but these great maps is a bit misleading.

Anyway, some comments.

q1tm3_zwiffle - too dark. I couldnt see most the time, when there was some light it looked ok. Didnt really play it all the way through because of the darkness.

q1tm3_lev - had potential. Starting outside area and curvy corridor were well done. In between it was connected with too many boxy, plain corridors. Lighting wise, this was the opposite of zwiffle's map, almost fullbright. Playwise, ridiculous base horde combat with a single shotgun is not my idea of fun.

q1tm3_hrimfaxi - this looked very promising but it was way too slow. I know about the warning etc, but I hope this gets released with a full vis.

q1tm3_hrimfaxi2 - this is pretty decent, some spotty lighting lets it down though. Nice blast and looks ok.

Sorry if it sounded harsh, but I was expecting a bit better given some of the reactions in other threads to screens etc. 
That Should Be 
"calling" these great maps...

in the first sentence. 
A Full Vis File 
I've just uploaded a full vis version of q1tm3_hrimfaxi to this URL:

You should replase the one from the pack.

Maybe you should update the packfile Scrampie? 
That should be "replace" as if you didn't know. 
was hoping it'd get a proper release. 
Played It 
very nice hrim, good atmosphere and fun gameplay. A few visual bugs though like non solid pillars and some corrupted flickering mappage when viewed from far away. The dome is very cool. Good map! 
bleh, I'll remember to harshly crique each map next time I write a news update. I enjoyed the maps and thought they were a good bit of fun.

Updated the to include Hrim's now fully vis'd map, thanks Hrimfaxi.

As for my own feelings on each map, Hrim's definatly stand out in the pack... I think I like the second's atmosphere best, plus it has some of the coolest areas ever built in a Quake map. Thin little trims and neat supports, great stuff that you don't normally see in 'proper' maps nowadays.

Lev's map was really well built, but I'm not sure if I like the very bright, almost flat light. It's subtle, but works alright in an idbase setting. It suffers a bit like the other maps, forcing a bit too much shotgun action with too many monsters.

Zwiffle's map was just plain great, except at the very start when you have to fight multiple deathknights with just a shotgun. I thought the lighting overall was some of the best in the pack with some nice shadows, but had too many spotty areas of fulldark the monsters got lost in.

I enjoyed playing the pack, and appland everyone who finished. You guys rock. I think we'll have to do another turtlemap sometime early summer, but make it themed in some way. 
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