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Markie Music Sound Pack For Quake Vol. 1
(Resubmitting as news like I should've the first time)

Hey everybody, I recently got really into mapping for Quake and felt like I could contribute to everyone's soundscape a bit with my background. I went ahead and put together a collection of over 80 ambient sounds to use!


Thanks for checking this out!
Q1SP “Green Hale” By Chris Holden
New Quake map by Chris Holden using the new custom texture wad by Ben 'Makkon' Hale

Screenshots and Video
Ter Shibboleth Part 2
Welcome to Ter Shibboleth Part 2! Part 2 is not a sequel to Ter Shibboleth but a continuation starting from map 6. Part 2 consists of three maps based on real world locations mixed in with fantasy elements. Map 6 takes you into a cold mountainous village of Norway. Map 7 brings you to a 1940's Paris that has been taken over by darkness. And map 8 transports you to a surreal Roman Greek metropolis. They are large, long, and use the Drake mod to enhance gameplay.

The Drake mod (Included in its entirety in the .7z file) dates back to 2012 with the release of Arcanum by Tronyn and PM. It features many new monsters, weapons, items and gameplay changes most players will be familiar with. The decision to use Drake as opposed to more popular mods like Arcane Dimensions was simply a personal preference and nothing more than that.

As of this writing Ter Shibboleth Part 2 has only been tested and known to work with Quakespasm 0.93.2 ( and Quakespasm-Spiked version 0.93.2. ( ) Any other engine may not load the maps correctly and or crash entirely, so you do so at your own risk.

Ter Shibboleth part 2 is meant to be played starting from shib6 and ending at shib8, but each map has been adjusted to be able to be completed using only a shotgun start. As each map is big and non-linear, it will not be to everyone's taste. If you prefer smaller, more compact levels then this won't be for you. Despite each maps size, great lengths have been taken to make sure the maps are not maze like, so that the players are able to find their way around using landmarks and familiar sights so as not to get lost from backtracking.

Important to note is the included quake.rc file within the drake folder. This file DOES NOT change any key bindings or personal settings you have set. It only changes three specific console command variables in order to view and play Ter Shibboleth Part 2 properly. Those commands are as follows:

sv_protocol 999
sv_maxvelocity 8000
gl_farclip 524288

In addition, it is necessary to add -heapsize 524288 to the command line when using Quakespasm and Quakespasm-Spiked, as without it the engine will close with an error message upon loading any of the maps.

Now comes an important topic of discussion. As mentioned before these maps are large, very open, and have lots of detail. As a result, it is almost a guarantee these maps (particularly shib7 and especially shib8) will not run at a desired 60 frames per second. Depending on your hardware, even those with powerful CPU's and GPU's, you could run these maps anywhere from 10 to 30 frames per second. I understand this is not ideal, but please do not assume that these maps were created for the sake of just being large and overly complex, they are simply my visions come to life. I was hoping they would run better but things do not always turn out as planned. Despite this shortcoming, I believe it is a testament to EricW's compilation utilities and the Quakespasm engine that they are capable of creating and playing maps that are very clearly never meant to be this size and scope in the Quake universe. It undoubtedly shows just how advanced the Quake modding scene has come.

Screenshots and videos: Shib6 preview Shib6 Full playthrough Shib7 preview Shib7 Longer preview Shib7 Eiffel Tower segment

Also included are the texture wads and map source files.

Some final words of thought. Whether you enjoyed it or not, I appreciate you taking the time to play it as this project was one of the most ambitious I've ever attempted. Feedback and gameplay videos/demos are welcome. Credits go to Poorchop and onetruepurple for playtesting and providing important input and drake related info. And of course Tronyn and PM for Drake.

Last but certainly not least, Ter Shibboleth is dedicated to Eric Wasylishen for his ongoing support throughout the entire project. I cannot count the number of times he has made changes to his compilation utilities and Quakespasm just to ensure Ter Shibboleth runs. Without his incredible tools, this project simply would not exist at all. I can't give enough gratitude to Eric as he deserves as much credit as me for bringing Part 2 to life for all to enjoy. This one is for you buddy.

With everything said and done, please enjoy Ter Shibboleth Part 2!

New ADSP: "Deep Research" By Comrade Beep
There's a new Arcane Dimensions map by Comrade Beep. Includes a custom ambient music track by Matthias Fluor.


Thanks to Tribal for the tip.
ADSP: Xala'noth By Remilia Scarlet
Requires Arcane Dimensions 1.70 or higher

From the creator of the visually striking Temple of Azathoth comes yet another monster of a level for Arcane Dimensions. Released via Twitter, I had to bring it here.

Q1SP : "Diminutive Abyss"
(Requires Arcane Dimensions)

A small exploration based map. Find the buttons hidden throughout.

SM205: The Randomizer Special!
Promo image:

Mapper's block may seem like a joke at first, but it's a real problem! Coming up with ideas is hard sometimes, so that's why I built the ZungrySoft Entertainment Quake Map Idea Generator!

Each participant ran a script (linked below) that would give them 3-4 requirements that their map had to follow. Each map's restrictions are listed in the readme file.


Try the Script yourself!
Q2SP:Dawn Of Darkness (standalone)
Some time ago I've compiled standalone version based on Knightmare's Unofficial Quake2 Patch. I've added some commands in the control menu specific for the mod.

Download this new standalone version:

Info and screenshots for the original mod:
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