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Disengage The Simulator - Mukor Q1 SP!

Its almost like weve all stepped into a slipgate and have been teleported to a dimension where muk releases a map outside of a map jam. WHOOOOOOOA THE ROOMS ALL SPINNING N STUFF OMG

Heres a de_dust themed slaughtermap for Arcane Dimensions 1.70

Go HERE to grab the latest patch as its required as well.

Screenshots here.

Quaketastic download here

Have fun! <3
The Grim Outpost: New Release From Andrew Smith
Announcement w/ some pics at


Andrew is an old-guard mapper w/ some classics under his belt from way back. See
Mapping For Quake: TrenchBroom 2.0.x Tutorial Series
My new tutorial series has begun. This is appropriate for total beginners or experienced mappers who want to give TB2 a try (or just a look.) Links and a cheat sheet are available in the description.

Watch here
Quake 2: Sonic Mayhem
New levelpack single player for Quake 2.
Download here:
Screenshots here:
New Q1SPs: Reign Of Ra / Fatal Steps
Hey all!

I have two small maps within this Q1SP release. I've spent a couple of days this year creating these maps as a way to get back into the SP mapping groove (I released a small map back in early 2016). One of the maps ("Reign of Ra") is more of a standard Q1SP map, whereas the other ("Fatal Steps") is more of a bonus skills/challenge map with several small staged fights. Feedback is always appreciated, and I hope these two maps combined can help get 2018 Q1SP mapping off to a good start. Each one has been designed for easy/medium/hard skill levels. Feedback and demos are appreciated!

"Reign of Ra" - rofra.bsp

This is a small-sized interconnected Egyptian map. It is built around a central atrium with a looping layout for progression. Average playtime will probably be around 10-12 minutes. (40/43/46 monsters, 1 secret)

"Fatal Steps" - fatalstp.bsp

This is a small runic-style "skills" type of map that focuses on movement and timing in fights. There are a series of small skirmishes that will test your in-combat movement in such a way that precise footwork is a requirement to completing the level. I hope "hard" skill lets the map live up to its name. This map was slighly inspired by an old Doom map (can you guess which one?) and one of the setpieces is a direct reference. Average playtime will probably be around 4 to 5 minutes.
(10/12/12 monsters)

Both maps have stock id1 gameplay and are also Winquake compatible. They have been tested with Winquake and FitzQuake 0.85.


SM181 - Copper
The theme of the first in the new year Quake Speedmapping event was the copper. We received 6 maps from the these mappers:

Cocerello - and
DOOMer -
Naitelveni -
NewHouse -
SavageX -

Dwonload SM181 pack -
Ericw-tools Quake Map Compiling Tools V0.16
This is the continuation of the previous
tyrutils-ericw thread now that the project is renamed.

Github issues - feel free to report bugs / upload screenshots / test maps
Github releases (downloads) page

v0.16 is not the most amazing release because I am still working on fixing lightmap seam issues. However it has 2 somewhat important fixes:

- Fix MarkV .lit rendering (do the color->greyscale conversion in a way that forces MarkV, FTEQW to render identically to Fitzquake, Quakespasm)
- better detection of when BSP29 format bsp exceeds the format limits. Previously it would silently produce corrupt bsp's if you exceeded 64k leafs/nodes without manually enabling -bsp2 mode.
Q1SP: Quenching Urges Of Constant Killing [DEMO]
The latest achievement of the "problematic" "masculine" "skill-shaming" first person shooter culture is finally here: two ridiculously brutal Quoth slaughtermaps by skacky, serving as a small demo of a future episode (to be even more ridiculously brutal).

They're much harder than they're purple, and they're purple as fuck!!!!

Download link
You after successfully beating this

This requires the latest version of Quoth 2.2. Download here.

Don't say I didn't warn you!
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