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New Q1SP (AD) Forgotten Sepulcher

The next big release for Arcane Dimensions is finally here! This a technical masterpiece and a monster of a map with roughly 60k brushes. All beautifully realized by Simon, and made possible through the engine updates by Eric. Please take note that you need AD 1.5 and the new engine provided in this thread to play the map. I would also recommend reading the ad_sepulcher readme for further information.

** this map requires a new engine and AD 1.5 **

New Quakespasm / Quakespasm-spike Engine

Map file:


screens is awesome! 
Fyi About Engines 
Use the provided Quakespasm-spike if you want the high-res replacement particle effects (flames, explosions, rain), and the provided Quakespasm for classic particles. 
Skill 3 demos, played on Spike's QS engine tailored for this map:

Found 43/50 secrets and got 505/508 kills iirc. Died a couple of times.

This is a crazy map. The scale is just insane and the style is perfect. I played an older version of the level before but a lot of it has changed in the meantime, with quite a few new areas and one that got the axe (or I haven't found it yet). I loved the new enemies, especially the bloated exploboxes on legs that are a bit hard to see at times but create very interesting fights and are just a blast to kill. The level of detail is very impressive and I haven't found anything jarring in that department. Encounter design is smooth all the way through. Most of the secrets aren't very hard to find, but some are really devilish. I'm still missing 7 of them.

The map is very big, has a complicated layout and loops on itself multiple times. It's sometimes a bit difficult to find your bearings since the map looks of samey at times. I like getting lost though so that's not an issue for me, but people who had issues with Swampy will most probably encounter the same with this one. I'd have loved to have a few rooftop areas accessible, some of these ruined walls just beg for it.

I noticed two little issues that could be addressed in a possible future version :
— The boglord got stuck against a small wall with a pyre right next to his door, preventing him from reaching me and inflicting any damage. You can see that on my demo. I would suggest lowering that wall and moving that pyre away a tad so the boglord can travel on it.
— Grenades go right through the fishing ogres, even when they turn into regular ogres. 
Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! Nice belated birthday gift (twas 3 weeks ago). Now AD is finally complete. Can't wait to see the changes since the already solid WIP version.

Spike's QS engine tailored for this map
Uh, it's not the same version as the regular QSS? 
Uh, it's not the same version as the regular QSS?
No. Unfortunately, no existing engines could run this map, which is why I had to make the customized builds.

Also, I forgot to mention, if you don't have a fast PC you should use the quakespasm-admod.exe (without the replacement particle effects) 
Will the custom builds work with any map so I can replace my QSS install with this one, or is it better to keep both on my HDD? 
yep, the custom builds will work with any maps. 
Cool, Thanks. 
Umm, Sorry For Double-posting 
but this question only occurred to me after I posted the previous reply: and what about possible future evolutions of standard QSS? Would Spike merge your tweaks with his version? 
Will a version of the modified engine for Linux be released? 
Sorry, no binaries at the moment, if you want to try compiling from source:

run make USE_SDL2=1 from the quakespasm/Quake subdirectory to build. You'll need dev packages for libsdl2, libmad, libvorbis installed from your distro's package manager. 
Compiled without any issues. Are there any new features in this version I could poke at? When I looked up Quakespasm-spike I saw mention of decals, rain and some other features. 
Going To Be Playing Through This In 5 - 6 Hours 
My Quakespasm Install Is Fucked Up Now 
Re-installed QS Over The New Stuff 
Not worth messing up my Quake directory (QS) for one map. 
I forgot to mention you can put the new engine in its own directory, like quake/qss. A couple of things ->

1. Put all new engine files in quake/qss
2. Copy the quakespasm.pak from that folder and replace the one you have in your quake root folder
3. Make shortcuts to the new engine exes, go to preferences on these shortcuts and make sure they are running/starting from your quake root folder and not quake/qss.

Sorry if this was not clear, 
Did you possibly have the 64-bit version of QS installed? That would break when the new engine was extracted on top, yeah, as it and the dll's are 32-bit :(

I did check that the standard "Windows (32-bit)" build of QS (from ) and the ad_sepulcher ones can coexist in the same directory.
Sorry about this.. 
Is There Any Way 
to disable shellcases 
Oh Btw 
congrats on the release 
@ Ericw 
ericw ... the OS version of QS are giving me the following error "You must have the registered version to use modified games", although the pak0 and pak1 in ID1 are taken from the original CD. No problem at all if I run the same in Windows. 
Uploaded Ad_sepulcher To Quaketastic 
Hope no-one minds. The speeds I was getting from Sock's website was like dial up ;) 
Holy Fuck 
those screens!!!! 
Yeah this is amazing so far. Honestly the super-gigantic free-roaming Quake map is not my absolute favorite style, but I still am gobsmacked by the spooky expansive sense of place here. 
IIRC it was the 64bit version. Will check later today. But most likey that was it. Thx. 
Installation Woes ? Eric Please... 
I'm not sure to understand the installation instructions, and I need to be certain to not make any mitsakes.

I have my standard AD1.5 folder within my Quake folder. Then after unzipping the ad_sepulcher (on my desktop), do I really overwrite all the subfolders in my AD1.5, with the folders of the same name from ad_sepulcher ? If I do this, I'll lose many important files for AD1.5 (AFAIK), since there isn't the same number of files in those subfolders.

Or do I have to overwrite the files inside each subfolder by hand, subfolder by subfolder, so I don't lose the other files in the AD1.5 subfolders ?

The QuakeSpasm-spike-admod works perfectly (until now), on my OS X Snow-Leopard system (old Mac-mini with 4GB ram only, and a crappy video card). The new visual effects are very nice.

I didn't see any rain yet. Which maps are showing the new rain effect (if there's any) ? Is there also some new reflection or other effects on water ? 
Would it be simpler to just put this in its own unique folder? All you need to run Quake is an ID1 subfolder with PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK in there. Only a little over 50 MB of drive space is needed, which is a drop in the bucket these days. I have 4 or 5 different Quake folders just to keep things neat and cleanly separated. 
MacOS Tips 
@Barnak unfortunately the macSO Finder can't patch the AD1.5 install with ad_sepulcher.

The way to do it is on the command line. Open and enter:
ditto ~/Desktop/ad_sepulcher ~/Desktop/quake/ad

This assumes you have already extracted on your desktop,and your AD1.5 install is in Desktop/quake/ad.

This will copy everything in ad_sepulcher over the ad directory properly overwriting things.
You can use tab completion when typing the two directories.

btw you'll see the rain in ad_sepulcher.

@icaro might be macOS's "gatekeeper path randomization" security feature. To defeat it you need to extract the engine zip in your Downloads folder, then drag the .app's out of the Downloads folder (e.g. to the desktop). If you don't do this the OS runs the application with a current directory of some hidden directory, so the engine is unable to find any pak files. Need to make QS detect this and explain the problem.. 
If I do the second way I described, would it do the same as what you described ?

I already overwritten all the files from one sepulcher sub-folder to the same name sub-folder of AD1.5, by hand, and done the same for all the other sub-folders.

Do I now have some useless files in my AD1.5 after done that ?

Maybe the AD mode needs a full update, including sepulcher. 
Yep, you should be fine. The "ditto" command would do the same thing as copying files from every subfolder by hand. 
Thanks A Lot, Eric 
But really, AD1.5 should be updated.

I can't wait to see the new rain effect.

Is there also new effects on water ? 
But Really, AD1.5 Should Be Updated. 
did you read the readme file by any chance? 
That Read Me Is Too Long To Read All ! 
What are you refering to, in that file ? It's 1000 pages of text ! 
* Extract the contents of the zip file (overwrite all files)
This zip file contains the latest AD Quake Code (v1.6) 
I Mean... 
That the AD download link should be updated with 1.6.

Or is it already ? 
I appreciate ... but it still doesn't work! :-(

both the engines (admod and spike-admod) give the error message "You must have the registered version to use modified games". No error message with Quakespasm 92.1, but obviously it crashes when I enter the Forgotten Sepulchre's gate. 
Do I need other original files other than PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK in ID1? 
..It works now! sorry for the mess!
I've just copied and pasted the engines!

I had the same problem as Icaro. Regular QS works fine. I had to supply -basedir /Applications/Quake to make it work. 
"Do I need other original files other than PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK in ID1?"

I have a clean copy of Quake I use as a starting point. It contains 5 files and one folder. Fitzquake085.exe is in the root folder and in the ID1 folder there is only pak0.pak, pak1.pak, autoexec.cfg and config.cfg

autoexec.cfg is a custom file and not needed. config.cfg is created the first time the game is run if not already present. 
Note that I use Windows 7, I have no idea if it works the same on other operating systems. 
Going To Be Playing Through The Rest Of This 
Starts in an hour. Played two hours, and I'm about halfway through. To the finish! 
When I go to your Twitch page, select the videos tab and click the Forgotten Sepulcher video, it plays the Jam 9 mapping video instead. WTF? 
I map for about five minutes before I start playing. 
Oh, OK. Thanks. 
Can I Drink Beer While I Watch Your TV Show, Ionous ? 
... and I'll play some CyberGoth music at the same time, babe ! 
Eric (or Others ?) 
Two things :

1. While I can launch the sepulcher map from the console, I'm unable to find its portal from the start map. Where is it ?

2. Just at the start of sepulcher (that part is soooo amazing, by the way), I'm getting several sound not loading warning in the opper-left corner :

"sound/ambience/windgust1, 2, 3, ..."

What is happening here ? 
1. In the Chapters start map, first portal to the right. 
And Where Is The Entrance To The Chapters Start Map ? 
hmm, I'm lost here. 
And What About The Sounds Not Found ? 
I don't have any files called windgust in my ambience folder... something's fishy here. 
To the right of the entrance to ad_crucial. 
Ok, I Think I Got The Sounds Back. 
WTF happened to my sound files ? I hade to redownload AD1.5... 
No Nightmare Skill In The Chapters Start Map ? 
I'm looking for the nightmare skill in the chapters start map. Even with noclip, can't find any ? FTW ? 
Secret Button For Nightmare... 
Is by ad_zendar entrance, walk up to the non-entrance door and turn around ;) 
Thanks Damage_corp ! 
In the new c
sepulcher map, I love thos exploding balloon-like bastards. Funny as hell !

