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Retro Jam 6 - Egyptian
Retro Jam 6!!

Retro Jams are vanilla style, id1 only, and can be of any build quality.

The theme is Egyptian, so think pyramids, tombs, catacombs, sandstone walls, arches, columns, pillars, obelisks, temples, deserts, dusty canyons etc
If you want to include a custom skybox that's fine. Suggestions might be sunset/rise, dusty/stormy, starry night-time, moonlit.

Theme - Egypt
Deadline - 30th December

Lots more info in the guideline link below!

Jam Guidelines / Texture Wad


Typo: This is Retro Jam 6. Mods... please amend? 
Just to keep you inspired, guys: 
Typo Fixed 
I may be pretty busy with IRL stuff this weekend, especially trying out my new gifts next week, but I'll try to make something for this. We'll see. 
Challenge Accepted. 
Egyptian but no mission pack 2? 
Egyptian but no AD? 
Sweet! I Am In. 
I'm Considering Joining 
christmas is busy...

is the texture pack a guideline? can I use socks Egyptian textures? 
I won't be able to map this weekend, but that's interesting for sure. I'm in. 
Extra Egypt Textures 
Are allowed as long as they're on theme.

Reason for no AD or no mission pack is due to the votes on twitter. Nothing stopping people releasing an extended version of their map later on. :) 
I think there was a speedmapping session with egypt+tech theme 
interestingly sock_eg is mentioned as a jam wad in the "Jam Guidelines" link, but not in the post itself here. 
Damn! Busy Week 
I only have two free Days during christmas, I can make something small and rough though 
'Extra' Egypt Textures 
So that means textures from the mission packs, right? 
Literally ANY textures so long as they are Egyptian themed. Period. 
ASSDFSHSFDGHDFGHDFGH Why Not Write A Post Then Close The Fucking Tab!! 
Maybe we should extend this to Dissolution of Eternity? Maps will benefit from enemies available in this mission pack. 
Nothing can ever benefit from using Dissolution of Eternity content. 
lol, ok 
Absolutely Top Theme And Long Overdue. 
Theme Is Egypt 
So if you want to extend the theme a bit then cool. As long as it's recognisable as Egyptian at a glance!!!

The reason I have made a jam is I need something to keep me busy and I guess I am not eligible for QUMP :( 
sock's ad egypt test map is a good example too 
Sadly I'm going to be away from my computer post-christmas so as much as I like the theme there's little chance of me making the deadline. Good luck with this one guys, maybe I'll make something egyptian and release it seperately later. 
I've been wanting to do an egyptian map at some point but the timing is really off for me, as I have more pressing matters to attend to (like finishing that MJ8 repack). Plus, I don't think I'd be able to make a playable map in such a short notice just yet. A project like QUMP is fine for me but a one- or two-week delay is just out of my league, at least for the time being. 
I Would Like To 
since Jack is now released but I am out of town until the new year =/ 
buy a laptop 
Also For Inspiration 
I would buy a laptop had I any money! :| 
Those are runic maps 
Here's What Mine Looks Like So Far 
egypt meets honey style 
Seriously? This seems like just about the worst possible time of the year for a map jam. Many will be on break/vacation between Christmas and New Years and probably have way more important stuff planned. I know I do. 
I'm sorry if you're too busy to map, this coming week is one of the few opportunities I have right now.

I barely had chance to map other than for AD in this last 12 month. 
Im away for the holidays, i love the concept! Ill be back in the 26 th maybe i can make some thing happen in 4 days 
Well I'm visiting my mom's family for a week, which means outside the obligatory nurse-your-drink-and-laugh-at-peoples'-jokes times at the dinner table I have plenty of time to map, so I'll try to throw something fast and brutal together, like Return to Dust. 
I Love A Challenge 
Ill push my limits! Lets see what i can make >:D

Ps im drunk and typing on my iphone sry 4typos 
More Inspirational Music For You Chaps 
This Is A Great Time Of Year For Mapping... mother-in-law will be here! 
Looks great so far. What's that button up top do? 
The Tammys, Seriously? 
Try this instead:
Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke and Anne Dudley of Art Of Noise went egyptian somewhere in the early 90's. Cool stuff. 
Lovely lighting Muk, nice and warm. 
I just saw Phillip Glass's opera masterpiece (about the first monotheist) at the LA Opera. One of my favorite musical works - but not for everyone. heh. I dragged my kids along. 3+ hours long! Video here: I am going to try and incorporate some of the visuals you'll see above in my submission. 
Talk Shit Bout The Tammys And Imma Fuck You Up 
Youll have to wait and see, dumptruck! 
Are you just using sock's WAD so far? 
Using egyptian.wad and egyptjam.wad from the Jam Guidelines. Egyptian.wad is mostly Socks textures though, im pretty sure. 
Mukor And Skacky. 
U guys rock.

