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Q1SP: Barbican Of Hell
After quite sometime of waiting for it to get uploaded to quaddicted, I think I'm going to release it here.

Small Q1 SP map that may be a bit too easy, but I think it's still worth a try. 40/43/47 monsters, 5 secrets. Has only been tested in Quakespasm, but should run in other modern engines too. The wpoly count and colored lighting may prevent it from running on older engines though, so be prepared. All needed info should be in the readme.

The map:

Only one Screenshot (I'll do more for my future maps, sorry for that).

P.S. I hope I haven't screwed anything up here haha, first time posting anything in this place.
Quake Speedmapping Pack 202: Recycled Garbage
Old, horrible levels remade and reborn into newer, possibly better versions.

Featuring 3 DM map from Cocerello, and 2 SP maps from Greenwood and Ionous.

Screenshot poster (courtesy of OTP):

UPDATE: high res poster

Download it here:
Fullbright Patches For Existing Maps
Hard to believe Quake is 23 with all that fullbright acne all over the place. And while I think some of you mapping folk should really know better by now, even that's not going to help the maps released during the dark age of GLQuake.

From what I can tell, no one else seems to have bothered in all these years, so I decided to step up and comb through 150-ish top maps on Quaddicted to produce fullbright "patches". I'll keep at it, but that seems like a reasonable starting point.

I'm also putting up some tools I've cobbled together to mostly automate the task. So now you can fix things yourself - even if you know nothing about scripts, mapping, modelling or texturing - in about 10 mouse clicks.


...hi btw
Reads a bit high-horsey for a first post, but eh...
Heresp5 - Dismal Signal Release
Hi there after reading the feedbacks I release my heresp5 map.

It's my first map after 15-20 years of nothing :o My first map with Trenchbroom, thanks to Dumptruck_ds's youtube channel! 3 months of work and I keep it up thanks to the encouragments and motivation from members of Quake mapping discord. I hope you'll enjoy the map as I enjoy to make it.

Here are the screenies : 1 2 3 4 5

Here is the updated file :
Q1SP: SM201: Quake The Way Id Did 2: Id-lectric Boogaloo
3 id textured maps by 3 authors, each map made in less than 12 hours.

Greenwood • Indigo Hell!
Nolcoz • Sultans of Swing
Pinchy • Boing



Texture wad included!
Q1SP: The Ensnared Horizon By Scar3crow
This started as an entry to ionous' Origins Jam, but I wanted to spend more time with it, and so I did.

94/104/111 monsters, 7 secrets. Meandering layout, only a few areas you have to actually go to in order to exit. The story in the readme attempts to excuse the theme.

Download -
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

Hope it isn't too horrible. I promise my next map will have something resembling planning. Slightly exceeds id1 standards, but runs fine in QuakeSpasm. Special shoutout to khreathor for two HOURS of demos.
Q1SP: Sewer Jam Released!
11 mappers answered the challenge to make some good sewer levels for Quake, and each mapper added their own devious twist!

The mod is also custom, with a theme-fitting axe replacement by Khreathor. And we have 3 custom music tracks!

Teaser Trailer


Cheers :)
Q1 SP Pack: HUH: A /vr/ Mapping Project
After the release of Quofee a challenge was proposed in the depths of /vr/: Why don't we try making our own mapset?
So anons rose to the occasion, these are 11 maps made by mostly first time mappers for your pain and pleasure, please be gentle.

Map authors: DiamondBlack (2)- Readhead ITA (1)- ASO3000 (2)- Sobersamson (1)- Streaky (1)- Anon (Ranger)- David (1)- Sockstah (1)- DocDuodenum
Start map courtesy of ZungryWare.
Oranizer: My cousin Futz Handango.


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