This map is really awesome.

And the new visual effects are really great too. They add alot to the atmosphere. 
Impossibly Good 
crazy amount of details and as always quakiest atmosphere ever. thanks for this!
looks like i missed alot since i have finished with ~100 monsters alive, need to rediscover ;) 
You Know You Have A Masterpiece... 
...when the size of an uncompressed demo for a single map exceeds 5gb :D

Awesome, as expected. Got 33 or so secrets, missed less than 30 monsters, I guess it's a success... Some buttons behind wooden bars seemed impossible to press, that was confusing, wonder if something was broken. Not completely sure about what did I accomplish by finishing the sacrifice, killing all the kraken children and unleashing the lich fiend :D 
Playthrough - 
It's Pronounced... 

Bloody American Pronunciation 
Latest Quakespasm Can't Run Ad_sepulcher 
Host_Error: Mod_LoadLeafs: 73755 leafs exceeds limit of 70000. 
** this map requires a new engine and AD 1.5"

New Engine Quakespasm / Quakespasm-spike 
I swear, you could keep your credit card numbers in a file named "readme" and they would be perfectly safe. 
I Always Read READMES So Please Actually Leave Your Credit Card Number 
But only if you wish to be robbed by me :D 
I would love to see how you organize your Quake folder(s). I hate having all my maps/mods/engines etc. dumped in the root folder with all the demos, zip files, paks and what not. So hard to understand what is what.

Also, can't get the mod to work. The QSS engine will not launch. I overwrote the quakespasm.pak with the new one. I'm pretty sure I was using a 64-bit QS before. Is there not a 64-bit of QSS? How do I work around this? 
Screw It 
I just overwrote my base QS install in the root Quake directory with the QSS stuff. 
Perhaps An Unpopular Opinion 
But I think the fire particle effects look a little silly, especially when paired with fire models that are just a few rotating polygons. Just doesn't look Quakey. 
The map is excellent. The presence of the exploding boils, which remind me of Dead Space, make the map 10/10 alone.

@sevin. I agree about the Quakespasm Spiked effects. They look overblown and out of place to me. It looks like Darkplaces Epsilon or something. But I guess that's why one can just use Quakespasm.

Thanks for making this SoC/Giftmacher/Eric! 
Agree About The New Effects 
But I think the fire particle effects look a little silly, especially when paired with fire models that are just a few rotating polygons. Just doesn't look Quakey.

They feel very Q3A and out of place for sure. Same with the enhanced explosions. Most of us are playing the game with pixels on. It's a bad fit. I think the boils could be a bit more dangerous when they attack but want to finish the level before committing to that 100%. Other that these small things the map is crazy and inspiring. I don't like being lost in a level at all but I get that that's a conscious design decision so no worries. 
Superb release!
The map full of mystery, magic and secrets as it should in quake universe!
Thank you!

Here is my playthrough on normal: 
Fuck Me This Is Out?? 
Screenies look amazing. Will play soon. 
Amazing map. I loved it.
Usually I don't go back to a map after finishing it but here I reloaded from last save and explored for one more hour.
Played on normal skill which was really relaxing.
Two demos. First ends after I reach the exit. The second one is longer I think and is the exploration and secret hunting.

I still don't have a feeling for the layout. Just running around trying to find new things.
I liked the particle effects and the mysterious atmosphere. All monsters are great too.
Will play again today evening.
Didn't have any problems with installation/launching the new engine etc. 
After Killing The Kraken Children 
The message barely lasts more than one second. I have no idea what I just accomplished. 
@Haunter - pull the console down - you can read it there 
About The Fire Particle 
From sevin :

"But I think the fire particle effects look a little silly"

I think he's talking about the little dots from Sock, not the new special effects from Spike. I agree that these floatting pixels are feeling a bit weird, especially when combined with Spike's effects. But it's okay for me.

From dumptruck_ds :

"They feel very Q3A and out of place for sure. Same with the enhanced explosions."

Now I think he's talking about the effects from Spike, not the pixel-dots particles moving from the flames that comes from Sock. I don't agree with him here. I think these effects are great and add a lot to the pixelized game.

Maybe the QuakeSpasm-spike-admod application should contain an option in the interface to toggle IN/OFF the new effects ?

Spike (and Eric ?) : I would also like to see some waves on water, when the player moves/walk in it. 
QSS And Particles. 
short version:
pr_checkextension 0 should stop AD from using QSS's particle system.
The map itself will still use rain particles, but the dp effects should no longer be loaded.

long version:
QSS has a compat layer for DP particles. The fact that people here are saying that they look like DP's just goes to show that the compat layer is working, for better or worse.
Using the compat layer means more engines can have acceptable particles without having to redo the particles for every single engine out there (especially when Sock had initially created most of the effects for his earlier ITS mod, and with the extra AD effects still exclusively with DP in mind, and iiuc derived from SMC). Imho vs FTE/QSS's native particles, DP's lack things like spawn patterns resulting in a general puffiness to the effects; whereas FTE's particles do a decent enough approximation of both hexen2 or quake2's effects (or at least the ones I implemented).
The puffiness is then compounded by the use of pointparticles instead of eg .emiteffectnum, which bloats the networking and gives bursts of particles rather than a more continuous stream. Again, DP compat...

The QSS engine has absolutely no new particle effects built in. ALL new effects are being read from some mod-specific file. The only particles from me specifically are the ones inside the fte_weather.cfg file, which are basically just rain+snow effects.
The r_particledesc cvar says which effects the engine tries to automatically load (defaulting to some 'classic' placeholder).
However, AD then detects support and uses the whole namespaces thing and in doing so forces the engine to load additional effects (which take precedence over the classic effects) while also suppressing the mod's own fallbacks.
If you want to disable the particles, either tweak world.qc to prevent the mod from detecting FTE_SV_POINTPARTICLES, or hack the engine to not advertise it
Note that pr_checkextension 0 will prevent ALL qc extensions from being advertised, thankfully AD still doesn't depend on any extensions thanks to vanilla QS. However, I'm not going to add that option to any menus because it would break mods that depend upon (other) extensions. The choice of whether to use extensions or not MUST be made by the mod, not the engine, anything else is hacky/flawed. Presumably this would be best done using cvars thanks to QSS supporting the set/seta console commands (or possibly just another unreadable temp1 bit).

@Barnak: waves like
What An Incredible Ride 
This one single map, is basically an entire episode in of itself. As I'm sure you can understand, I did not record a demo because I really wanted to take my time playing this, to explore every nook and cranny and really admire the overwhelming detail put into it, really soaking in the atmosphere.

While I agree that the particle effects seemed somewhat out of place, except for the rain, it didn't hinder my experience any. I just rolled with it.

There wasn't a single moment that I wasn't in awe of the design. So many destructible walls and wooden planks, vines hanging from passageways, slabs of brick loose from their walls, skulls, books and gibs littered everywhere. This map is an incredible addition to Arcane Dimensions, as if AD wasn't already successful enough, this one map makes it even more so. Honestly if you rush through even one room of this map, you're missing on some incredible looking details. Its no wonder it required an enhanced Quakespasm engine, which I had no issue setting up.

My only one complaint, and it is so minor, is that there is too much ammunition. I found myself never running out of shells, nails or rockets, even if I missed many of my shots.

As I said I really spent a lot of time on this map, an hour and a half it said. In the end, I only found 29 of the 50 secrets, but I did find the big one which is I'm guessing, the room with the rotating planets. However the message that appears describing the presence of a lich demon, if there was a such an enemy, I couldn't find it. I could only find the bog monster, as well as the 8 kraken children. The only significant secret I couldn't find, was the door leading to the rooftop, locked by the silver key. I get the feeling I missed more though, as my monster count in the end was only 475 out of 510 or so.

But wow, my god, what a journey. There's if ands or buts, this map is an absolute must play. And if you don't like the idea that you have to use another engine, tough. Do it anyway, because its well worth it. This is a 10/10 from me, an astounding job to the AD team as always. 
Spike Waves 
About waves on water, I mean something like what can be seen in Quake3 : just a feel of "fake" riddles moving on the water (without 3D effetcs).

Also, is it possible to get some subtile reflections on the surface of water ? 
Spike Waves (damn No Edit Feature On This Board !) 
Spike, your picture is too dark. Can't see anything on it. Except that it do looks a bit like what I was talking about, yeah. 
#76 Barnak 
From dumptruck_ds :

"They feel very Q3A and out of place for sure. Same with the enhanced explosions."

Now I think he's talking about the effects from Spike, not the pixel-dots particles moving from the flames that comes from Sock.

Yes I'm sorry I wasn't more clear the way I wrote it. I like the original particles from AD 1.0-1.5 The newer (higher-res?) QSS effects feel somewhat out of place to me BUT it must be gratifying for sock and company to try new things and enhance the game. The rain is cool as are some of the teleporter and pentagram effects. What I dislike are the flames and explosion effects. Some people like the new effects, some don't. Now that I have the executables running properly (thank you Giftmacher) I'll take a closer look at the new stuff in the Spiked version.

I need to re-read Spike's post #77 again as I am very interested in what's at play here regardless if I like the aesthetic or not. :) It's just a bit over my head technically.

No matter what though - we ALL win. Amazing content and tools that excite mappers and players is a good thing. 
I think he's talking about the little dots from Sock, not the new special effects from Spike. I agree that these floatting pixels are feeling a bit weird, especially when combined with Spike's effects. But it's okay for me.

