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General Abuse
Talk about anything in here. If you've got something newsworthy, please submit it as news. If it seems borderline, submit it anyway and a mod will either approve it or move the post back to this thread.

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I also visited a guy's website once who said he eliminated 99% of spam with a 'captcha' that was just "what does this say?" followed by a .jpeg of the word 'orange' that never changed.

That is pretty genius. 
Has been an ongoing issue on my site for roughly 10 years now. These days I receive about 50+-ish spam comments a day coming through the moderation queue (using wordpress) and haven't managed to eliminate the numbers much over the years while trying out different methods/plugins with little luck. One year in particular went as high as 200+ spam comments daily... Ew. 
Let Them Come In Waves 
We Will Kill Them On The Beaches 
Says quite a bit about (eco)systems, evolution (self-replication, mutation, natural selection), free rides / parasitism, and the fact that we'll never truly impose our morality on the chaotic game of information exchange systems.

Though I wish we could. 
Shambler spotted. 
You're a troll alright :) 
Themes For Jam 6 
id/Speedbase (with Quoth monsters for variety)
Day of the Lords 
Probuilder In Unity... Like A Boss! UE4 Needs To Catch Up!

THIS... THIS is why I also love Trenchbroom. But yea PROPER level design tools make the world of difference. Unreal Engine 4 Brush tools make me sad. 
That looks hella cool, I've been considering the possibility of making my own game and this would definitely be the way forward! Unless Unreal has an ace up its sleeve. 
Privfiles Eh? 
Jam 6 Theme - 
80's noir cyber punk with neon. 
Yes? Is there some question? 
Another thing I do to cut spam is just block any post that contains the same url more than once. Surprisingly effective. 
Re: 25493 
starting around 2:30

love that edge/face/vertex manip, basically 3dsmax. 
Rubicon Rumble Jam 
<skacky> would a rubicon jam also interest people?
<skacky> make something evil with rubicon
<skacky> could even make it work with rrp
<Daz_> rubicon jam could be cool
<Daz_> I agree it would need to be for a mod
<Daz_> for enemy variety
<skacky> floyds
<Daz_> heh
<skacky> they look so stupid but I love them
<Daz_> hehe
<Daz_> I agree, they are cool 
The Source In The RRP Download 
Is clean and ready to use, although the editing guide got stuck in a separate download somewhere.

That's a cool Unity video, thanks. 
I suggest "Louis Vuitton" being in a post should prevent the post from being made at all.

Hey now, let's not get too rash. Someday some of us might need a good bag at a reasonable price.

And by some of us I of course mean Shambler... 
Why Always Blame 
the shlambagger? 
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