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What Happens If We Die?
[This was originally a thread by Blitz that wondered if there was any way of finding out when someone in the community died. The thread met a similar fate when i was messing around with the messageboard code, so Blitz's original text is lost.]
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I bet if we killed them oursealves, we'd know for sure. 
This is a good question.

Unless they know someone IRL that you also talk to on the net you are unlikely ever to find out. They'd just suddenly stop being there.

Except for me, of course. My death would make the world press.

Well, it would if I wasn't immortal. 
I remember we were worried once that something had happened to frib. 
One Sure-fire Way 
is to leave something in your will to Func_Msgboard, or a member of the community (me) 
Good Idea 
I hereby testament � a kilogram of my own personal poop to scampie. 
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