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New Q1SP: Shifting Planes Of Existence
A small to medium-sized map, placed inside a diabolical puzzle box featuring a conundrum of shifting planes, devious traps and, of course, a grim horde of monsters.

Features 9 secrets and 3 skill levels (easy: 71 monsters/ normal: 98 monsters/ hard: 127 monsters)

I hope you enjoy my first Quake release! Any feedback is welcomed.



Requires Quoth2_2 and a limit-extending engine such as Quakespasm.
A Christmas Present! 
Thanks. Judging by the screenshots it's beautiful. 
And That Makes 99. 
Nice one, something to look forward to when I'm back in the main pc. 
stong theme, very nice execution, had fun. final? platform puzzle/action made me rage quit tho, will try easier difficulty next time + the 2D stone-face texture on the wall in one of the rooms would definitely look better if you'd throw some more brushes on it and 3D it 

(Couldn't finish for the same reason as Jamiroquai83)

Lots of really cool design ideas in this - but needed a bit more coherence.

Lots of creative gameplay ideas in this - but needed a bit better balance. 
Going To Be Playing Through This In Thirty Minutes 
Okay So It Turns Out. 
Watching ionous stream on VOD, I was playing on Skill 1, not Skill 2. And it was crazy hard on Skill 1. So....I would say my comment about balance is pretty fair. This is maybe Quake skill 2+2 on normal, skill 2+4 on hard?

OTOH I think I was a bit curt about the design in this. There are some great designs and styles and big structures and little details. The main blue room is ace. Some of the arches and stuff are cool. The sparkly wall. A lot of cool ideas. I do think though, that there's a bit of "cramming in a lot of stuff", I always say: make sure the theme is driven by consistent DESIGNS as well as consistent texture choices - you could have let some of the stronger designs "carry" the map and it would have still been effective.

Oh, and the secrets were cool and fun. The amount of death traps, less so. 
Great Feedback! 
Watched through all of the demos and the VOD, while taking notes and learned a lot!
I feel really bad for throwing all this bullshit at you, especially at the finale, heh. It's also painfully obvious that the beginning of the level lacks both armor and health packs, making it really difficult to even make it to the other side of the blue bridge. In the upcoming rebalanced version, I have added about 265-305 HP worth of health packs to the level, moved the NG to the small bridge and the green armor to the old NG location, so they are obtained quicker.
When it comes to the finale, I think I'm going to dump the rapidly raising/lowering platform idea, and replace it with a large func_train the player rides to the end. Perhaps also replace the shamblers with spikeshooters, and establish that they can be blocked off by blasting a button earlier in the level.
I'm probably going to write a long changelist where I'll explain the changes in detail if I ever release a rebalanced version. 
You should also feel good for the good points of the design and the great potential your skills go, as well as taking the criticism well and learning how it could be improved. GG. 
the red room is probably my favourite bit 
Guess What? 
Turns out that chronologically, this was the 100th map of 2017 after all!

UPDATE: Download For Rebalanced Release 
I'm finally done with a rebalanced version (version 1.1) which should address most of the feedback I have received.

The map source and a text file containing the full changelog can now be found in the .zip.

New monstercount: (easy: 60 monsters/ normal: 92 monsters/ hard: 118 monsters)

(No new screens sorry)

Also, being the author of the 100th map of 2017 is a very prestigious title! Once again thank you for your patience and feedback! 
very nice alternation to the final encounter area, liked the new 3D faces on the walls too. good job! 
Now On The Quake Grave

Awesome map! I love the trap area, the switches that toggle entryways and secrets and the final encounter is especially memorable! Watch the video for more thoughts but if you haven't played this yet, it's definitely worth your time!

Nice work Spipper! What did you work on before coming to Quake? 
Let me start out by saying that I have been really excited for your playthrough of this map! It's always interesting seeing others perspective of your work.
Before Quake I made several multiplayer maps for Team Fortress 2 (started back in 2012) but only finished a single one (ctf_redplanet) , the others are still whiteboxes/alphas. I have also tried out working with other games such as CS:GO and HL2:DM. Otherwise, I have never released a singleplayer level Before, and only recently gotten into quake mapping.
I have only access to a mobile ATM (I'm at a folk high school) so that's why I didn't answer earlier :p 
Oh, no worries my friend, glad I could get your map up on the show! =)

That's really interesting that you only really worked with multiplayer maps before because this is pretty legit for a single player map!

I hope you're planning on sticking around because I'd really like to see more from you. 
The Dark Souls Of Quake Maps? 
Sorry for the crappy joke, but this map was real hard! Just the ways I like it. The finale was fantastic and truly hectic. Dodging fireballs and knights, shooting switches to keep the shamblers locked away, constantly on the move, it was awesome. And not to mention the entire level itself is so interactive with the many switches and moving platforms.

For your first Quake release, you hit a real home run! Terrific job.

Hard skill playthrough:

Note that I played the original release, instead of the rebalanced one because it didn't exist at the time. 
Great Traps 
First-ish playthrough demos at
4 demos, when one ends in death the next demo resumes once I catch up to the point I died. The last demo is a exception, more on that later.

I really liked the puzzles in the map, most of which related to secrets, and there was a satisfaction to figuring each of them out. Pride of place has to go to the descending ceilings room, it escalated really well and had that element of teaching you how to solve a puzzle while keeping under pressure which I admired in the Portal games. Things like the way the last ceiling had a different appearance and sound to help cue the player to find a new solution (i.e. run for the exit) were very nice touches.

I thought it was a shame after that for the finale to be so hard to survive. My demo of that segment is the one I survived on, but it was after about a dozen failed attempts. Possibly it escalated too quickly, and there were too many moments where it was easy to fail something critical. Perhaps instant death for falling in the pit could be replaced with just some damage and restarting from the beginning, so failures wear you down rather than kill you outright?

All in all, I thought it was a really cool and creative map, and I look forward to the next one! 
Thanks For The Demoes 
...even though you both played through the first version of the map, they are still very useful!

@Preach I believe you would find that I already have addressed the issues concerning the finale in the rebalanced version (Eg all the instant-death pits have been replaced with pits that damage you 30 hp and teleports you back to safety).

I think I will release one final small update (fixing the missing pentagram, moving the shootable buttons, that control the panels at the finale, up and highlighting the shootable button, that controls the elevator to the Gauntlet, better) and then I will see if I can have it uploaded to Quaddicted. 
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