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Quake Map Jam 666 : Fire And Brimstone
Map Jamming is about creating maps of any size or detail level over several weeks, using a certain theme and/or texture set. Check the readme file in the zip below for further details of what the Jam is about.

Any questions or comments, please post to this thread only.

Theme - Fire and Brimstone
Deadline - 16th August 2015

Texture Wad - There are texture wads for this jam that include many theme related textures. It is not required to use these textures in your level, they are provided for inspiration and convenience only! Check this texture repository
for more wads :

Compile Tools - It is recommended that you use EricW's updated Quake compiler suite as they add much new functionality to lighting and visibility. Texture lighting in particular should be very useful for this jam!
Download EricW's tools :
Download worldcraft / Jackhammer fgd for these tools> :

Make it for Fitzquake / Quakespasm, bitches. You know the score.

Theme reference images:

It is a good idea to find reference images that you like so you can follow them and avoid staring at a blank editor wondering what to make!

Download the Map Jam 666 zip :

Also, a reminder : Water Alpha will be set to "1" for this jam! (Not transparent) because lava. Keep this in mind when building your maps!

Feel free to post wip images of your level in this thread! Good luck and GO MAP!

And finally, a list of designers that are streaming their level designs : (Ionous) (Daz)

Post below if you are streaming and I can get the list updated!
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The previous mapjams were all announced here. it was only the impromptu retrojams that were only announced on twitter. 

as an apology, have some doom interiors:

this is actually the old czg05 textures I dug up mixed with some more converted ones from lunaran's q3 map. 
Looks Neat! 
Looking forward to playing your map! 
I'm Streaming

Watch me stare at some editing screens for a while. 
Is it acceptable to use Quoth for our maps?

It would make things far more interesting. 
id1 only. 
OK, Thought I Would Ask 
Friendly reminder that Sunday is ROLL CALL! :D

Post your map wip screenshots and give feedback on other wip's! 
Postin' Early Because I'm Going To Need Some Tips 

Hello! Progress has been pretty solid since last roll call. Things are going smoothly. That is, until I add a skybox.

I have everything but the last room and final combat ready to go, and would like to get to finishing up and polishing, but when I compile with a skybox I hit MAX_LIGHTS. Glad I found this out now.

Any ideas about what might be going on here? The map is not that large, but as soon as I put even one tiny cube with skybox texture on it I hit the limit. Obviously something is incorrect in the map.

So, the screenshots you see are unsealed. Hope you enjoy anyway.

Can't wait to see everyone else's stuff. Things have been great so far! :D

P.S. In previous discussions about lighting, people have been talking about parameters like delay, weight, and anglescale, but I don't see these on any lights or under map settings. Is my .fgd out of date? I remember Daz posting about making some fixes, but I have the one from the link in the OP post for this jam. Thanks again! 
looking awesome, I like the wooden bridges over the lava!

re: MAX_LIGHTS, weird, that sounds like a bug in the light tool. Even having a surface light on the sky texture works for me. You wouldn't happen to have a surface light for the sky texture with _deviance set? (although, even that should work with only one little cube of sky). If you don't mind sending the map I could have a look.

I'm not sure about the fgd, but maybe you can just add the "delay" (etc.) key to a light manually? 
Rock_brown Has Fullbright Pixels 
Just found them in-game. This is a screenshot from Wally:

I fixed it. Here is a correct 224 non-fullbright color version: 
@ ericw: Thank you. I do not have a surface light for the sky texture, I'm only using the map settings to set the sunlight values.

I would be happy to get the map file to you. Where could I host it that would be convenient?

@adib: Haha oh man I noticed this today when I started using texturemode 1. It's so distracting I was about to pick a new texture. Nice job catching that and making the edit! 
I see you used rock_brown, like me, and I noticed a white pixel on your catacombs shot. I just posted the solution above.

About the skybox, aren't you making it a giant box around the level? That would make _sunlight create zillion lights, I guess.

Anyway, I loved the catacombs and the lava fall.

You gave a nice organic feel to the rocks. You chose the vulcanic ash grey one, which is a good choice. But I think the lava bright on it is falling too harsh, almost like a watermark. A matter of taste, though, just my 2 cents. 
cool - my email address is shown if you click on my username, would zip + email work? 
@ericw So, funny story. While I was setting up and compiling the map to show you how broken it was, it wasn't broken anymore. Derp.

I think the problem here was what adib said, which was covering the whole level in a big hollow box to seal it. I'm used to doing this in HL2 to get a quick dirty seal, but apparently Quake doesn't like that one bit. This time I just put sky over the part I wanted to show without sealing the level and it looks fine.

So...thanks for the offer to take a peek at the map, but this one's all on my ignorance. :p

@adib I was in fact just putting a big box around the level. The MAX_LIGHTS issue will occur even if the box doesn't have skybox texture on it, as long as the map is sealed in this horrible way and there is a skybox at all. Guess I have some work ahead of me to seal this thing correctly.

Thanks for the feedback on the lava light. I'm not happy with it either, so I'll be tweaking the values over the next week as I compile and test.

Thanks again, both of you. Mystery solved. :D 
So I'm on vacation starting ... in about a 1/2 hour so I need to submit now! This isn't all that I wanted it to be and there are a few texturing errors here and there - but it functions!

Thanks for putting this together DaZ, it was a lot of fun!

That download is really for DaZ. Everyone else might want to wait until the actual release to play it ...

It should be properly VIS'd and all that this time. :P 
Source files included, BTW ... 
Thx Warren! 
What's wrong with my email?! :) 
Some Interesting Stuff In That Map Warren 
but there's errors too... I could spend some time fixing it up? 
On Second Thoughts 
the .map file isn't pretty, assuming you made everything in TB and then aligned in jackhammer? 
He made it all in Jackhammer... 
Mapstructure Is Fine 
i think a counter isnt fired because of the count being to high a value on medium. 
Hey I like the consistent visuals and your lighting is beautiful. Only crit I can have is that the doors could use more of a call out. They have a nice border, which is good, but they're all dark or lit the same as the rest of the environment.

If you don't want to use more lights, you could add some brushwork so either side of the doors that would cut the light and cast a shadow around it, but leave the door lit. That could help frame it more.

Can't wait for the final map. 
argh, so, this last week of work has been in connecting things, and creating something I don't really want to show off in a screenshot. I was going to try and finish up something cool today to show but sadly life is in the way today.

So I will give a half tease of what I don't want to show and promise something else cool (and some feedback!) tomorrow.

What's in the BOX!? 
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