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Q1SP: "White Room"
�A biohazard outbreak at this facility has left the former occupants in a bad way. Enforcers have been sent in to clean up the mess but don�t get in their way. They aren�t on your side and will attempt to clean you up as well.�

This level was an extension of an idea that I had about creating a Quake level in an abstract way. Keep the usual shapes but take away the textures. I like how it turned out and it was great fun to experiment with using color in a much stronger way than is normally done in a Quake level.

This level is being released as a mod because I wrote a bunch of QuakeC to support it. To play it:

1) Create a directory in your Quake directory called �whiteroom�
2) Copy the �progs.dat� and �maps� directory inside the ZIP into that new directory.
3) Start Quake with the command line: �-game whiteroom +map whiteroom�

That should do it! Here are the downloads:

Player Pack
(contains the level and the associated progs.dat)
(and all the usual random MacOS gumph files that keep getting included with Willem's maps ;))

Developer Pack
(contains the source materials - the map source, the QuakeC source code and the WAD)

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Good layout, fine to play!

First it gave me the idea of Tron on a undercooled mission, but after some time the map progress asked me more attention.
The rounded corridors with the sloped ceiling were good indeed, on a small clip error.

But in compare to the whole map this is just a small concern. While playing I had the idea the health was much more one places in the start where there were less monsters as on places near the slime quarters.

Found all secrets by accident (was really nurked while I couldn't get back to the start halfway) and died three times.

Good work! Wish I could map that precisely. 
i've no idea where all these color lights come from, usualy you need lit file for colored light...after all that years darkplaces still surprises me. and for reflective slime you need this file - unzip pk3 archive into id1. than start level and in console type r_glsl 1 and exec water.cfg. 
Fixed Link 
wow... This map is really visually so different, and so good... What can I say more: I want others !! Go map !! 
It's an interesting map, well put together, and I don't like to rain on the parade, but there are a couple issues.

Technical issues: Map didn't run in Joequake nor Tyrquake under Linux, only FTE would run it. Hard locked my X server. Tried unzipping twice, and running normal maps with the whiteroom progs. It's the BSP. Apart from that, the effect of the tidy black stripes is naturally lost in software. That's to be expected though.

Human issues: It strains my eyes. It's also one of a couple maps that gives me that "motion sickness" feeling. It's the textures. I believe it happens when I can't clearly see a difference in floor, ceiling etc. and my 3D perception gets confused (no sky, no defined up and down, hard to estimate distances). It happens to a number other people, too, but it's different for everybody. Some have reported getting this feeling in Descent (no defined up and down in that game, plus very pixelated look), in Wolf3D (monocolored floor and ceiling textures, very low ceiling, checkerboard patterns), even in Doom. One guy said it happened to him in Half-Life (some of the textures there are kinda bright and sameish).

The other Quake map where that happens to me is Baker's "Undergate". Take a look at it and you'll know why.

I've played newer space shooters however (non-pixelated ones), and interestingly it did not happen there.

It also doesn't happen in all of id1, Zerstorer etc ("normal" maps).

I realize most people don't give a shit, but it might be an unusual/interesting aspect, so I'm bringing it up.

Sorry. I pressed the big red buttons this time though. :) 
"Map didn't run in Joequake nor Tyrquake under Linux, only FTE would run it."

That's weird. Fitz ran it so I figured it was good to go. Sorry about that! 
So It Turns Out 
I found the alternate ending before the primary one! Cool. 
That was really nice. Made a refreshing change.
Can't add anymore to what's been said already. I did think half way through it would be nice to have some contrasting textures.. and thanks to the hints, indeed I found the second exit. ;o) Yes it was too easy but nontheless a very pleasant distraction.

It ran fine in Joequake 1.5 in Fista.

Very nice map played on hard and loved the white textures and the contrast with base textures!!! some spwans could bring more fun to map becouse gameplay in my opinion was very easy, maby becouse it had to many health boxes!!!

but gameplay was never borring!!!

small demo of my small first run!!!

P.S-> the only secret i found was my kid that said to me :p hehe i was helping wife at kitchen when he made is game... then when i was playing he gave me the tip...hehe


p.s2-> more please!!! 
Just watched all the demos - thanks guys! I love when people make comments as they play. It's totally entertaining. :)

Thanks again! 
Wait A Minute, 
I thought I knew all the Cthulian dialects :\ 

You're the only person I saw in the demos who just refused to let the enforcers do their jobs. :) But whatever works... 
"I thought I knew all the Cthulian dialects :\"

Oh don't stress that too much. I made some of that crap up. :P 
About Tyrquake on Linux, it really badly hangs the X server. And that makes me think that this is a pretty bad flaw in the engine(s), not the map.
Also, there is SDL-Fitzquake which runs it fine. Oh, Software, well let's always ask for more more more! ;)

The clipping error MadFox found really interests me. Does it mean that the map is "badly VISed"? One can a big part of the map from there. Or is that spot only "exploited" by going there? How does this happen and how could one have spotted it? 
I Got Stuck There Too 
It's not related to VIS (<- it only determines which parts of the map are visible from where, everything else are QBSP affairs).

Such clipping issues can occur on all brush corners. Misaligned brushes can be responsible, but more often than not the brushwork in those spots is perfectly fine. It usually helps to re-insert the brushes at the end of the .map (c/p), move them by 1 unit or use a very thin clip.
The only safe way to detect them is by moving along all walls and corners. 
Interesting Map... 
the visual concept was neat, but, it never really rose above what it would have looked like if this was a blocked-out map, ready to hand to an environment artist to re-skin. Or perhaps a fully textured map with an invalid path to the wad file.

One thing that did benefit from the stark style was the focus on the few textured elements you chose to include. Though, they could have stood out in a fully-texture map too, just by choosing the right lighting and color schemes. 
you make a note in the readme about "greying out" in software quake, implying that it's unavoidable. Players can actually address the problem by setting higher r_maxsurfs and r_maxedges values, so the problem isn't much of an issue. (most players would have these set by now, if they play any maps made since 1998.) 
I never noticed that clip error which is unfortunate. As noted earlier, that hallway was a bitch to get (and keep) working so I'm not surprised that it barfed on me. Ahh well, at least you don't die from walking into that spot or something tragic like that.

"Or perhaps a fully textured map with an invalid path to the wad file."

Geez. I hope it would have at least risen above the level of "texture not found" errors. :) I did put a bunch of effort into aligning those black and white textures. Oh well. 
Uh... Kinda Neat... 
... But it does not quite cut the cake for me... While I loved gameplay (maybe a tad on the Easy side) the all white environment somehow clashes with monsters and items IMHO...

In this style, I loved much better an old experimental engine that rendered everything as a blueprint, or a sketch (you could choose). That pretty much had the same result as this... But you were able to play any given map in this style.

Oh, architecturally wise, I did not find any way to get back from the "normal area", I don't know if such a way exists... This is a big let down for me, I regard backtrackability as a big plus in a map.

Anyways, always glad to see Willem's work, keeps up us mac users' spirits!!!

This is my 1st nightmare run, 100% Secrets and kills(missed a weapon, tho...), if anyone's interested... 
It Was Pretty Nice 
easy as shit, but in a pleasant way. 
Fun Stuff 
I was playing through last night and it seemed so familiar (the style not the map).

I finally figured it out, NPRQuake Sketchy renderer produces a similar visual effect but on normal maps: 
settings were fair, but I apreciate maps where I can play without hanging droppedout aside my keyboard afterwards killing tons of monsters. 
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