I still vote for an extended deadline.

Someone see if you can find a date in early january that has Egyptian significance. 
Is it just skacky and i so far? 
I'll be mapping also ;)

I plan on streaming the whole thing 
Noticed my fumble after posting.

Excited to see this set of maps. Seems like we all have something pretty well planned out in our heads.

also, my map title inspiration:

Hey Shambler 
Your last jam map was pretty good! Hope you're in for this one, too!! 
January 7: Coptic Christmas day + ISIS attack on Giza in 2016;
January 25: Revolution day. 
Dumptruck, philip glass is awesome and some of his compositions fit this map theme nicely. Also try Jan Garbarek/ravi shankar, steve reich music for 18 musicians. 
Some Of The Tracks 
from Peter Gabriel's Passion album would also fit right in. 
If you're going to extend, just extend to Jan 2nd to catch the extra weekend. It's a retrojam, those are normally a single weekend, this is already a week which is fair due to the timing. 
I'm going to be able to start a map until at least the 27th.

I'll be mapping in my mind in the meantime. 
I'll Start Mapping 
On boxing day I think. Visiting family right now so it would prevent me from streaming. 
Walk Like A Ranger 
I'm in.

The allure of the theme is too great! 
Keep It Up Lpowell 
Getting a tomb vibe from there! 
Looks Cool, Lane! 
Makes me wanna play it... 
That looks wicked man! 
Gonna Try My Hand

Never released a map before, maybe I can change that 
Good Stuff 
Great to see so many entries! This will be great! 
Now To Playtest... 
Looking good Mukor!! :) 
Those look top notch! Keep going :) 
Looking Great Everyone 
Sadly I'm stuck without means to map until the 28th, I'm going to have to step up my game. 
Xmas WIP 
Happy whatever everyone!

Here is a WIP of my entry: 
Looks good man, love the ankh in the water :) 
my scope is pretty large for this one, I'll try and keep my geometry pretty simple to achieve it. 
Nice One Guys. 
Such hype, so Egypt, much wow.

iPowell, looks good.

Scampie, dark as fuck but what I can see looks ace.

Bloodshot, nice lighting in the first one, epic scale in the 2nd.

Bloughsburgh, some crazy vibes in that, looks cool, keep the water as a consistent motif.

Great stuff that people are going for it. Hope some people are doing some more outside dusty temple shizzle.....replayed Sadlark8 recently and for all it's crampedness it's still got a cool vibe, very consistent throughout. 
I personally try to hold back and not send any screenshots until the very end. But it will be something interesting for sure. 
@Scampie That pharaoh texture looks badass! Nice atmosphere you got going.

@Bloodshot Exterior looks great, first pic could use a more contrasted lighting. Same goes for @Mukor's screenshot (you might also wanna use a skybox).

@Bloughsburgh Yeah, that's the stuff, pal! Looks amazing. 
Thanks for throwing this jam!

I somehow managed to make a whole map in 2 days time.

Who needs sleep? 
Ello Guys 
Looking great all ya, go map! 
Remember folks, that Egyptian architecture originally had more color in it; just like Greece and Rome, the paint would wear away before the stone. Contrast opportunities abound. 
Thanks, that gives a lot of new ideas. 
Fifth: Thanks man!

Shambler: That's the idea!

Mug: Cheers! 
Hope Everyone Had A Relaxing Cristmas! :) 
Damn, lots of cool maps for this jam! 
Looks Great Naitelveni 
Really hyped for it.

Hope to see something Serious Sam inspired aswell, afterall, its Egypt 
Naaite, Cool Designs Bro. 
Also a SS style quake horde map would be cool. 
This Is My Contribution So Far 
Now That, 
Is exactly the sort of shizzle I'm on about. Lovely. 
Lovely Shots 
This Probably Won't Amount To Much... 
The holidays leave me with little time, but maybe I can get something small pulled together. 
Nice As Always 
Hope you are able to get a release out! 
im now done with the basic layout of my map, and now im working on lights, then i will make triggers and monsters and then ill check for bugs. 
Great Jam So Far! 
Looking good already! Starting tomorrow I'll have 3 Days to make something small for this, 
Will there be a start map created for this? This looks like it could be as big as Jam6! What is it about the number 6...

