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Speedmapping Pack 61!
It was long, it was hard... it was a struggle at times, some found it awkward, but the sixty-first speedmapping session just came to a close (this innuendo-filled sentence too, thankfully).

The stars of the pack this week are the illustrious Mr. Drew Simpson, Baron Leviathan, Captain PuLSaR, Lord Scampie and Sir Zwiffle....

Now my PC is still broken, so I cannot check out the maps myself, but Scampie The Great informs me that they are very good! As a result of making the pack on an iMac, there are some formatting issues in the readme, but hopefully no greater problems than that.

Download the pack here: (1.3 MB)
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I can't start quake up (gl & gq) because apparently I don't have glide2x.dll. I install glide2x.dll. Quake crashes upon loading with random jargon-filled errors.

i had t oget rid of my opengl32.dll or something like that. You started getting these problems after installing QW? Cuz that's what happened to me. 
delete opengl32.dll from your quake folder. 
Lord Scapmie is right, these are good. Zwiffle's had a really cool idea with the pool fights, but I ran out of ammo in the second one and dodged grenades for a minute before I felt suicidal. Drew's was awsome, I just wish the slime killed me quicker. Leviathan's was less of a slaughter house than usual and it looked good too. PuLSaR's had the most unique design I have seen in a while. Ans Scampie's reminded me a Lev's blood bath maps within a Scampie level. (I know that might not make since, but play some of the older packs and see what I mean)

Overall, good pack guys. 
I can't start quake up

Well, that's a small mercy at least. 
<rj> isn't glide2x.dll what you have to remove to get glquake to work?
<scampie> yes, if you don't have a voodoo card

So he lied!" Thanks... I think it must have put itself back on when I installed quakeworld last week.

I played the maps this morning in a hurry before work, in godmode. Scampie's, neat. Zwiffle's, i would've died about 10 times over in, but nice atmosphere. Levs, umm... looked nice. Pulsar's, wicked idea! Would love to see it expanded into a full proper map. Drew's, neat. 
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