I was talking about the new particles, not the pixeled ones. I don't think this game deserves "high-def" particles when the rest of the world is so low-poly and pixelated by comparison. That's primarily why I use QuakeSpasm over DarkPlaces or any other engine. I just want vanilla Quake, no "modern" graphical enhancements. Kinda ruins the Quake feel. I did like the rain though. It's subtle enough to work well. 
Kinda ruins the Quake feel.
That's a matter of opinion. 
Yes It Is 
Didn't want to use "I think" and "for me" in every sentence. 
Heh, Fair Enough 
"SIXTY THOUSAND" Brushes Ffs! 
Please, just get over yourselves! It's 2017 and... ad_sepulcher ISN'T a low poly vanilla Quake map in any sense of the words.

You have options to play without effects but my gosh, just quit haggling about it. Let the artistic creativity from the mappers happen without all the "this isn't Quake" bullshit. 
Q3A Water 
Q3A water isn't an engine-side effect, it's content. 
Let the artistic creativity from the mappers happen
my gosh, just quit haggling about it. Let the artistic creativity from the mappers happen without all the "this isn't Quake" bullshit.

We're on a FORUM and are entitled to share our opinions on the matter. I'm pretty sure sock reads these threads and likes feedback. If you want to tamp down constructive criticism you are damaging the process and open dialogue. That's something a lot of people here enjoy. Let's imagine EVERYONE hated the new effects and were afraid of upsetting people like you who can't handle a different viewpoint? Would that help anyone?

Sevin and I were completely respectful in our critiques. If there's any bullshit here - it's coming from somewhere else. 
#89: From The Readme 
"Please note : This is an alternative universe of Quake, many assets and features have changed, even though it may look the same in places this code base and assets are very much different."

Bringing up points on if this is Quake enough for you/others is pointless, as it's not Quake.

Yes, this is a forum, but the point is that every time someone exerts a little creativity outside of the Quake purists idea of acceptability it becomes "it's not Quake for me, can we turn it all off, yada yada yada".

Did you play ad_tfuma, cause I swear in the middle of that I "realized" was playing Q2!!!

Anyway, maybe my use of the word BS was out of line, apologies for that.

Hope this helps, if not, bring down the console and type map E1M!, problem solved :-P 
Well Said 
Nothing to add. I look forward to playing through the map tonight. 
Yes, this is a forum, but the point is that every time someone exerts a little creativity outside of the Quake purists idea of acceptability it becomes "it's not Quake for me, can we turn it all off, yada yada yada".

I'm no Quake purist that's for sure. You're right about AD being something that's basically "new" and yes, we have our id1 to fall back on but here's some food for thought:

At first, just like everyone else in '96 I played blocky pixelated software Quake. For many years after that I played mushy, blurry GL_Quake because that felt right to me. After trying Quakespasm and indeed AD 1.0 which "forced" the player to play with pixels on by default I came around to really enjoy pixelated Quake. It feels more authentic and classic. Kind of akin to watching a movie in black even though there's a colorized version of the same movie that looks a bit cleaner.

My point is, that no matter what Quake really IS it's always changing and morphing and opinions change and morph along side it. And it's definitely fun and exciting to talk about it. 
WTF Is The The Quake Universe Anyway !? 
I never saw a Quake map that wasn't from the Quake universe.

Here's my simple definition of the Quake universe, or there is none :

Any map that can be played/rendered by a Quake engine is from the Quake universe.

Quake is a Multiverse of parallel dimensions. The player/space-marine can go from one dimension to another one using slipgates and teleporters. So whatever the architecture and monsters he may encounter, he's traveling the Quake universe.

In some cases, he's entering a medieval place, bringing with him his usual modern weapons. In other places, the military occupies the dimensions. Because of the existence of slipgates, the forces of evil infected the whole Multiverse, so the space-marine tries to find the exit to return home (or base). Sadly, he's just lost in a Multiverse of infinite dimensions, so he'll never find back his true home.

The visual effects and game interface has nothing to do with the Quake universe.

That's my personal view. 
#91 Meant To Be In Response To #89 
Wtf Barnak 
this is the best thing you've ever written here. 
What he said (dump and sevin), especially the reemergence of crisp pixels.

I like to think of Quake like this:
The universe. The funnel.
Rejects of the worlds,
Fallen from glory, cast down.
Caught in the base,
These monstrous beings,
Led by their master Quake.
Restoration--their hope,
Their goal. Back to their homes.

If the universe was a funnel, and all the world's had the same "hell" at the bottom, that is where we find ourselves, the player, desperately fighting our way back, or fighting to prevent the forces of evil from return to exact revenge on any world they can manage to return to. If only those darned scientists didn't create a slipgate and discover that the slipcurrents flow down to the bottom of the universal "funnel". 
Qmaster & Barnak Getting All Metaphysical! 
Love it. Well said gentlemen! 
I Assume This Is In The Readme But 
Exploration demo:

starting from where I left yesterday. boring stuff. 
I'm pretty sure sock reads these threads and likes feedback
I do read the func forums, I just don't reply to them much anymore. I keep an eye on the AD threads for bugs and new ideas. If I think the feedback/feature is useful to others, I will make sure its in the next version!

I was away last weekend so I asked Henrik to start a thread for this map and I am sorta surprised it has gone so well! I was expecting everyone to go crazy about using a new engine. I do hope everyone realizes that there are two engines in the zip file! Quakespasm AND Quakespasm-spike. We did spend a long time trying to make sure that both work fine with the map.

The QSS engine can run the map without rain, use impulse 160 command or add 65536 to temp1 variable in quake.rc to stop rain effect+sound. It can be a heavy drain on resources and the map still looks good with the DP style particles for items and blood.

Dots, pixels and particles!
AD has always been about particles from day one, its just that many people here have not played AD with DP/FTE clients. The fact that everyone is seeing DP style smoke and soft pixels for the first time is surprising. I really like the QSS client as a good replacement for DP because of its QS movement and effects. The rain/snow in QSS is the best version out there IMHO.

I can certainly add an option to the temp1 variable in quake.rc file to always force pixel like particles and still allow weather effects at the same time. I am planning a final release (1.60) zip file with all maps, patches and fixes together. I believe it is easier to install for macOS users, who have issues with overwriting files.

@Skacky, thanks for the demo's, they are always a pleasure to watch. I know about the flaws with the boglord, I tried to fix as many as possible. There is a whole sequence of events that happens if the player uses the water area for example. The boils are hard to see so you gain a surprise. If they glowed or looked obvious their real threat, shock and surprise would be gone. My favourite part of the boils is to work out how each one affect its surroundings. There are many setup in certain locations to catch unsuspecting monsters!

I played an older version of the level before but a lot of it has changed
I really hate public beta's, early access or sneak peaks of maps. it creates unnecessary expectation and usually ends up with someone being disappointed because its changed in a way they do not like. This map went through a lot of iterations and I think the changes made it overall stronger. Its not easy deleting stuff or re-arranging, but being attached to something in a map is a recipe for disaster in the long run.

Grenades go right through the fishing ogres, even when they turn into regular ogres
This is by design, I don't want fishing ogres waking up to grenades and if the player decides to kill them then they better be ready for a good fight! Fishing ogres are the good guys, killing them is wrong! :P

what about possible future evolutions of standard QSS? Would Spike merge your tweaks with his version
I really hope so, but that is up to Spike.

I have watched two streams so far with Daz panicking when he reached the end and deciding to go all the way back to the beginning of the map! WTF! Fifth discovering new stuff each time he restarted the map and then deciding to go backwards through the center of the map and tell everyone how its changed! :P

@Vondur, thanks for the demos, it was relaxing to watch. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

@path0gen, thanks for the demos. I tried to watch them, but you just kept going back searching for secrets all the time. I just wanted to see you complete the map!?! :)

@sevin, there is always unpopular opinions at func! I would not worry about. I know the different effect systems (Pixel/Smokey) are not going to be liked by everyone. Just use the engine you prefer and AD will switch around to suit your style. Also try out 'r_scale 2' if you really want pixel vision! :D

@AAS, thanks for the demos. Again you do seem to be addicted to going back all the time searching for secrets! I really need a forward wind button for demos ...

there is too much ammunition. I found myself never running out of shells, nails or rockets, even if I missed many of my shots.
I totally agree, there is a truck load of ammo for all weapons. You can use a triple barrel shotgun to blast your way through the map, write your name on walls with the nailguns and fill rooms to your hearts content with pineapples!
I did not want to make this map a resource struggle and there is plenty of ammo so that everyone can have fun with their favourite weapon. Just enjoy the excess and throw caution to the wind and blast your way through the map without worrying about where your next box of ammo is coming from! :D 
I really need a forward wind button for demos
Doesn't MarkV do that? This feature should definitely be borrowed by the other engines.

I did not want to make this map a resource struggle and there is plenty of ammo so that everyone can have fun with their favourite weapon.
I fully support this POV. Vanilla Doom and Quake are chockful of ammo. Ammo-starving gameplay can be interesting too but it's waaaay different than mindlessly blasting your way through a map the way id did! 
A Masterpiece Like No Other 
Here is text you will never read. 
Also try out 'r_scale 2' if you really want pixel vision! :D

Make it stop. 
Music in Sepulcher is set to track 0. When you do the final release, would you mind setting a proper track number? Thank you. Also, is it possible for users to ajust the sound volumes of stuff like footsteps and rain? 
Alright! So I'm barely 1/5th in and it's already one of my top 3 AD maps alongside Smelly Sockbottom and Leftist Mania - gotta find a funny nick for this one too! Will continue later, need at least a few hours' sleep. 
I agree it was good to have lots of ammo. For me the challenge was just finding the way to progress - adding a strict ammo management element on top of that would only have been frustrating. 
A Masterpiece 
Then again, sock must be kept in a state of constant pressure and self-doubt, otherwise he may decide he has achieved perfection and moves on. So tbh this map is kinda okayish, yeah, hmm... :D

Very enjoyable, so much to explore and impressive details everywhere one turns. Brush porn and level props scattered all over, and lots of destructible things, especially in combination with those sticky or walking bogeys, create a very vivid environment (for the lack of a better description).
Imagine a whole game with levels like this one - would take only the first episode to create an epic journey through all sorts of places and probably something that could stand its ground among games today, at the least in the indie department.