Just curious, doesn't matter either way.

inb4 start map isn't important to a jam 
Start Map 
isnt on my to-do list unfortunately. 
No Problem 
I might throw a Skill Select in my map would be the absolute last addition and only if there is time left over. That's the main reason I asked. 
Gonna Start Map Tonight 
will make something small 
Nice progress Nai.

Great to hear Pulsar! 
Did you notice the misaligned blue texture in the first pic? 
How do i set water alpha? 
thanks, fixed it now.

Bloughsburgh, thanks! :) 
Colorful Ejipt = Win 
Water Alpha 
Water alpha is a console command, type "r_wateralpha 0.65" to see how it will appear. In the final pack, this will be applied automatically, but it's best to have the same setting while you're making the map to see that it looks OK.

Reminder: if you want to add e.g. lava to your map and have have it opaque, there's a trick you can use. Add a normal lava brush, then create a thin func_illusionary entity with the lava texture enclosing the top surface of the lava brush. There are ways to make this a bit neater using skip textures but it's 99% good enough like this. 
@in your readme, you can instruct the player to set r_wateralpha to whatever value you want. In Quoth you can add an info_command_spawn entity with a "message" key of "r_wateralpha 1" (no quotes). In vanilla Quake *I think* you can do a similar thing with an info_command entity but I haven't been able to get it to work (in AD at least). 
Naitelveni, assuming that's a map you're making, when you compile the map I believe you need to use -transwater as an option for qbsp. Otherwise the water won't be transparent at all (unless a client sets r_novis).

Once the water is transparent then the client's settings for r_wateralpha will determine "how much transparent" it is.

(I could be mistaken about this though, since when it comes to Quake map compiling I'm only a spectator.) 
N�ytt�� hyv�lt�, jatka samaan malliin.

Everyone, maps are looking great 
Sweet man. Looking good.

Naitedawg, don't really like the blue, do really like the rest of it, especially the first shot.

Nice one guys. 
@FifthElephant: Amazing Work 
That's exactly how i imagined this request to be.
Outdoor canyons, then inside a temple, then outside again.

Reminds me of Valley of the Kings and a few SS Beta maps. 
OTP-my Submission Will Be Down To The Wire 
Is the deadline midnight on the 30th? If so which time zone etc? I am in Los Angeles. 
yeah my submission won't make it, I'll do a separate release. 
where's quaddicted when I need to play aome oldskool maps for inspiration? 
I'm In The UK So... 
whatever conversion you need for timezones.

It may take me a day or two to get submissions in but the pack wont be extended beyond this week. 
4pm The Day Prior To The Deadline 
Is my deadline. I'll give it my best - thanks. 
I wonder what is down the holes... 
newhouse: Dude, thats creepy! how did you know im finnish? XD

My progression at the moment: im done with the lights, now im moving on for monsters and triggering and after im done with that I'll probably add some detailing around the map and check for bugs.

Is it ok if i dont include difficulty settings?
Love how the bricks catch the light! 
4pm The Day Prior To The Deadline 
What time zone? 
I am in Pacific Time Zone. Los Angeles. GMT -8 (I think) 
Huomasin miten nimesit noita ryhmi� TB'ss�, ehk� tulevaisuudessa tehd��n yhteisty�t�*

This jam iso going to be quite large, hopefully everyone had enough time for finishing their maps. I have to cut down a lot, since scripting in vanilla Quake is much slower yet how to teleport enemies instead id just spawning then. Also My map included a lot of traps and puzzles.. So that is the reason it might not Be finished 
And Sorry My Stupid Phone Tried To Correct Everyone Word I Use. 
I Managed To Improve My Lighting Skills 
which is to say they're still pretty weak as opposed to crap-crap. Still not gonna fuck around with colored lights until I have more time to fiddle.

Rockwork's still a mess hehe.

Gotta say I love the colors in sock's WAD. 
lpowell,with coloured lights you want to give them alot of white, otherwise the colours will look too saturated. example, if you want a red light, pick a light pink colour, it will look very red in the game. If the colour is too deep the end result looks silly(in my opinnion).

