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Speedmapping Pack 61!
It was long, it was hard... it was a struggle at times, some found it awkward, but the sixty-first speedmapping session just came to a close (this innuendo-filled sentence too, thankfully).

The stars of the pack this week are the illustrious Mr. Drew Simpson, Baron Leviathan, Captain PuLSaR, Lord Scampie and Sir Zwiffle....

Now my PC is still broken, so I cannot check out the maps myself, but Scampie The Great informs me that they are very good! As a result of making the pack on an iMac, there are some formatting issues in the readme, but hopefully no greater problems than that.

Download the pack here: (1.3 MB)
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Did you get my reply regarding the problems in your other map? 
yes, I got it but I have some problems now with connecting to my mail server. So I'm not able to send you anything. Hope it'll work in a hour or so and you'll get my mail. 
Bloody Hell 
I was impressed by sm61_drew and sm61_scampie. I can't believe how much you managed to fit into a 100 minute timelimit. Plenty of gameplay and architecture that very good considering the timelimit.

Lev's was a bit short and after the start I thought it was going to be a huge slogathon for a good five minutes.

Zwiffles was a nice idea, I didn't find it particularly hard until the last few ogres, where I ran out of ammo and couldn't actually hit them to continue so I had to give myself a few more shells.

I liked the design of pulsars map, and thought it was pulled of well within the timelimit.

Overall great stuff. I can't believe how good speedmappers are getting since the beginning of the whole thing, whenever that was. 
i would argue we aren't getting better, we just cheat more! 
agiurRe, check your mail. My mail server started to work 
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