Great connectivity, getting lost/remembering the way is part of the experience; and crazy secrets. I only found half of the marked ones. Bit random, though. Sometimes cleverly hidden items are not counted as secrets, other times easy stuff or things in the open are. Slightly inconsistent on a few occasions, too. Normally, the yellow windows and book shelves are unbreakable, except a selected few can be destroyed for passages. Not a big deal of course, just mentioning it before someone brings up the "axing every surface" criticism.

Even though I ran out of ammo once, there's plenty of supplies, especially since everyone's bound to find at least some secrets.

I really like the optional goals, finding the sacrificial fiends, books, bog lord, crypt etc. They add mileage and interactivity to the level. The rusty key reward came in handy in the end, although I was at a miss as to where I could use the key (easily missable message btw) and gave up looking for the door soon after getting all the corpses. Didn't find the planets room sadly.

It seems there's a lot to say about this, but I dunno - speechless probably. At any rate, very enjoyable experience, another masterpiece in the history of Q1SP, and certainly worth replaying! Good job Giftmacher, sock, and engine guys.

Demo: part 1 part 2 
Brush Porn 
More like brush hardcore gangbang bukkake !

this map is kinda okayish, yeah, hmm...
Are you a young JPL?? 
sock is just trying to bring Rococo style to Quake. ;) 
Quake + Disneyland 
Time 354:41
Secrets 49/50 (!)
Kills 309/309

No Fast Passes here, either! I spent a most of my time admiring the scenery and searching for secrets, obviously. This was an epic level that dwarfs so many mods of recent memory! So well executed! So perfect in every way! Thank you! Thank you all! 
Congratz On QS-Spiked 
It's been a while since I wanted DP effects on a decently working engine.

Just one question: How do I set it to 60hz through the shortcut? 
Lost And Wandering 
@negke, thanks for the demos and feedback. To be honest, I was not expecting a comment from you about this map as I did not think this would be your kind of cup of tea! Shambler on the other hand I assumed would be loving it because of the crazy amount of secrets!

The pit of death by the bridge is something that was in the original Henrik map. I designed the combat (flying monsters) to make sure the player would be looking up and not really paying attention to the floor. So I suppose it sorta worked as planned!

Imagine a whole game with levels like this one
I am still not convinced Quake maps need to be this big. It certainly involved a lot of time and effort to create and there is always technical issues to solve because they are often breaking limits all the time.

Normally, the yellow windows and book shelves are unbreakable, except a selected few can be destroyed for passages
All the bookcases which don't look obviously breakable were not player interactive and only breakable by monsters. Eventually I decided this can be frustrating because the monsters don't always break things with a good impact. So I let the player break them as well, which as you said does lead to inconsistency.

The rusty key reward came in handy in the end, although I was at a miss as to where I could use the key (easily missable message btw)
This is essentially Quake, when locked doors are opened, there is just a small top left message (and console) and nothing else. It is not always obvious you have the right key or even have used it. I think this is a flaw of Quake TBH, it still expects the player to keep an eye on small irrelevant messages and the console.
I have added a text based Inventory screen for the next patch which might help some people keep track of Arcane keys more easily.

It seems there's a lot to say about this, but I dunno - speechless
Probably explains the lack of feedback, oh well, next map then! 
I have added a text based Inventory screen
Sock, you rock!

lack of feedback
Well, some of us haven't played/finished it yet. 
Need To Budget Time For It 
Too big to just jump into when I have an hour, which isn't often. I want a continuous demo for you! 
Just Started This Evening.... 
About halfway through in numbers of monsters, and secrets. My butt is going numb and my eyes are going gozzy from playing so long.

So far, so amazing. Everything I could hope from this sort of map. 
This One Is Amazing! 
I played it about a week ago I think, in the middle of the night, therefore I didn't go back to explore more. I'll leave it for another time.

PS I enjoyed every bit of it.

But here are the demos: 
Haven't had time to play it yet. I want a good couple hours so I can finish it in one sitting...if that is even possible.

Like the text inventory idea. Ooh that screenshot! Ok, now I have to play this....sick day? 
Again The Same Error 
Couldn't spawn server maps/ad_sepulcher.bsp

This error occurs for some maps. Especially with those, whose file name are in the form of "ad_*.bsp". 
Again The Same Error (continued) 
Sorry for mentioning the technical details.

Engine: QuakeSpasm 0.92.1
Tool/Installer: Quake Injector 
Learn to read.

From the OP:

** this map requires a new engine and AD 1.5"

New Engine Quakespasm / Quakespasm-spike 
@Mugwump, play nice, Han did say he was using the QA injector, which probably does not update clients! I know some people here at func are abusive to anyone new, try not to join them!

@Hans, its likely you need the new QS client (links in header of this thread) and you will also need AD 1.5 and ad_sepulcher. It is not something easy to setup with the Quaddicted injector. I will be doing a new zip file with all patches and maps together soon. 
Speedy Gonzales 
Too big to just jump into when I have an hour
I want a good couple hours so I can finish it in one sitting

The map can be completed easily in 30mins, just don't keep going back for secrets, just search as you go. There are even speedruns of the map in less than 3mins. Also either side of the map can entirely be skipped, if you run straight for the exit. 
I Admit 
I could have been nicer, though to be fair the warning about the new engine(s) is also stated on the Quaddicted page, which indicates that Han didn't read the instructions completely.

BTW, I totally missed that Sepulcher was originally an ode to E1M3! Now that I know, I can definitely see it. 
Ha, no us completionists probably need 3 hours to find all secrets and kill all enemies. 
3 Hours?? Pshhh, That's Nuffin' 
During my first playthrough before my quicksave corruption problem, I probably spent at least 5 to 8 hours in it and explored only about 2/3... So much to see and do, that's crazy! Delightfully crazy.

Best part of Sock's post is speedruns in less than 3mins. Huh... 
Christ's Balls. E1M3 The Way Id Did It?? LOL. 
223:15 !!!

This is amazing. It's not a map, it's not an episode, it's an EXPERIENCE. This is FPS "exploring a strange new (familiar!?) world" at it's best, and it's realised in Quake of all things. 3 hours 45 fucking minutes in a Quake map and it was captivating the whole way (well apart from 2:45 of that being trying to get into the chapel outside secret lol, I got there in the end!).

This, although a collaboration, is pretty much PEAK SOCK. Can it get more SOCK? More interconnectivity? More alcoves? More details? More marked secrets? More unmarked secrets? Probably not.

I dunno what else to say. Tiny criticisms... Ending arena was a bit of an abrupt transition from explorathon to arenathon, I'd have prefered an area inbetween. No under-lift secrets. Could have done with slightly more monster variety? That's it. Everything else, just great. 
But there is an under-lift secret. 
Well Fuck You. 
Not enough underlift secrets anyway. 
Tisk tisk. 
Up To 46/50 Now. 
Such secret, much wow. 
I guess I'll try and be the odd one out and do it in 30 minutes. Demo incoming. Hopefully. 
Well, just finished.

skill 3
28/50 secrets
472/498 kills

What an incredible level. The single best Q1SP I have ever played. Granted, I haven't played a whole lot, but everything was there in this one. The consistency in the level of detail, monster encounters, and secrets was honestly just staggering. And I only got 28/50 - but I did want to try and go somewhat fast. I was especially happy about the narrative. It was refreshing to play such a visually and logistically polished map that also included some hint of story with the tomes and warriors scattered about.

Died 3 times. The third was a bit unfortunate; I had not recently quicksaved. I give more feedback in a few comments in the demos. 
Looks Awesome, Can't Wait To Play It! 
Some quick questions raised from the README etc.:

1) what was the map in before it was converted to GTKRadiant? As a long-retired mapper it was not clear to me how GTKRadiant really sped stuff up. Also, later on you list Quark and SDRadiant. Is Quark the original editor? Is SRadiant a variant of GTKRadiant?

2) what's going on with AD version numbers? How many updates has 1.5 had? A request: can we be clearer with the versioning? Either call the first update to 1.5 1.6 or 1.5.1 if you want to go all Semantic Versioning, but as things stand there's a lot of confusion. (and this readme references AD 1.60!)

3) Exactly which limits were raised in the custom QuakeSpasm builds, and from what to what?


And finally a quick "lol" at your UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS MOD/MAP TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION. When's the last time you saw a CD-ROM? Does this mean DVD-ROMs are OK? :P 
Limits are discussed in #1661 and #1662 here: 
there's a lot of the quake remix maps over there , some of them just for vanilla q

and some for the other mods /rmq-quoth,

maybe it is a time to adopt those maps to ad_

Oh Boy! 
Download at 95%, 98% 99%%%!!


Here goes! 
Lot of fun exploring. Loved it!

Can't believe I only have 47/50 secrets...ugh! And is there supposed to be a lich fiend boss? I can't find him. 305/308 kills on normal skill. A couple critiques below that should be taken very lightly and some maybe even tongue in cheek.

Favorite features:
*Boils, boils, boils!! Such a cool little guy. Is a monster_swampling just a stationary boil or do they go by another name?
*Planet room...neato! Liked the attention to detail in having the 7 historically significant moving objects in the sky from which we get the names of the week (only moving stellar objects visible without a telescope).
*Tree well ring secret.
*Fog usage.
*The rain!!!

Didn't care so much:
*A bit long. ( is alright)
*Every alcove is detailed and started to seem a bit over the top. I mean don't get me wrong, this is a masterpiece, but I think a few more areas with less detail or at least less jagged brickwork would have helped to break up the...
*Similarness between areas made it repetitive.
*Rounded corners on the new particle effects.
*Not enough variation in rain sound effects. A few ambient_rains here and there would have been nice.
*The doors with particle effects on red runes were deceptive...if they are important enough to be that fancy...they should probably open. Wasted so much time hunting for buttons around each one and wacking the snot out of them.
*Breakable windows weren't color coded.
*Breakable windows didn't have gaps/cracks in all of them.
*Crackless/gapless windows weren't transparent and so had no other indication of being breakable due to lack of color-coding/cracks/etc.

