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SM206: Prototypes Is Out!
13 mappers joined up to build speedy layouts using only Khreathor's prototype_1_2.wad. All sorts of tricks and traps await!


download from quaketastic

Nice Pack 
My complete playthrough:
Thanks for the maps! 
That poster is pretty great. :-) 
Great Pack 
My demos are there !
Great job dudes some maps are very impressive.
It could be cool to see some of these maps textured with enhanced texture. 
I love this map-pack.
The reduction to simple forms and colors was a great idea, also the level design.
Some synthi- retrowave music would fit to these levels.
Hope to see more of those maps in the future.

best wishes. 
If there was a command line to show only the enemies wireframes would be awesome. It would feel like a TRON game or something like that. 
you can try "r_showtris 2" in fitzquake/quakespasm 
Thanks! This is what i was looking for! =D 
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