Newhouse, We can most definetly collaborate in the future! :) 
Funny Bit 
Taking a break and watching a playthrough of Ancient Aliens only to see the exact same textures you've been working with. 
The Doom II Mod? 
I've just googled it, I wasn't aware of it - I haven't really kept up with Doom news since I reinstalled Quake. Sounds fun but the tech parts look very... disco... Nonetheless, I'll try it someday. Thanks for mentioning it. 
Too late I saw the post about this Jam, and started my map only a few hours ago. But maybe I can make a small and simple map before deadline. 
Go For It! 
I say GO MAP! 
Do It Doooomer. 
Also nice vibes breezeeeeep. 
You can do it Doomer! 
Got More Work Done 
Been busy but found some time to work more on this

Lets see if i can make the deadline 
You got a lot of work done and those shots look great! I like that red and green vibe. You better make the deadline or else a curse upon you. 
Looks awesome for a would-be first release... How long have you been mapping privately? I love the colors and the AD-style of architectural detail. I wanna play this so yeah, you'd better finish it or I'll feed you to the Great Old Ones! 
Newbie Question But I'd Like To Know 
How to turn sock's Egyptian texture pack into a WAD. I have TexMex and the source files, but the download includes scripts and other files intended for integration with Q3 mapping. Do you just import all the TGA's in the zip into TexMex and save it out as a WAD? 
Sock's wad is already part of this jam. It's linked in the the top of the Jam Guidelines above.

Here's a link 
Oh Thanks But 
I'd still like to know ;) 
oh dear goodness im so excited to release this. this has been a blast to map for! ive never worked with these textures before. did a couple things in the map ive never done before as well.

cant wait to see what everyone else brings to the table. i felt the egyptian temple theme really helped open some creative doors for me to employ some mechanics i otherwise wouldnt have.

thanks fifth!

spending tonight throwing in secrets and final details! otherwise, "Sacrifice Unto Sebek" is complete. :) 
Hell Yeah 
I agree with the creative ideas flourishing from this theme. Really exciting stuff, just like an anticipated new game.

The deadline is midnight of Dec 30th on Fifth's time correct? That looks to be 7PM tomorrow for East Coast USA.

Keep mapping people! 
That looks incredible!!! 
I started a map, figured out the visual style but I'm still not sure if I will make it on time. Though I have a completely free day tomorrow and the evening today. At least a very small map may be done. 
Do you just import all the TGA's in the zip into TexMex and save it out as a WAD?

yes. texmex converts the images to quake's palette, so make sure to take a look and make sure nothing looks off.


been lazy/not had as much time to work as I'd like, hopefully can get my map together today/tomorrow. 
Been At It Again 
Managed to make a room in a few hours. 
Extending The Deadline To 31st December 
for release on 1st January.

Reason being is I haven't had as much free time to work on this as I had hoped. 
That's Midnight Btw 
hoping to compile and release for the afternoon the following day. 
It appeared people were struggling with the deadline, I know I could use an extra day! 
Awesome. For my map, layout and gameplay/logic are pretty much complete outside of tweaking, so I'm glad to have some extra time to polish that, and also mess around with colored lighting too if I feel like it. (Might still end up with the only map in the pack with pure white light but who knows!) 
You Guys Are Rocking It, 
As is the deadline extension. 
Thank you so much, I really need that extra day, my puzzles are taking too much time* (hard to polish them). 
Nice screenie, skacky. BTW, just saw your name on your Twitter. U French?

Might still end up with the only map in the pack with pure white light but who knows!
If you lack time for this, there still is MHColour. It can produce good results. 
Le Skackiy Est French 
Cool shots everyone, i regret not making a map already. 
you still have some time 
I was literally just saying to myself: "Well it was fun but you aren't gonna make the deadline. Time to stop."

Glad there's an extension! 
Right Pulsar 
An Mfx Map For This Jam 
would have been great! You could always start and if you don't make the extended deadline, release it later as a dlc. Go map! 
i try. 
More Shots 
Digging The Dark Lighting, 5th 
Egypt Wads Not Displaying In Jack 
Grabbed both the jam WAD and sock's WAD. Dropped them in id1 and added them to the Quake texture list in JACK. Yet, JACK only sees 3 textures in the egyptwad.wad and none in sock_eg.wad. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a particular directory they need to be loaded in? 
I Should Also Mention 
JACK counts 56 textures in egyptwad.wad and 349 textures in sock_eg.wad so I'm doubly confused. They don't show up in the texture browser, and yes, I have the "Only used textures" box unchecked, with no filters. 
More Screenshots 
I went to Egypt when I was a kid and these columns have a real genuine egyptian feel. They brought some memories back, reminded me of Luxor/Karnak. Well done! Bonne nuit. 
Very Moody Skacky 
This is an undertaking to say the least. I think I need to think smaller when it comes to jams from now on.

Still, I am rather content with what I have so far. 
#165 Sevin 
I also use Jack (steam version 1.1.1212) and haven't any problems with displaying textures fron all wads. All used wads i'm plce into "D:games_quakeid1" and set it path as game basedir in JACK.