*Several alcoves with only a ring on the floor and its particle effect but no goody or trigger secret.
*After axing the 7 fiend bodies, there was another fiend to axe and it said 7 more to go...but I didn't see any more.
*Some alcoves don't open on lower skill settings, is it not possible to have different enemies on different skill settings with a trigger_monsterbreakable?
*I never found a way to open the cavegate under the bridge near the book talking about ogre idle noise. Noclipping shows that its entrance should actually be at the other end under the small pool in the area at the start of the gold key courtyard (closer to the fishing ogre #2) but I couldn't figure out how the grass block floor under the puddle was supposed to open, not even after opening it up in an editor to track down the logic??
*A few hidden alcoves with goodies in them didn't have trigger_secrets...trying to keep secret count at a magic 50?
*Rain sound effects can sometimes synchronize and sound a bit wierd.
*Teleport sound effect in the room with the super deep pit lured me in multiple times to an insta-fall-death trigger. NOT COOL. At least you could have hurt the player and teleported them back up (Serge Jaeken did this and it was great!) or just get rid of the teleport sound. 
Oh And 
Bugs? (Cont.):
*After killing the tarbaby kraken children, nothing happens other than a message...I run all over kingdom come to kill these and...then what? Did I miss something?

Anyways, great map!! 
Windows 10 Problems 
First, Many Thanks to the incredible people who continue to create these wonderful maps!!!!!
Second, also many thanks to all the contributors providing (mostly) useful tips!!
Third, I have read the readme.

Fourth, Windows 10 with all the latest updates WILL NOT run the 32bit version of AD. Therefore will not run "Forgotten Sepulcher". I feel the chances of Microsoft fixing the 32b issue is slim. SO- could you add a 64bit version as well? (AD 64b works fine on the same system even without "compatabilioty mode").

Thank You
No problem running the latest admod engines on the latest Windows 10 here, testing both quakespasm-admod and quakespasm-spike-admod. 
Windows 10 Problems, Continued 
Thanks mh, that tells me it works, I'll keep digging.
It's probably a dll conflict. The easiest thing might be to install everything in a fresh folder, create an "id1" subdirectory and copy your pak0.pak + pak1.pak to "id1" from your regular quake installation, then continue with the ad_sepulcher install instructions. 
Editor Slows Woes 
When making ad_sepulchre, how did you not have unusable slowdown in the editor? I opened it up in JACK but was barely able to navigate.

Plus, there are ugly hint brushes everywhere....was this really necessary in so tightly packed of a map? I'm curious to know if ericw or someone tested their impact with and without to see if the vis was improved. 
The map was started in QuArK with some vis groups already there.

The conversion to Radiant saw a further pairing of the map into func_groups, which can be disabled from view.

I did manage to load the map into TB 2.0, only to experience the same slowdown.

Grouping and hiding is the key for such big maps. 
I think he used QuakeEd or one it's variants. I would imagine for this detail level hint brushes were "the right thing to do" or just force of habit. Would like to hear from sock on both counts. 
Nah, the shot is from Radiant with a proper black on white interface. 
Radiant really IS QuakeEd... for us old timers anyway. :)

I have QuakeEd on the brain as I tried to launch it the other day.

Side question: how many fucking versions of (x)Radiant are there anyway? 
I doubt the hint brushes have a huge impact on vis quality.. but it would be easy to try deleting them all and see how the "average leafs visible" stat changes (re-run qbsp + vis).

Also - I think there is at least one bug with them in my qbsp currently - ChooseMidPlaneFromList, which handles splitting until the nodes are below 1024 units cubed, is not aware of hint brushes.

afaik the intended use is when you have, say, two large outdoor areas that should never both be simultaneously visible, but qbsp is choosing wrong splits such that a corridor between the two areas can see into both. then you'd use hint brushes to force leaf boundaries in specific places to fix the vis-blocking. 
Running This With The Quake Injector. 
i haven't installed mods/maps of quake for years, so i've forgotten stuff.

the quake injector is supposed to take the stress away.

i still can't run this.

i click 'play', and at the bottom of the screen, i seee this:

"maps/ad_sepulcher.bsp not found"
"couldn't spawn server maps/ad_sepulchre.bsp"

i hit esc, to the main quake menu.

at the bottom, it says " current mod: ad"!

so something's registering.

simple stuff:

quake directory
id1 folder inside it
new quakespasm spike contents inside the main quake root directory, sitting alongside the id1 folder.

qi installed ad and the sepulcher files into the ad folder in the main quake directory (i assume it has put the patch in there aswell).

the ad readme mentioned placing -heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 in the command line.

i have done that in qi.

the sepulcher readme also mentions placing -game ad +map ad_chapters in the command line, so i have added that after the other headsize one.

looks like this:

-heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 -game ad +map ad_chapters

i'm not sure what else to do. 
Jizzy Munkey Knuckles :( 
for some reason, there was an issue with the installation of the main ad files.

qi said they were there, but they hadn't correcly installed.

i still says update 1.50, not 1.60.

how do i get it to update to 1.60.

i have installed both arcane dimenions and sepulcher, but the start map says 'ad sepulcher unavailable?

i assume i cannot just dive straight in and choose ad sepulchre and play it, you have to complete arcane dimensions first before it will give access to the sepulchre maps? 
ad_sepulcher is currently distributed as a patch that needs to be extracted on top of an AD 1.50 installation.

I don't think quake injector can deal with AD_sepulcher properly, for now I would just follow the install instructions in ad_sepulcher_readme.txt in the AD_sep download.

"ad sepulcher unavailable" means the ad_sepulcher files weren't installed on top of the AD1.5 install.
btw you can play ad_sep without beating the rest of AD first. 
i have just done a manual install of ad, the patch & ad sepulcher.

i was trying to add the '-heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 -game ad +map ad_chapters' command to the main qs .exe.

i didn't realise that i had to create a shortcut of the exe, then add it to the target line.

it loads, AND it now says 1.6, top stuff!

just to check:

-heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 from the ad readme.
-game ad +map ad_chapters from the ad sepulcher readme.

combined as -heapsize 256000 -zone 4096 -game ad +map ad_chapters in the shortcut target line is correct?

it hasn't crashed yet. 
You Should Be All Set 
-heapsize 256000 -zone 4096
are the defaults in QS for the last few versions so you don't strictly need to specify them. 
you don't strictly need to specify them
That's good to know. I've been adding these params to my QS shortcuts automatically, now I don't need to. 
i'm good to go, then!

there are some odd frame drops that last for about5-10secs.

it's not related to looking at any specific sections/areas.

if you walk back, then forward to where you were again, it seems to go away.

just mentioning this, as i hope there is nothing wrong with my pc.

a 660 & i3 should be fine for this mod, i assume? 
I've been adding heapsize and zone fluff to my command line forever too. Heck I think I even wrote it into my autoexec 
I get stutters in the first few areas, they eventually go away for me later on. 

not that you really NEED anything more than 60, and 144fps would probably knacker up the physics, but just 'cause i've noe got a 144hz monitor, i wanted to try this map with it.

the skill map is fine, but upon entering forgotton sepulcher, idrops down to 60 instantly.

then again, it IS a very very intensley detailed map, isn't it? 
so much to see and do.

loads of twists, turns and hidden paths.

tbh, i play this very tentatively, definitely not running in there like rambo.

as such, if people were watching me play, it might drive them mental!

i haven't been playing this all in one go atm, and as i have not played quake for 3 years, i am playing this on normal.

after, i'll up it to hard. 
the skill map is fine, but upon entering forgotton sepulcher, idrops down to 60 instantly.

Try disabling the extra particles (check the readme for the exact command for that) - I've done some benchmarks and these particles can account for up to 50% of your frametime in this map. 
do you have host_maxfps set to 144 or higher? 
cheers mh, i'll try that when i get home from work.

no dumptruck, i have it set to 144. 
Not Sure Where To Start 

not sure how to deal with the particles in this file. 
has anyone done eplaythrough video where they find all the secrets? 

not sure how to deal with the particles in this file.

My mistake, it's actually documented in the supplied quake.rc 
unbelievable amount of details! felt lost at first mainly due to the new over-the-top particles/low FPS, but once I started the game using
and not
everything was ok 
so i can just use quakespasm-admod.exe and that will (by default) load the map without the particle effects?


sorry, i still do not know how to do this.

i simply assumed where it says this:

// 1024 Turn ON particle system (default OFF)

i just delete ON ans type OFF, then save the file, load the map etc. 
Just Tried It 
a definite improvement.

although it dropped to around 65-70 in that swamp section that leads into the main area where you fight the boglord.

could be the greenish fog?

120-144 looks nice, but 60 is fine, as quake is designed to run nice at 60 anyway ;) 
IIRC the default value for the temp1 cvar is 5120 so just set it to 4096 instead and restart the map. 
Hey Sock 
I thought of another bug/glitch? in 1.50 (havent tested in 1.6). In your SUB_Usetargets function, you have a check that prevents an entity from targeting itself if the targetname == target. This breaks the ability to do the high-fps animation using a func_wall and Preach's relay setup as described in his blog here:

Please delete or comment out this check, it prevents certain logic from working. 
Forgotten Sepulcher Won't Start 
I tried to make "The Forgotten Sepulcher" work on a clean install of Quake (GOG version) + Quakespasm-spike Engine but it won't start. After the 3dfx logo intro I only get a flashing screen followed by a "couldn't create window" error message a few seconds later and that's it. I don't know what to do to fix this. Any kind of help is really appreciated.

