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Chotex Jam For Arcane Dimensions -- Released!
Quake map pack for the Arcane Dimensions mod using the new chotex texture wad. Nine levels (including start map) from Blaze, Chris Holden, FifthElephant, Greenwood, Ish, Omni, PoolboyQ, Pinchy, Quasiotter

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The new mappers don't care about func. 
Here's A Playthrough 
100% Nightmare For Ish's Map 
Patch Released

Was originally intended to be DLC but there wasn't enough interest. Start map has a couple of fixes, some extra detail and there's also a patched up version of Greenwoods map and Pinchys map.

My Thoughts So Far... 
I've only played through two maps, Greenwood's and Chris Holden's, and they feature everything I'd expect from great Quake maps: interesting architecture and encounters, well-kept secrets, and this texture wad seems to have really inspired them to experiment. My only concern: in Holden's map, there's no need for either silver or gold key if you rocket jump (with grenade launcher) in the silver key area onto a jutting stone and jump up onto the second level. The set-up is so inviting, and jutting stones are such an important feature of the map, that I thought I would find a secret, but instead skipped the silver and gold key gates. 
Just a couple of comments on Blaze's map Again and again and again...:

I liked the idea of repetition with different colour schemes and enemy setups and it looks nice. But it really could use some ambient sounds as it is completely silent. Also, it doesn't have a proper end unless I missed something, but that might of course be on purpose so you're doomed to stay there forever.

Anyway, thanks for the jam, will play it through more properly. 
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