Shot with texture settings in JACK:

Textures in texture browser: 
Fucking Hell Skacky. 
Also the other shots look great.

Also please please do a weekend extension for MFX xxx 
Where Do We Upload The Finished Maps 
I had to cut back some ideas to make the deadline, where do we upload this thing anyway? This is the first map jam I've ever done

@Mugwump been a private mapper since I was a kid. My first map for any game was a room with a lightning gun on a platform hanging from the ceiling in Quake 1, using QuArK. Only map I've ever released was a deathmatch map for Hexen 2 where there were 3 arenas separated by destructable floors, each with a different theme.

I've always toyed with Quake editors though, so I understand how to create a map properly for the most part, I've just never tested my gameplay with outside players beyond friends 
Just mail them to FifthElephant, his email is in his profile 
Looking Great, Bloughsman! 
I'm digging the water theme you got going, it's very uncharacteristic of Egypt. You seem to always think outside the box and that's what I love in your work so far. 
Some Progress 
Well, I've been working on a simple map for this as well. It's small and not completely done, but if the extended deadline ends than this is what we got!

(map jam6_oasis) 
Email To Me When Completed 
I'm not going to undo the extention. 
Some Progress 
I finished the basic layout and almost all of the main light. Tonight, to place additional light sources and the gaming entity. Also some work with textures is needed.

Verticcal gameplay& Interesting look.... 
PuLSaR & DOOMer 
Nice screenshots. You lot are all putting bunches of atmosphere into your maps. I have a good feeling about this... 
Pulsar, looks dark and deep!

Doomer, Nice to see lava included...this jam will be a myriad of creative minds!

I myself have decided to omit a very large outdoor part as it just is too much to work on and I have to be complete by today as I am leaving out of town.

It brings a sense of comfort though, as I can polish the parts I do have! This has been a very fun experience! 
Here is the section that will not make it in! 
I just can't imagine your map in Egyptian style without lava. I would like to make a map with outdoor space, but my skill is very bad in creating outdoor spaces for Quake. And I started my map too late. 
What texture wad you're using, that water texture looks just like what I was looking for, is it from hexen? 
That's the name of the wad.

I wanted a mystic type water and the normal id waters were a bit dull for what I wanted.

It's aptly named: *sparkle 
Thank You~ 
Yes, That Water Texture Looks Cool 
Too bad for the outdoor section! I hope you keep it, perhaps for a possible standalone release or a whole new map altogether. At any rate, better have less and be ready than more and be sorry... 
Is The Dead Line Still Today? 
I Think It Was Extended 
But I'm working this weekend anyway so I wont have time to work any more on mine, so I submitted it just now. 
Sparkle was too bright, but thankfully that mercurius worked quite well.

I have little problem in one section of my map. I made trigger_once that calls teleports, to teleport scrags later as soon player goes to lower section, but for reasons that trigger gets triggered when player triggers other trigger on higher section. They don't share same names, so any of those triggers doesn't call this lower section trigger. How do I make vanilla Quake do exactly what it should do, why it decides to trigger something its not even targeted to do? 
I seems to be fixed, after I added targetnames for those triggers, even though I don't call them by those names. 
That looks sweet as fuck.

Also doomer, looking good, like the lava theme. 
My Map Is Ready! 
can i just add a mediafire link here? i dont want to use my email. 
@Naitelveni Fifth extended the deadline to tomorrow, so you still have some time to work on it a bit more if you want.

@NewHouse that trigger gets triggered when player triggers other trigger
That's a whole lot of triggers! ;) 
A lot of triggers indeed~ Maybe I show at least something: 
Ooh, two shamblers not looking at who's about to murder them. Poor guys...
Can't see much of your architecture but I like the ceiling with varied heights. 
Yeah, architecture is not main focus there* 
2 Maps Already Received!! 
Carmack's Karnak Submitted 
She's not gonna win any awards, but my play testers like it and I had a blast making it! I'm excited to see everyone's hard work on this jam! 
Not Sure If I'll Make It 
I'm not sure if I'll be able to map tomorrow, tho there's not much left to make in the map. We'll see. 
Latest Batch 
The Final Trial 
Dumptruck, don't sell yourself short...I haven't seen design like yours from any of the screens so far...I love the enigmatic pyramid suspended in darkness! Also, that name.

Skacky, looks freaking awesome!

PulSar, hope you can pull a release!