Note: normal Arcane Dimensions (1.50 final + patch1) with Quakespasm 0.92.1 is working just fine though. 
After the 3dfx logo
Try removing OpenGL32.dll that came with GOG's quake install (save a backup if you want.) Assuming you don't actually have a 3dfx card :-) 

I have a GTX 1060

I'll check if removing that file will make it work. 
Forgotten Sepulcher Now Working 
Removing the OpenGL32.dll fixed the problem I had.

Thanks so much for the fast help ericw. :) 
how do I release boglord? 
Fucking Great Map ! 
I just played a bunch of randomly selected maps that I keep in my good maps collection, then suddenly reloaded Sepulcher by chance (using a new randmap command in QS). And geez all the other maps are so pale compared to Sepulcher !

When will we see a new map comparable to this one ? I guess there will be no other map like this ! 
ah! there is a blueprint on G1ftmacher's twitter 
How To Free The Boglord 
First, kill the kraken children, then find the lich fiend, ride its back to get up to the bog lord key room, bake the cracked brick, and remember to salt the fries! Then put the boglord key in the cake, slide it through the crack and voila! Boglord boogie time! 
Anyone Found All The Secrets Without Help? 
i'm at the point now where i've scoured the map, and i would love to see a youtube/twitchtv/quake demo from someone showing them.

i have about 36, and i do really need to pour over the gold key area, as i have not done that thoroughly as yet.

i'm literally stumped with that boglord courtyard area, as there are still some areas i cannot figure out how to access. 
Boglord Room 
Most irritating room ever for a completionist...too many honeycomb pockets. If it weren't for this one room, I would have appreciated this map more, but really an alcove every 64units is just too much.

I've only found 47/50. Can't find the lich fiend. Ran out of time. 
just fyi, setting host_maxfps above 72 can cause weird physics issues in Quake, ie lifts and doors hurting you when they move, etc.

Unless there has been some fix applied in Quakespasm that allows this without bugs now? Playing at 144hz would sure be nice :) 
Agreed. I play at 144hz and had to rework an entire section of a map (of course my favorite section too!) because of this. I wasn't sure if it was my host framerate and I think I did lower it to test - I'll need to go back and do this again. The deaths seemed pretty random but I didn;t want to kill the player like this unexpectedly. But yeah... would be great to "safely" play at 144hz. 
Back when I used Darkplaces I got 300-400fps most of the time and never noticed anything. Huh. 
I Play At 72fps 
for precisely this reason. Although 144fps is buttery smooth 
Teleport Effect 
Is the new teleporter particle effect only supported in spikespasm? What's it called, I want to use it for a vortex thingy. 
take a look at #77 above. Spike goes over what the effects a bit. 
I think it is safe to call this one THE best level ever, does anyone disagree? 
It's a good map, it's even a great map, but best ever? I don't think any Quake map can be called that. There's lots of different gameplay styles in Quake, and this map covers many of them for sure, but it fails at times when I want a simple short map for 10 minutes of entertainment and escapism. A wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am map. In fairness it never set out to be that, so it seems churlish to criticize, but truth is that this kind of map is also a valid gameplay style.

It's certainly the most fun I've had out of a single map in a long long time though; no arguments there. 
Hordes Of Zendar is the real jewel in the crown but it was an excellent map before it got the AD once over. I also strongly feel that Leptis Magna and Swampy also place higher but after that it could come anywhere. 
Best Or Not 
This is surely a technical marvel and a great place to lose yourself into for exploration. But personally I am not a big fan of the (almost) excessively intricate layout and the slower game play pace, especially when compared with maps by Tronyn.

Don't take me wrong. I still can appreciate such a map and the dedication needed to polish it to such level of exquisiteness, and can still submerge myself in the atmosphere it oozes. It's just my personal liking that I prefer the more straightforward approach adopted by most of Tronyn's maps.

Speaking of which, when will Tronyn release another of his great maps again? Last time I heard, he has been working on an addon that includes all of his maps in their more updated/polished state and also something entirely new. Any news? 
Ok..that's It! 
i've gone through the whole map looking for the rest of the secrets, and i have managed to find 39.

so has anyoner found them all?

and have they got a video showing it? 
From this thread:

generic - 49
Qmaster - 47
Shambler - 46

So, errr, ask generic ;) 
from what i could see, there were two areas where it looks as though there were secret areas, but i just couldn't figure out how to reach them.

1) the boglord room:

this had one wall were i could see areas with secrets, but i could not reack them.

2) the final lift area:

there were some areas here that i couldn't get to.

i should have taken screenshots of these areas, but i forgot.

have you recorded a demo? 
Generic / Qmaster 
you two got demos showing the secrets you found? 
Sepulcher Is On The Quake Grave! 
@mugwump: Nice! 
i'ma give this a spin 
No Demo 
Just hours of axing walls and climbing bricks got me to 49/50 secrets found.

The Boglord room is tricky.

I think one of teleporters in the final lift area will get you where you need to go.

Good luck! 
i already found daz's one on yt.

that quake grave one only had 11 secrets, and i had all of them anyway. 
@generic [hours Etc..] 
ages shooting all windows etc.

the two teleports in the final lift area let to:

a) the beginning of the level, and

b) the end of the map.

unless there was a 3rd teleport, but i couldn't find it. 
I Was Talking To Everyone 
It wasn't a reply to you but a general heads-up. ArrrCee usually sucks at finding secrets anyway. 
Terrible At Secrets... 
It's true, I always have been! =P

Regardless, awesome map! 
I still need to finish it... 
Boglord Is Easy 
Toughest Ones I Can Think Of Are 
Breakable wall near windows to tree courtyard with cells and healthpack.
Button behind wood planks under the arch by the 2nd fishing ogre (near gold key courtyard). This brings up a ladder.
Under the stairs near the gold key...the ones leading out of the courtyard to the next area. 5 different ones in the boglord room. Just keep jumping around and there is a gap in a dark corner.
Lessee...Breakable wall under the bridge over water...little closet by room with window in 2nd floor corner of the 2nd large area near start has a shootable button, shoot it, run to the lightning gun cage before the bars close, "lightning quick".
Heck those were the toughest I can remember. Boglord room was mean because you think you checked all the nooks only to miss like 8 of them.

Still can't find the lich fiend.
Still can't find the last few secrets. 
I Don't Do Demos... 
Usually not. I tend to quicksave before jumping off ledges. And I jump off every ledge. 
Lightning Quick 
Ahh, during my first aborted playthrough, I wondered how to open this one. Thanks Qmaster. Someone should do a secrets guide for AD (and custom maps in general). Never could manage to find the last one in Leptis Magna. 
Lightning Quick Sucked Dick. 
Got it eventually. 
"Someone Should Do A Secrets Guide For AD" 
totally :)

well, i'm going to play it through again, so i'll try harder this time around. 
Nice Article Here:

Great publicity for the map and how it shows how much Quake has progressed through it's lifetime. It would have been nice to have mentioned the context of a thriving mapping scene and other recent maps though! 
what a map!

i loved the new monsters, the crazy amount of detail, breakables and two-layer brickwork.

several of the new monsters exploded in my face when i was in a battle or distracted, it's a very nice addition

i made a demo, but my internet is working awful this week. i will upload it another time 
"Works", But Maps Don't Load 
I'm having trouble actually playing the levels.

I've done exactly what it said - I'm doing it via Steam:

1. Downloaded the latest Arcane Version of Quakespasm
2. Extract Quakespasm into your Steamapps/common/Quake root folder
3. Downloadrf Arcane Dimensions 1.5
4. Create Folder in your Steamapps/common/Quake and call it AD
5. Extracted Arcane Dimensions 1.5 into AD folder
6. Downloaded Arcane Dimensions 1.5 patch
7. Extracted patch into Arcane folder8. Download Arcane Dimensions 1.6 sepulcher map
9. Extracted Arcane Dimensions 1.6 sepulcher map into AD folder
10. Run Quakespasm-admod.exe
11. Edited the video settings and controls
12. Select Arcane folder from Mod menu or type game Arcane into console
13. Start a new Game.

I did all that, and the main "HUB" world works just fine.

But no matter what entrance I go in, it immediately goes to the "finished level" screen (but only shows the 'HUB' that's "finished); and then I have to start a new game which takes me back to the HUB again.

In other words, the maps aren't loading.

My maps folder is in "...Steam\steamapps\common\Quake\AD" where it should be, shouldn't it? 
Hit Fire 
I am serious. The HUB level has an "info_intermission" before the next level loads press fire... try it. I bet this is the "problem." 
For me to exit the intermissions it's right mouse click or hit the spacebar.

Hitting fire just cycles thru the other info_intermissions, isn't that standard? 
Also some parts of your process say that the folder name is "AD" while other parts say "Arcane". Which is it? 
Well maybe Spacebar then? Works for me. My last post was from memory. Sorry you are having problems. Sock can be found on Twitter.

Did you perhaps extract to AD maps instead of just the AD folder? 
What I meant by saying "isn't that standard" is, it's standard for Arcane Dimensions. I think this was a QC modification/change. It's now tied to any "jump" key instead of "shoot".

Regular Quake ofc, just shoot. 
Source For Qs-spike-admod? 
Is the source for the spiked version available so I can compile on Linux? 
Is the source for the spiked version available so I can compile on Linux?

Download the Windows executable; there's a file in the zip called "readme". 
Since I Have The Readme Already... 
Is this what you(#219) are looking for? 
QS Spike Source

Damn, I wish I had known this earlier! (just found that in the readme as per mh's instructions.

Would someone be so kind as to give foolproof instructions on how to compile this on Linux? I compiled the regular version using ericw's instructions from post #11 above, but on my own I'm lost. 
Rusted Key In Demon Head And Planet Alignment 
After I have haxed all the bodies on the hidden pentagrams, I got a message saying that a kind of rusted key was to be found in a demon's head. Which head, where ? I didn't found the key. I need help on this !

