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Quake Speedmapping Pack 200: Chainmap Chaos
Four levels of chainmapping chaos, utilizing four community elected themes (Honey, Zendar, Egyptian and Knave):

“Heptagon” by Artistical, Fairweather, Ionous, JCR, Mortalmaxx, Mugwump and Pinchy Skree

“Osgiliath” by Artistical, Fairweather, Ionous, JCR, Mortalmaxx, Mugwump, Pinchy Skree and Zungryware

“Menouthis” by Artistical, Fairweather, Ionous, Mortalmaxx, Mugwump, Onetruepurple, Pinchy Skree, Vurkka, Ukko and Zungryware

“Star-Eater” by Artistical, Mortalmaxx, Mugwump and Pinchy Skree



Slip & Frag For MacOS - 1.0.1
Get it here:

Go to Preferences to configure, then press the big Play button. Remember, this is an unsigned app, so be sure to open it using the normal procedure for unsigned apps in MacOS.

Playable using keyboard and mouse - joystick/game controller will be supported in a future release.

After doing a bit of research about memory management in the original Quake engine, I found a bug in the way strings were handled in the previous version of this engine - finding strings in the memory space of a 32-bit application in a 64-bit operating system that randomizes pointer addresses proved to be a tricky thing to fix, but I believe I've finally managed to solve it.

By fixing this, I also managed to implement a feature I've always wanted for the engine: Slip & Frag for MacOS is now a sandboxed application, which will be able to access only one single folder in your computer (the -basedir folder, configurable through Preferences), plus also being able to become both a network client and server app while at the same time being protected by the operating system (and, of course, the operating system becomes also protected from the application).

Also, following the recommendation of an early tester, the command-line arguments that can be sent to the app are now *additional* command-line arguments, instead of replacing entirely the configuration set in Preferences.

As a consequence of the changes above, it is now mandatory to specify the -basedir parameter through the "Choose..." button in Preferences; if it's not done this way, the app will not be able to open the game files at all, because of the sandboxing restrictions in the application. Also, the application will no longer be able to receive command-line arguments from Terminal - any arguments will need to be specified in the "Additional command-line arguments" option in Preferences.

Lastly, by studying a bit the internal framebuffer management in the software version of the engine, I found a way to separate text messages from the 3D rendering, and to render them at different resolutions. From now on, Slip & Frag for MacOS will render the console, main menu, and any white text messages as if they were in a 320x200 screen - that is, they will look big, while at the same time not too pixelated, so the user does not need to squint to read the informative messages that appear in the screen while playing the game.

Source code is available at .
Issue tracking is available at .

Feel free to use them for feedback related to the application.
Q1SP: Of Three Plantagenets By Ubiquitous
This is a new mini-episode consisting of three maps plus a custom start map.

Download from Quaketastic here:

A Quaddicted link is pending.

Screenshots can be viewed here:
RTCW: Vendetta V1.3.
New version of Vendetta reedited by Yo$hik for Return to Castle Wolfenstein.

Info and Download:
..::LvL Middle Of The Year Update
Half way through the year and another ..::LvL update. 3 maps in this bunch, 2 are CTF focused and the other is DM centred. One is a first release.

* Magnetic Centrifuge by AKUTA
* Ossa Delubrum by Martinus
* The Death Strip by KommissarReb (SW12)

Videos and panoramas for all.
Quake Speedmapping Pack 199: Collaboration!
Quake Speedmapping Pack 199: Collaboration! Five levels made by teams of two mapmakers!

Promo Image:

The teams:
Mystery of the Hidden Temple by Burnham and Yoder
Cerberus Depth by Elithium and Greenwood
Cosmic Onslaught by Greenwood and Ing-Ing
Depraved State by JCR and Newhouse
Dragon Shrine by Pinchy and Ionous

Download it here:

Prey 1996 Level Design Contest - Win $250
The video game archive website TalonBrave has announced a level design contest for: Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Quake, Quake 2 and Unreal.

The theme for this contest is Prey 1996; Prey as it was developed under Tom Hall’s leadership, which was a science-fiction first-person shooter.

More info here:

Slip & Frag - Release 1.0.0
Download it here, for MacOS 10.11 and later:

Slip & Frag is a port of the software-rendered version of the Quake engine, based straight from vanilla, with some modifications intended to remove the memory limits set by the original engine to run on earlier computing systems.

Comments, suggestions, bugs, requests, all of them are welcome - check the issue tracker at to that effect. Or drop me an email (details on the URL above).
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