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I replayed Q2 SP a few years ago and felt it was a bit too inconsistent. There are some high quality, polished maps / units and some that are a boring slog. Q2 is maybe more "cohesive" overall from a macro-game standpoint than Q1, but the Q1 maps are much more fun moment to moment across the game (I'm doing a couch + controller playthrough now)

Those new engine enhancements look nice for the most part though. I either totally forgot or never knew that rotating textures messed up light maps in Q2, but glad they fixed that one 
I'm happy to have room in my life for both. For me, Q1 has better pick-up-and-play simplicity, but the added depth and immersion in Q2 has it's place as well. I definitely get where you're coming from in saying that some of the maps feel like a slog. They don't to me, but they're in my DNA as much as the Q1 maps, so they wouldn't. 
don't do this 
Quake 2 Is Censored 
Grow up 
Methods Of Destruction FLACs Recovered 
hi guys, how can I get u guys in discord? 
Install Discord 
'Add Friend' at top of Discord.
I'm RickyT23 :) 
Are you in Portugal too? I'm adib.murad 
hi adib ☺️ haven't play Quake for a Wille, hope to fix that soon πŸ˜€ 
Quake For A Wille 
Auto-correct while 😝 
About Quakespasm In The *buntu Repositories 
Does anyone here know why the version of Quakespasm in the official Ubuntu repositories is called "quakespasm-beidl" and is credited to a certain Alfred E. Neumayer a.k.a. beidl (as apposed to szo et al.)?

I'm talking about this:

Just curious and slightly confused... 
The thing about Snapcraft is that, while it may be run by Canonical, anybody can contribute to it. Some packages are uploaded by the software's respective developers, but many others are not. Note that this differs from the actual distribution repositories.

In this case, Mr. Neumayer is the one who packaged and distributed Quakespasm on Snapcraft. The name "beidl" is what Mr. Neumayer used to go by, according to my research. I assume he used his name in the package trying to make that clear. 
Re: Snapcraft 
Thanks very much, E-werd. That clears up a lot of things. :) 
top my speedrun in this base map
(it has got some cool colored lighting) 
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