Also, I found that secret room with a portrait of sir Isaac Newton and planets on the ceilling (that was so cool, by the way !). Walking on the button made the planets to align and got a message about something was set. What this alignment is doing ? I didn't found anything new or special on the map from this planet alignment ! Any experience with this ? 
OH Yeah! Silly Me! 
Oops, oh yeah, I'm a complete idiot!

Pressing spacebar *does* send me into the level

Really sorry about that ^^; I shall enjoy the levels immensely when I have time to play on them :) 
I had a feeling I was right on this one! LOL glad you got it working. 
Would someone be so kind as to give foolproof instructions on how to compile this on Linux?
Should be the same as post #11 except you also need the zlib dev package from your distro ("sudo apt-get install zlib1g-dev" for ubuntu/debian) 
The message means that you now have the key, although there isn't a status bar icon for it. You don't get to use it until near the end, though. 
What About The Planets Alignment In That Newton's Room ? 
What is this thing doing ? Is it just "decoration" ? 
508/509 Kills, 41/50 Secrets, But... 
what the fuck are the planets doing ?

And where hides the last monster ? After countless hours exploring the whole map, I'm unable to find the last coward.

And I need to solve that planets mechanism mystery.

And geez that map is amazing ! 
Sock, If You're Reading This... 
although there isn't a status bar icon for it.
Would it be within the realm of possibilities for the final 1.6 release to have a custom AD HUD a la -hipnotic that could display any custom key, provided that said key comes with its dedicated icon? 
Custom AD HUD 
Also needs engine changes.

I recall Sock posting something, here or elsewhere, that indicated he was looking at doing something with centerprints for this. 
Yeah, A Centerprint Menu, I Know, 
and it's cool but TBH it's a kinda makeshift solution. A custom HUD would be better. As for engine changes, modern engines already support the hipnotic HUD, so I assume it wouldn't need much more tinkering. AD wouldn't run on vanilla engines anyway. 
The CRYPT Key... 
Is it really that hard to find, it's driving me bonkers?! :(

I have 40/50 secrets, 470/508 baddies and I've been wandering around for hours now. Looking for that damn key!!!

Did it fall out of the map, hahaha 
Anyone Here Found The Planets Room ? 
What the hell is the mechanism doing ? 
daz found it on his video.

it seems to have some door that only opens at a certain time, or when you do something later on?

i remember passing it, but it didn't open for me like it did when daz walked past it. 
Has Quake1 Turned Myst-like ? 
... or Raven-like ? 
I only found 27 of the secrets in my short run-through; the crypt key was one of them. It just allows you to open a door that connects the middle areas to the final areas. It doesn't open anything new. Don't remember where I found it. 
@sevin, @LoFrag 
Thanks. I just found it :) It's accessible at any time, as long as you know the path to get to it! 
Thanks mh, for some reason it gave me a shared library rather than an executable after compiling but it runs anyway. 
No Secret Is Hard To Find! 
noclip to the rescue.

(I admit to noclipping a lot but mostly to see and learn how the maps are made and come together in-game...) 
Some Secrets You Can't See 
even when noclipping. 
Ericw: #226 
Thanks very much! Sorry, I missed your response earlier. 
2 4-Hour Sittings, 5 Replays And Still 48/50 
Walkthrough Please? 
Awesome level. The architecture and layout are outstanding. However, I'm stuck. I can't seem to find my way out. How to you get out of this level? Is there a walkthrough anywhere? This alone is like an entire game. Great job, but need some more help. I've chopped up all the bodies on 14 total altars. I've defeated what I believe is the boss after letting him out. I've found three keys I believe (I can't remember).
This video shows how to run straight to the exit 
Ahah ! A Secret Under A Lift ! 
I found that one, at last ! Yep, Sock made a secret under a lisft ! 
Can I Get The Wad Files For Ad Maps? 
i'd love to merge start and ad_chapters into a single map, but I can't compile my frankenmap since I'm missing most of the necessary textures. ad_chapters relies on wads from the actual maps it displays instead of having a wad for itself. ad_start.wad is included in the maps folder for some reason, but the others are not.

i've looked through the mapping section of the ad readme file, the files included in the ad devkit and searched online for these files, but to no avail. I can't easily extract them using bsp2wad either since I have no x86 windows available to me. I know you can set up a virtual machine to get around that problem, but I figured I'd ask for other solutions here first.

right now I'm using trenchbroom, and it doesn't seem to be able to access the textures from the bsps directly. i read the the section about setting mods up in the trenchroom manual, no mention of anything other than wads. Do other editors like worldcraft or gtkradiant have this capability? trenchbroom can load the textures directory from pak files, but that doesn't help since ad is built on a pakless file structure.

also, where are effect textures like the new explosion sprite stored in ad? i looked through the textures and gfx folders and even checked if it was attached to the texture of a mdl file, but didn't find anything. did i just miss it or is it stored in progs.dat or some other place i cant fathom? 
Open Ad_sepulcher.bsp In Texmex 
It will state invalid version number but continue anyway.

From there you can "save copy" to wad3. Now you have the .wad file/textures. 
Use Bsputil 
bsputil --extract-textures foo.bsp

or, tyrann's original tool is probably easier to compile if I don't have a binary for your platform: 
If you want the ad_chapters textures, open ad_chapters in TexMex and save it as .wad. 
thank you, that helps! :)

any ideas on the explosion texture though? 
I'm Probably Worng... 
But I think you're thinking of the particle effects incorrectly. They're not sprite based. So there will not be a set of explosion textures etc.

There's a particles folder with a particlefont.tga inside. I think you couple that with the Quakespasm "Spiked" engine modification and that gives you the effects. 
Turns Out I Did Miss Them 
what i mean are actually sprites, even though the effects in particelfont.tga resemble them somewhat, thanks for the tip anyways :)

the sprites are spr files, i just searched for tga and lmp files in the windows explorer. they're in the progs folder, somehow managed to miss them since i didn't scroll for enough to get past the mdl files. 
I've never looked at those, what do you use to view .spr files? 
Disregard #254 
I found it(Fimg). 
i can't find anything to do with this aughust update anywhere.

is there an updated link? 
A Decent Youtube Video For This Mod 
yellowswift3 has made a really good video for this mod.

he's quite thorough, and he does s good job showing how to install it for newcomers. 
Second Attempt (secrets) 
ok, boglord area.

i can see a top area that is locked off.

apparently this is accessible by finding a 'button'.

the only button that i have found is the one where it says "it's a trap!"

someone must know, as i have definitelyu put some time in into figuring this out, but i'm tapped out :(

What About That Non-working Button In The Boglord Room? 
Once you free and frag the Boglord, there's a semi-hidden button on a wall inside the Boglord small prison (above the door). Shooting it gives a weird message, sawing that the button is "broken" in some way.

What is that button ? 
At Some Point 
Hopefully sock will answer some questions about lich fiend, broken? buttons, what killing the spawns does and the like. 
Broken Button 
IIRC, and despite the message, if you exit the prison room immediately after shooting the button you'll see huge sections of the main room walls moving about. You can now jump/climb on the walls, walk along ledges, and access all of the upper areas. 
Before freeing the Boglord from his prison, I can already jump/climb all the walls up to the top (well, most of it). I'm not sure the "broken" button is related to that but I'll check again.

This map is so great, I could play and replay it dozens of times without beeing bored. I think Forgotten Sepulcher is THE best map ever created for a game. I can't see how a future map could be better than this one. I only need a pet to follow me in my exploration, to feel less lonely in a Quake map (after most monsters have been squashed). 
so there is a button in the boglord prison?

i definitely didn't notice that before, and, i must admit, i've been trying to get right to the top parts before releasing him.

some parts you can get to the top already, but there are two(?) areas where i cannot (at the present point) get to.

anyways, i'm off to merc this wack ass green sod then find that button!

p.s:-how do you embed screenshots? 
There's no embedding on Func_. You just post the URL. 
@ Mugwump [it Appears There Is] 
unless i'm terribly mistaken.


Pulsar's first post shows embedding (screenshot etc.).

it's not the end of the world, as i could just use some image hosting site, but i like to know stuff. 
Apologies For The Off-topic-ness! 
I Only See [hotlinks In Brackets], 
not embedded screens. I'm on my phone though, so maybe there's that... Anyway, Func_ uses html tags, look it up. And remember to use the preview button before posting in case you misused the tags. 
I See.. 
i'll have a alook at that later.

@ Barnak [that Button Sorts EVERYTHING Out!] 
can't believe i missed that on my first run, as it isn't really that hard to see.

after that, it all fell into place :) 
Broken Button Not Broken 
apparently, it only opens the hole with bars near the ceiling. 
Yeah, But.. 
it also allows considerably easier access to the other wall with the other secrets right at the top (that were not obtainable previously).


i wanna see if i can get all 50 :)

anyone else managed it yet?

haven't heard from anyone if they have yet :( 
40/50 Secrets And About 500/507 Monsters 
Notice that the monsters total count is actually a variable.

Damn I love the vorelings. They're cute and hilarious !

There should be a whole map made just for them. 
monsters total count is actually a variable
That's because of the monsters that spawn other monsters. 
Finally Played This 
I had played a bit of it right when it came out but put it aside to map. Since I had seem some bits of streams I kept putting this off. Finally got a chance to restart and play it to completion.

Skill 1
23/50 Secrets

No demo, would be painful to watch. I did get really turned around once and wandered for quite a while. Was a nearly 2 hour session.

It's beautiful. But in the end, it's too big for my taste. When completing something starts to feel like a chore the fun is diminished.

I noticed a couple of 1.5 maps I missed so looking forward to playing those and working on my Xmas map.

AD is a blast. Now I need to finish up the jam9 maps I have on my playlist. 
i finished my second playthrough.

skill 1

304 kills

47/50 secrets.

that's the best i can do, i think.

i'd like to see people do some demos so i can see if they found three that i missed. 
Name Sounds Familiar? 
^ That Was Me ^ 
Didn't notice I was logged out. 
Almost Finished :-) 
This map is one of the best single player shooter maps I have ever played in any game! Fantastic level design, great mapping, lots of variation and original ideas and lots of secrets. I rate it 11 points out of 10 ;-)

After having great fun for well over a week I finally found the last of all listed 50 secrets. I also found many other hidden areas that did not count as a secret. Now I'm trying to find out what the message about the LICH means...