As for me, I have been granted a golden few more hours to fine out of town trip is later than I thought so here goes the final mapping session! 
Wow, Skacky! 
These are gorgeous! I love how you got the real egyptian architectural style pinned down, but yet added your own extra twist to it. I bet you used a bunch of reference pics, right? I can't wait to play this... 
Mugwump, celling looks a pretty nice =)

Skacky, once again looks freaking awesome! 
Umm, I think you got the names mixed up: I'm not making anything for this jam... 
Ups =) 
Yes, I meant shot by Newhouse from the post #195. Probably not the whole dream is gone from me =) 
We Have To Upload Screenshots For The Map Preview Right? 
Should we send those to fifthelement too or just post em here 
Great Stuff So Far 
The screenshots some of you are sharing so far look awesome. 
12 Hours Left 
hope you finish that map at some point. 
I Need Halp! 
I'm almost finished with my map, but I need yo help. I'm afk, writing from mobile. It's hard to find nice skybox this way. Can someone find/recommend one? What I need is clear sky, daylight, maybe desert or some canyon, but definitely clear sky.
I'll be back in few hours, so this will save me some time.

Please halp! 
Perhaps will suit you this skybox from Sock - 
Thank you very much Sir! 
I hope you didnt missout on my download link. :) 
Deadline Extended To Sunday? 
Is it possible I could finish working on my map into Sunday? Because not only do I have overnight job, but ALSO work during the day Friday that jussed passed and Sat as well, but Sunday? Free! 
Latest Submission Time 
Is 12 noon Sunday 
Please Note 
That if you submit that late then I will not be testing your map except to see if it loads! 
I've got a few hours for mapping today! 
...renaming my level retro6dlc_scampie :)

kinda sorta started making something way too big and didn't really commit to actually finishing it as much as I should've.

I'll do a speedmap today as something to actually include in the pack. 
Nice, Shades! 
One funny thing I've noticed is that while the egyptian theme would have conjured more sunny images in my mind, it seems a majority of you guys went for a dark atmosphere instead. Not complaining, just an observation. 
I managed to finish the layout and decor (though it's shorter than it was planned and more simple closer to the end) and now I have 1 hour to finish the gameplay. 
1 hour? What happened to Sunday (see post #217)? 
I'm Not Sure If I'll Be Able To Map On Sunday 
if I will, I'll submit the udated version 
Hi, I'm new here and have been wanting to try out quake mapping for a while now. Sadly I won't be able to finish this map before the deadline, especially since I'm getting some strange bugs (probably caused by leaks). It was fun nevertheless. Here are some screenshots: 
Heh, cool. If you don't make the deadline here, just submit to QUMP in the other thread. 
4.5 Hours Of Mapping Left 
And then I'll be submitting whatever crap I have. 
Spipper, nice shots.

I have to make the some clip brushes and to finish a secret. Within a few hours I will send my map to FiftElephant. 
Mine Is Almost Finished 
Just need to make the final area and finish sealing and it's done. 
Hey Spipper! 
Welcome to the Quake mapping scene. Like Negke said, there's QUMP, specifically targeted (though not restricted) to newcomers, and the deadline on that project is April 1, so you'll have plenty of time.

If you need any advice for your bugs, expose your problem in the Mapping Help thread, there's plenty of knowledgeable mappers here who'll be able to help you.

You got a nice egyptian vibe going on with that... uhhh... temple? 
Almost Done With Mine. 
I just have to make the Gold key arena, add in some gameplay, test it out and submit it. 
How Many Hours Left? 
I'm doing my last touches and playtesting, how many hours left exactly, so I know.. should I sleep or not. 
the first version of the map is sent 
Holy cow 
I submitted but noticed a couple of issues I'd like to fix. Can I resend without much confusion? Looks like I have some spare time today to fix these. 
Quake Jams In A Nutshell 
how many hours left exactly, so I know.. should I sleep or not.  
Deadline Will Be 12 Noon Tomorrow, You Have Until Then To Polish 
Ok I'm Fucked 
I have to leave for new years party with my gf... (I'm pretending I have a life)

Someone wants to finish my small map?

It just requires to:
1) finish enemies placement and balancing secrets.
2) fixing fullbright pixels in textures with texmex or wally
(for some reason wad included to this Jam has fullbright pixels...)

