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Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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Retro Jam 5 Is Out Like The Wind! 
A brand new, Wind Tunnels themed, retro jam map pack release! But what even is a retro jam?

(...) the original Quake maps still look great in 2016, and the vague idea behind retro jams is to recreate their simplistic beauty.

Featuring maps by Breezeep, Bloughsburgh, ItEndsWithTens, NewHouse, QMaster, Shamblernaut, and a mysterious special guest star!!!

Screenshot gallery
Download (5.96 MB) 
My God 
Now this is exciting...not worthy of a release thread? 
it is, OTP just got impatient 
It's 2 Am Here 
Thanks for approval metl! 
Doom On The MacBook Pro Touch Bar 
Best Use Of That Thing So Far. 
Quake On The Sega Saturn Analysis 
Map Stalling 
Qmaster's Projects:

Standalone Releases:
QMA1. Tech/Base Style Level. Very large interconnected and exploratory underground cave base/factory. My largest level yet and only halfway to where I want it. Off an on project for the past 4-5 years. Motivation comes and goes in spurts of tech goodness.

QMA2. Random mishmash of styles. Getting to the point that the indivual sections (which were originally the starts of other maps whose theme and small areas I didn't have motivation to expand on) aren't very good by todays standards, set by AD of course. As such I'm less and less interested in working on this icky mess of a map. Suggestions?

QMA3. Keep. Old knave mod that's technically finished though it never ended up what I wanted it to be. Not sure if I should release it since the underlying mod is technically still WIP. Not sure if I should renane the mappack and keep Keep as the mod name either. Suggestions?

QMA4. The Quake 2 Project That is Yet To Be Named. This is my long planned game to create a sequel for Quake, something which no one has made yet. It saddens me that there has never been a sequel to Quake. AD however is a sequel in its own right and gave me the idea to instead of developing this massive project from scratch later on in life in another engine after to instead start creating this with AD as a base. The stylized look is imo much better than any more realistic games and lends itself to more interesting art. 
QMA2. Suggestions? Have you tried Ubiquitous' first release, Infernal Ascent? That's a prime example of mixed-style done right. It could serve as inspiration. Also, you could consider a collaboration with another mapper. 
Installing Q1 On A Win98/3dfx Voodoo2 Machine? 
Hey guys, I have this guy at Quaddicted asking about installing Quake on the antique system mentioned in the title. Is there a modern engine that can support that or is he stuck with old GLQuake?

Here's the thread if you want to reply to him directly: 
Fitzquake theoretically could do it but there's a good chance that I broke something since I never had such a system to test on. 
" aren't very good by todays standards, set by AD of course."

Nah mate. AD is great, but you can still make very good maps that don't reach that standard. 
aren't very good by todays standards

Forget about what is considered an standard by the community, just map what you want. Not going by what you like the most is the second reason for map stalling (first is going for too grandiose ideas). 
@-mugw I would reply if the link made any sense to your comment.

As it doesn't I can only say I have a win98 computer with a vodoo2 on which I can play Quake1. I had to install the very weird GL-Open filter that immediatly started complaining about its insecurity for the net. As I have computers that are stand alone and not connekted to the net I can safely play.

There's only one thing that bothered me the most and that is that the quality of the screen tends to the nasty yellow Q2 gamma, which I don't like at all. It may be vodoo2, but there's nothing that makes it feel better like Tombraider or Unreal.

I think the reason is, that Quake hasn't the same catch for the colourfilters, so anyway, if I had to choose it would still be Fitzquake above Vodoo2 on win98. 
The issue discussed starts at post #9 in the thread I've linked. Previous posts are unrelated. I probably should've mentioned that, sorry. 
There's Still Hope For You Skacky. 
"Le tivi cho tr�s tr�s f�musse..." Bwahahahahahahahaaa! The guy has a generally good accent but sometimes what he says clearly shows that he's not french. And seriously, can they stop with the croissant/baguette/accordion clich�s already? 
But really, it's as if we were constantly portraying Americans with a Bible in one hand, a Colt in the other and shouting "yeehaa!" to some country music. I can assure you it gets old pretty fast... 
Every Single Stereotype Ever Conceived In The History Of Mankind Is Tr 
I am so triggered right now. 
I don't disagree with this statement but any culture is so much more than its stereotypes. 
Stereotypes have a tendency to stick around while the culture has moved on. For instance, you don't hear much accordion in french culture anymore. 
Omelette Du Fromage! Omelette Du Fromage! 
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