When I'm really done I would like to post the screenshots I made of how to find all 50 secrets. 
You may be the first. Please do share. 
List of secrets are provided in the ad_sepulcher_readme file.

Obviously that's not screenshots but wasn't sure if people are aware of this? 
Nobody Reads 
the readme nowadays, alas 
Screenshots To The Secrets 
Hello again. I have uploaded screenshots to aid in finding the secrets. Note that I did not use the readme to hunt for them, so for the most part they are listed in the order I found them during multiple subsequent walks through the map.
I hope these are useful for those not able to find the secrets themselves or those who can't find them with the directions in the readme.

I'm still trying to find out what the message about the LICH means though...

Have fun! 
Holy Shit 
76mb for some pics? 
Screenshots To The Secrets 
It's 284 jpg files in 1680x1050, so considering that it's not so big at all :) 
Cheers Wouter! 
so glad someone such as yourself took the time to do this, as it was driving me nuts :) 
Third, Maybe?

I don't have a Youtube video up yet, for obvious reasons, but I wanted to chime in now and thank Wouter for the screenshots! I got the first 44 secrets unaided (over the course of six and a half hours and only on normal, but I'm still happy with myself), and the next four with some resourceful poking around (restarting the map to check a thing or two, noclipping a few times to rule out dead ends), but the last two eluded me for a long time and I eventually had to admit defeat. Wouter's screenshots helped me find them; it turns out they were in areas I thought I'd already thoroughly searched, and if it weren't for those shots I'd never have thought to go back. I'm grateful for the effort put into the readme, but trying to attach the text descriptions to the secrets I'd already found was too far beyond my mental faculties. I'm dopey, I need pictures. :)

As far as map feedback, I'll have my first-play video up sometime in the coming week (I hope), but basically, a mind-blowing accomplishment! The architecture, the texturing, the sense of "thickness", layer after layer of construction one epoch after another, the sound design (holy shit the sound design), and of course the secrets. Cute shoutouts to community members, tons of fun rhymes, mechanisms left right and center. Goes to show how much map you can pack into an 8k cube. I'm still reeling.

On the critical side: the loop-de-loop roundabout flow, while providing a great "lost in an alien dimension" sensation for just playing start-to-finish (i.e. like a normal person), roughed me up a bit in the hunt for secrets. But I suppose that is my own fault; Sepulcher really drove home how much of my frustration in secret canvassing is my own psychology fighting against me.

I also feel like the end fight might have benefited from a Fire Shambler or Boglord? Something big, in other words. Felt like it could have been more of an event, given the scope of the adventure before it.

Finally, as much as I understand the need for promotion, having followed sock on Twitter for a bit now I did feel like the impact of some of the more striking secret areas was diminished by having seen preview screenshots. Still put a smile on my face to actually get into them, but I think I'd have been positively floored if I didn't immediately recognize the areas.

All in all something to be immensely proud of! Now if you'll excuse me I have almost nine hours of video to edit. 
@ Wouter 
thanks to yer diligence and hard work, i have now located the last three secrets.

S03 was the hardest.

S38 and S42 were kind of more 'obvious', and i was blushing that i didn't spot them! 
Good Effort Guys!! 
Serious dilligence in the map that deserves it. 
Thank You! 
Thank you all for your feedback on the screenshots! I'm really glad they are useful. 
GG Wouter! 
List of secrets are provided in the ad_sepulcher_readme file.
Missed that. Still, like Tens said, screenshots beat text description. Anyway, I'm glad at least some of the mappers are picking up after your example. I'd like secrets lists to become the norm in map readmes. 
I actually just enjoyed paging through the screenshots without actually using them for secret-hunting. Reminded me of the days of screenshot-heavy map reviews and "strategy guides" before YouTube. (But better lookin'.) 
Secrets In Readme? 
I'd like secrets lists to become the norm in map readmes.

That's something I am NEVER going to do. If someone is that curious they can "noclip 1" around my level. But that's lame too. 
Just "noclip" Bro. 
No 1 needed. And I very occasionally do that if I can't find something after spending 1/2 hour on one last secret. 
"Just Noclip" 
Ha! Now if we can just keep mappers from using targetted trigger_secrets and force Quakespasm to draw entities when outside the vis'ed area. 
Yeah okay, it's a toggle, but for me it's "noc" + TAB + ENTER


Secrets are more fun when in a separate area IMO but I get you. In any case, Sepulcher is a really special case with these insane amount of secrets. 
How About A List Of Hints Instead? 
the way the old adventure game hintbooks used to do it. each puzzle has a short list of suggestions provided which start vague and become more and more pointed before offering the giveaway as a last resort. you could cover the spoilers with paper and read only as far as you needed, and still have the revelation yourself and feel clever for it (just marginally less clever).

it might also help mappers notice if their secrets are too repetitive. 
If someone is that curious they can "noclip 1" around my level
Some secrets can't be found via noclip, and I don't know what some mappers do to their maps but they somehow make it impossible to see anything when noclipping outside of the geometry (NewHouse's maps especially come to mind).

Why would you NEVER put the secret list in the readme? 
Why would you NEVER put the secret list in the readme?

Because I feel like players should find them themselves! I found the Dopefish in Quake myself. That was a magical moment, especially because it had been hinted at in the start level. 
But What If The Player Can't? 
Isn't it a bit unfair to the less perceptive players? Notwithstanding the fact that sometimes, secrets aren't well enough hinted at... (Of course, a secrets guide must be used as a last resort, but it can be really helpful in those cases) 
I am one of those less perceptive players!!! haha. No I stand by my choice. It's funny too because my Speed Map 179 map secrets were pretty tough to find and Ch0w even did a dedicated video and spent a bunch of time trying to find them.

If they had been in the readme I assume he would not have been so happy to have found them.

Now some mapper's secrets are INSIDIOUS. I am talking about Ionous' Jam9 map. I found two of them but I gave up after about 30 minutes looking for the rest. 
I could find the kraken, but not the lich fiend. Did sock or giftmacher confirm its existence? Since some monsters appear to spawn, I don't think the monster counter is reliable. 
Check the readme. I think it details all the secrets and related stuff. I think in AD the monster counter is dynamic. If you trigger a monster and it spawns into the level than it's included in the monster count. 
Wow, thanks, I hadn't noticed that the secrets were listed there. Unfortunately it didn't solve the mystery. I'll keep searching for it. 
The Lich Fiend Cake Is A Lie. 
I haven't checked 1.70 code yet, but in the previous release, the lich fiend code was incomplete. Perhaps a planned boss that was scrapped, but still makes for a neat secret area macguffin. 
Custom Derper 
I did a somewhat long and derpy playthrough of this which you can watch here: 
A Nearly 2h Demo Skill3 
Finally managed to play this gem on MarkV

Thank you Sock and Giftmarcher, and thank you Baker for MV ) 
Does killing the 8 green spawns in Sepulcher do anything? 
Such an amazing map. It feels like the pinnacle of QSP-mapping somehow. An embarrassment of riches. Currently on my third play through. The first time I had only killed about half of the enemies at the end. The second time I really tried to find all nooks and crannies, but still missed a lot of secrets and secret areas. Now I'm playing it guided by quadro dcc's excellent (almost) All Secrets Playthrough, which is recommended for those hunting down secrets they might have missed. Anyway, loads of thanks for this unbelievable masterpiece! 
Scampie Tales? 
So I got all 50 secrets now, but I'm still missing one of the books. The guide in the readme says:

13. Water Cave, inside demon alcove. "Scampie Tales"

No idea where that is supposed to be? Of course, the readme is for this "stand alone" map release and I'm playing the version that comes with AD, so some stuff has been changed since then. Anyone who knows where "Scampie Tales" is. The annoying thing is that I think I've found it during earlier playthroghs. 
Found it! It was behind a breakable wall. So all secrets and books now. I must have spent more time playing this single map than I have on quite a few games. 
Secrets > More 
So I've put together a simple page with all secrets and all books etc. It's still ”beta” I'd guess as I'd like to change name on a couple of areas, some secrets are confusing visavi the readme, so I'd like to finalise the numbering - plus the screens are so small that they are pretty much useless. 
For what it's worth, I've finished the Secrets > More guide. I decided to keep the area names just as in the readme to avoid confusion. The same with the numbering. where I've noted the discrepancies. I've also added hyperlinks to full sized images. 
but nice work... time to break out this map again. 
Thanks! Yes, but I thought spoilers was a given in a secrets guide so no need to warn about it?

My obsession with FS has also made me revisit other maps by Sock and I really like the relative non-linearity and clever combat in them (Gendel's Blade and Nyarlathoteps Castle, for example). Brilliant maps. 
I was just being silly there. Go play "Horde of Zendar" for a treat! 
Haha, alright, I thought it was some kind of Func_Msgboard unwritten spoilers rule I had broken. 
Beta Version 
The beta version is here, since it is not on quaddicted. Fully playable 
#327 Huh? 
What is this? Never heard of a fan patch for AD. 
Becareful: W/Beta Version Download 
That was before Sepulcher "official" was released and ad_chapters had an unused entrance to it.

So this is the "Beta" Sepulcher(named ad_e1m3) WITH a modified ad_chapters that makes the entrance usable.

However, this will of course mess up your current version of Arcane Dimensions if you overwrite the ad_chapters.bsp.

Jus' so you know ;) 
Sorry About That 
This new link only has ad_e1m3:

It should be on quaddicted, since the map is complete and it is very different from the final version. 
Awesome Piece Of Work 
Super impressive map, loved the level of detail and generous use of breakables for secrets and surprises. The whole AD mod is just fantastic work and makes the old game feel a lot more modern while still being Quake. Well done Sock and team! 
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