Here are some screenies as a bait:
Screenshot 01
Screenshot 02
Screenshot 03
Screenshot 04
Screenshot 05
Screenshot 06
Screenshot 07
Screenshot 08

Let me know... 
ahhhh... tomorrow Noon... lol 
I Wouldn't Bother With 2) 
(since it's evidently Fifth's fault!!) 
My map is sent to FifthElephant.

khreathor, very good screenshots. How to implement sphinx on the egyptian_07.jpg? 
Nice screenies. I especially like the outdoors. Did you model that giant stone head in pic #6 yourself? I love the gold key goatee (goaldtee?)... 
I Wouldn't Bother With 2)
But fullbright pixels look bad... 
For you! 
Awesome Stuff! 
Fifth You Dumbo 
Timezones? Noon in Fifth time is 11 AM Func time. Unless he gets carried away with the drinks tonight, then it might well become noon your time. 
It's 1 PM. 
I Sent Mail* 
You got mail FifthElephant? 
Fifth time is british time? Anyway I'll be sleeping til evening after new year party. Mapping in evening would be better. Extending deadline tommorow evening is a nice idea 
Jammity Jam Jam. 
Shademaster that client / engine is the worst thing I've seen in the history of Quake, but the map looks cool, especially the gloomy outside canyon bits.

Pulsar, that looks good, nice one.

Kreathor, hope someone finishes that for you. Nice crisp style and strong lighting. 
I pulled a 20+ hour mapping session while creating this. Thanks for the inspiration Fifth!

Sacrifice Unto Sebek will be my first released map. Hope you guys enjoy.

Ill be spending my New Years Eve adding the final bits of detailing as seen in the last screenshot. 
Looks Great! 
Good stuff Muk, congratulations on the first release!

So co to see a lot of people submitting...going to be awesome! 
Got An Inbox Full Of Maps 
Jam is already looking pretty healthy 
I Participated Purple Style 
Unfinished, unlit, no gameplay. No penis textures, though! If a few others didn't finish, either, who knows what might happen.

It was supposed to be some whacky pyramid with a tomb-like interior...

...that's actually inside another pyramid...

...that's inside yet another pyramid?! WTF!!! (will require proper metatesting) 
Good Call On This One Fifth 
looking forward to playing your maps
i will post demos

speaking of timezones. i'm probably the only one here with 37�C degrees outside right now, to match with the setting of this jam 
Go add lighting and gameplay tomorrow morning!! You have till like 2pm .de time, surely?? 
Nice To See Some New Negke Brushes! 
1 hour lighting, 2 hours adding monsters and items, 1 hour testing and tweaking. All after a leisurely start after ur NYE festivities. GO NEGKE! 
Now, it is time to go and get some rest. Hopefully everyone had great time mapping (cheers up those who are still mapping) 
Unfinished, But Playable 
Retrojam6_ionous, Sand Grain Universe, has been sent off. It's a poor effort, but I can blame the crappiness on being 'retro', I guess. 
Forgot To Post WIPs Here... 
Finished the map a moment ago, now to send it.
Well, this map has the honor of being released before the QUMP one. 
Coool Man. 
Mean n moody. 
This Is Shaping Up To Be A Rather Sexy Jam 
Moody indeed...great stuff Dan!

Fifth, could you confirm who has currently submitted? I would be lying if I say I wasn't paranoid. 
"No Penis Textures" 
Holy shit, how many people mapped for this jam?! A lot of newcomers, a lot of veterans, this is gonna be huge! That is, if everyone submits...

@topher 37�C? You bastard! Where do you live? 
yeah...lots of maps
maybe i should have tried throw something quick and small..
i will not miss the next jam

i'm from argentina, so i have four hours more of 2016 and a forecast of a perfect 25�C for midnight. 
Im finishing test playing atm. Ill submit shortly! 
Sent you another with a fixed bsp, saw some brushes not connected properly to the ceiling in the last room.
Hopefully I don't see anymore of these surprises. 
"Sent You Another *mail* With A Fixed Bsp" 
Bleh, got too distracted this afternoon to actually do even the shitty speedmap I meant to do... I'll just make what I started into a proper map and release it sometime along the line.

Pack doesn't look like it's lacking for content though, bunch of new faces popping out of the woodwork too! J.A.C.K.'s doing I suppose? In any case, awesome! 
@FifthElephant I Re-submitted Dumptruck_ds Via Email 
Had some tweaks and fixes one of my play testers asked for. Thanks! 
DLC Here Too 
I got a huge HOM for no reason and I'm not going to spend the night trying to fix it.

Fucking hell. 
Within The Sands Of Time 
Done and Submitted.

It's a pretty rewarding feeling when you finish a mat in time for the deadline. 
Will This Surpass Jam6 In Entries? :0 
I Will Take Some WIPs Now 
How do you hide your gun so the screen is 100% clear for taking screenshots? 
It was r_drawviewmodel "0" 
That Should Be It

Added a bit more light there, not so much though. It is meant to be a bit dark area. (my map has even the old-one, tell me how many will spot it, better question might be - how many will not spot it) 
I'm back, got some coffee and finishing my map. I have k like 4h to balance this shit ! :D 
Go Kreathor!! 
Im doing a final playtest and submitting within the next hour. :) 
You can do it* (lord palpatine voice) 
Deadline Is What Time Zone? 
Damn, the map I submitted has a pinhole leak due to terrain somewhere, as the levels' outside has brushes and not just a see-thru plane. Doesn't affect performance tho but I'll resubmit with a new area to boot if I have time.

