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Q1SP: "White Room"
�A biohazard outbreak at this facility has left the former occupants in a bad way. Enforcers have been sent in to clean up the mess but don�t get in their way. They aren�t on your side and will attempt to clean you up as well.�

This level was an extension of an idea that I had about creating a Quake level in an abstract way. Keep the usual shapes but take away the textures. I like how it turned out and it was great fun to experiment with using color in a much stronger way than is normally done in a Quake level.

This level is being released as a mod because I wrote a bunch of QuakeC to support it. To play it:

1) Create a directory in your Quake directory called �whiteroom�
2) Copy the �progs.dat� and �maps� directory inside the ZIP into that new directory.
3) Start Quake with the command line: �-game whiteroom +map whiteroom�

That should do it! Here are the downloads:

Player Pack
(contains the level and the associated progs.dat)
(and all the usual random MacOS gumph files that keep getting included with Willem's maps ;))

Developer Pack
(contains the source materials - the map source, the QuakeC source code and the WAD)

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"I finally figured it out, NPRQuake Sketchy renderer produces a similar visual effect but on normal maps: "

That's cool as shit! Love it... 
Yeah I Remember That... 
the sketch mode was definitely the best 
Willem wasn�t suppose to kill the Enforcers? :) 

You CAN but you could let them thin the zombies out a little first, you know? :) 
my will to kill is stronger :p 
this is awesome! thats all i can think of saying :) 
Pure Genius 
i may have been a little harsh. The bold color palette is effective.

The criticism i was trying to make was simply that, given the stylized look, the geometry felt like the same type of geometry that would go into any other map that didn't have this unusual texture theme -- it wasn't super-detailed or strangely shaped like "geocomp" maps that various people made for Q3, it wasn't extra-blocky/abstract like Tron, either. 
""I finally figured it out, NPRQuake Sketchy renderer produces a similar visual effect but on normal maps: "

That's cool as shit! Love it..."

...that's the mod I was talking about.... 
This was a refreshing experience for me, the map looked almost like a cartoon world.

My only real complaint is that it was too easy, even on nightmare. I need some punishment!

But other than that, great stuff here Willem, especially the enforcers fighting the zombies, reminds me of Half-Life 2 somewhat.

Hope to see more from you. :) 
Still Havent Played It 
but reading the comments I wondered whether Willem, who's 'new' to Func, knew about the geocomps that people kept referring to. 
Actually, I don't. What's a geocomp? 
Ahh OK, thanks! Yeah, kinda similar. 
Geocomp Is Awesome 
Nunuk's blue map 'Platypus' is really beautiful, one of my favourites. 
Too bad nobody does stuff like that anymore... 
Wasn't there also some sort of geocomp event for Q1 using only noise textures?
Including the greatest map ever made: sm48_daz 
Ah Necros' Map Easily Wins 

Most ridiculous map I've ever seen. 
All Right 
I don't want to derail the thread. Spirit: Answer in GA. 
Oh Yes 
sm48_daz was the map I was thinking of... though I thought it had more colors than that... 
I had to load up quake to remember which map that was :P 
White Room 
Enjoyed the map overall, the visual theme was nice although I think it may have worked better with actual white trim made of geometry rather than a texture with a white border, as you can see some stretching in some areas, but that is a minor niggle.

It was great to see the enforcers eradicating the zombies on their own, I waited until the enforcers had killed off the zombies in most cases and then took down the enforcers myself to save ammo.

It would have been cool to see some more abstract environment design taking advantage of the theme, it felt like the gameplay and 'story' of the level was quite detached from the visual theme in nearly all cases. maybe something more akin to the Tron movie / game would have suited the environment better.

I did like the blood writing on the walls, has someplay been playing System Shock 2 / Bioshock? :) 
I knew at least scampie would keep it real. That's old school rules baby. 
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