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Quake Map Jam 666 : Fire And Brimstone
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and/or texture set. Check the readme file in the zip below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Theme - Fire and Brimstone
Deadline - 16th August 2015

Texture Wad - There are texture wads for this jam that include many theme related textures. It is not required to use these textures in your level, they are provided for inspiration and convenience only! Check this texture repository
for more wads :

Compile Tools - It is recommended that you use EricW's updated Quake compiler suite as they add much new functionality to lighting and visibility. Texture lighting in particular should be very useful for this jam!
Download EricW's tools :
Download worldcraft / Jackhammer fgd for these tools> :

Make it for Fitzquake / Quakespasm, bitches. You know the score.

Theme reference images:

It is a good idea to find reference images that you like so you can follow them and avoid staring at a blank editor wondering what to make!

Download the Map Jam 666 zip :

Also, a reminder : Water Alpha will be set to "1" for this jam! (Not transparent) because lava. Keep this in mind when building your maps!

Feel free to post wip images of your level in this thread! Good luck and GO MAP!

And finally, a list of designers that are streaming their level designs : (Ionous) (Daz)

Post below if you are streaming and I can get the list updated!
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Some Very Cool Stuff Guys. 
Keep it going. HYPE! 
Really looking forward to playing all of these. Played Warrens already, and for being an unfinished map it is a very nice start. I hope you finish it :) 
Nice Curtains 
Do you like the railings czg?

Glad You Guys Like My Shots! 
I'll be away for a few days, so I'll have to make my map very short (if I ever stop procrastinating). 
Aw man, I'm so behind now. I've been pretty sick the past week so I have nothing new to show since the last rollcall shots I sent last week� Weaksauce. Hope I can still build some semblance of a finished map! 
Going To Start Broadcasting Soon...

Quake mapping.
Black metal.
Me yelling at my dogs. 
Jam HYPE. 
CustomShambler: you know, this is kinda fucking cool
CustomShambler: got a stream from a skinny brit playing a load of trance, a stream from an expat yank in fucking hawaii with a bunch of dogs playing mellow black metal, both working on similarly themed but entirely different and good-looking maps for a 20 year old game that still rocks 
Now I Wish I Was Streaming. 
You can add a yank with a baby playing ska in Germany. :-p 
Needs Much Work 
Was up till 4 am late Sunday mapping and got in another 5 or 6 hours yesterday. Finally it's looking "not too bad". Sadly, the week is getting shorter and what yet needs doing seems a lot. 
Impressive, Most Impressive! 
I've been enjoying the progress guys. Keep it up! 
Oh this looks pretty nice! Love the design of the tower and bridge supports. The fog doesn't really match the environment but it still works somehow. 
Yeah, know what you mean about the time... Won't get too much time this weekend so will likely just have to cut things short and toss 1000 monsters inbox something. 
yeah, I think I am trying to do too much, and then Daz gave us more time and I decided "oh, I can do some extra unique things!" rather than actually accomplishing the original plan that was already too much :D

Should be able to get everything done, but the ending and such may suffer. 
Heh, though the fog and lighting probably needs a little more tuning it looks really cool in the game, probably better than you think, and it was inspired by photos of real lava.

I was just able to spend another few hours on it, but I think at this point all I can promise is around 1200 brushes and maybe 20 or so monsters to kill.

(check the 8th one down in particular) 
Quick Question 
The numbers output in qbsp - the left column is the total sum in your level and the right column is the total maximum that the compiler supports? 
Good question. Despite having made Quake maps for nearly 20 years, I have no idea really, but I'm pretty sure it's not a maximum. It may be size information of the listed data. 
A Sad Story 
Me or Worldcraft screwed my level. Lost almost a day trying to fix a "mixed contents" error. At 11PM I finally managed to run the map. There was an infinite wall in the middle of the level. I'm sure you already got those, it's caused by brush faces without normals. Then I opened the .map in WC (not the .rmf), spotted and deleted these infinite brushes.

The level works again, but I lost all texture alignment and all visgroups.

If I had to hurry to deliver something by this weekend, now I'm pretty sure it won't happen at all.

There are bright sides: for the first time I got courage to make something organic with brushes and I'm very happy with results. I had a very nice and simple idea for a map to use these rocks. If only I had this idea three weeks ago... Also, I improved my method. And since the textures are all f*ked up anyway, I dropped WC and moved to Jackhammer.

I'm gonna try to finish until the last minute, but honestly I don't think it's possible. Good luck everybody. 
Sorry To Hear Adib 
That happened to me early on. It is why I have shied away from more complex geometry since. I had to move away from Trenchbroom, Obj2Map and Worldcraft early on and just focus on Jackhammer.

That sucks. 
Re-align the textures and keep rolling.

Just as a note, every mapper should have a backup plan. Before I start the editor, every time, I make a back up copy of the map, and after every pass through the compilers I keep a copy of that map. Periodically, I thin out some of the unnecessary copies, but save one for long term about every 10-15 versions. I have something like 500 MB of Wish 13 copies going back to 2010.

Lately, when I make a backup after compiling, I've found it useful to add a short comment to the map's file name as a reminder of what was changed for that iteration. 
Yes, I have iteration backups. But last iteration was one whole day of work (almost) finishing the bigger room. I didn't think I was doing anything dangerous, the rocks' prefabs was already working (even posted screenies here). Don't know what caused that. Don't have this infinite wall problem since... what, 1999? Since I learnt to respect brushes and stopped manipulating vertices like there's no tomorrow.

It's cheaper to realign the whole crap again, but it will take another night. And the schedule was already tight before this big setback. I'm sure gonna try it, though. 
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