Speaking of which, what's the timezone of todays' deadline? :P 
My Bad 
It's GMT. So 1 PM Func time. 
I'm Compiling My Map... 
Some Really Moody Shots Here 
great work guys. 
Do I still have time for upgrading my map? 
It's 40 Minutes Past The Deadline 
Good News Everyone! 
I got really shitfaced last night with some friends I didn't know were coming over. I barely touched my map at all... this means the deadline is extended again while I compile all the entries I have now, write up the readme and finish my own stinking map. 
The Pack Will Come Out Today 
by hook or by crook!

The very very latest is 6pm but I am hoping to be done by 4pm 
I have sent unVISed version...
VISed one is building right now, so I'll upload it later.

Map is still shitty balanced, lots of mistakes, but I'm tired as fuck, so yolo... 
I Count 12 Submissions So Far Not Including My Own 
Final compile then i'm sending it off... 
Will someone stream a playthru on twitch? 
I Might Do 
12 Entries Is A Spectacular Turn-out 
Given the rather exotic theme and especially the time frame. 
You Compile Entries To See Errors? 
I can say that, I have a lot of warnings, yet target "" is something not to worry about. At least it works like it should be. 
I'm Not Doing Any Compiling In The Traditional Sense 
I'm just organising the files and folders so it's neat. 
I Really Have To Find Some Playtesters... 
Just found a bug that a player can pass through both obelisks in the courtyard, even though weapon collisions work normally. :/ 
All you need to do is ask. 
I remember someone's map in the previous Retro Jam having a barrier consisting of two or more vertical pillars, and you could just squeeze between them without activating anything. You could do it with no effort at all, as there was plenty of room.

Things happen with deadlines like that. 
Try Clip Brushes, To Block Player Not Go Through It? 
Submitted a better version of my map, with fixes and additions and whatnot. And no more leak. A few hours after noon GMT, tho given a deadline extended for a few more hours it shouldn't be a problem. My exit points to map 'start' hope that's ok! 
Yeah, I Used Clip Brushes In The End To Fix It. 
It's in God's hands now. 
I'm Not God... 
but thanks for the compliment Danz.

On a key note I am having a world of pain trying to get my map to seal. If it comes down to it I might have to exclude my own map (!!!!). 
My map is almost VISed :D 99.9% after 5h. 
Hype Hype With Added Hype. 
Fifth, extend until you can do it man. 
99.9% After 5h 
lol, my map took 9 minutes to vis. 
Pack Will Be Available Soon 
Just populating the map with assholes to kill 
Remember add at least 50 Ogres, since it is so rarely used in custom maps (sarcasm) 
I fixed it, now it's few seconds :D
Thanks to skacky for help! 
[21:23:50] �Ionous� I moved a scrag 32 units 
#243, #244 - it's a pure brushwork, mouth is a door. You have to play it, to see how it works :) 
Im pressing F5 every 30 minutes to see if the mapjam pack is up :D 
Skacky�s + Ionous� + Bloodshot�s 
are probably my favorites so far. somebody else also listening to the new The Fragile Deviations 1 as a soundrack to this pack? 
↑ ↑ ↑ 
admins, pls delete, wrong thead, thanks 
Revising Carmack's Carnak 
I want to revise and re-release my map as a stand alone release. There are some things that can easily break and some cosmetic tweaks to do. It's no masterpiece but I think I'd like to fix what's wrong with it. Here's the question: How should I name this thing?


What are best practices for releasing a new version of a previously released map?

Not asking for it to be replaced in the pack BTW. That's way too late. 
Just Submit A News Thread For Your Re-release. 
This jam's all wrapped up. 
Well. Yeah I know you didn't read my post I guess.

"Not asking for it to be replaced in the pack BTW. That's way too late."

I am asking how people commonly name re-released maps. Maybe there's no set way but I thought I'd ask.

"What are best practices for releasing a new version of a previously released map?"  
There's no standard naming convention. You can call it "Susan" for all we care :) 
Carmack's Carnak (Susan Edition)

What's important is the filename; don't start it with "retrojam6_" since it's going to be a separate release. 
Roger that. Cheers. 
Roger that. Cheers. 
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