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Other PC Games Thread.
So with the film and music threads still going and being discussed... why don't we get some discussion going on something on topic to the board? What other games are you playing now?
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Btw. Killpixel -Re: #10429 
Some Bal-grade trademark of soon...

GG, a nice surprise for sure! Stuff looks cool so far. 
Thanks Negke! 
SIGIL Update 
Packaging for the boxed edition is imminent, says Romero. There are pictures in the Twitter thread. You can see a floppy disk in the box :)

There's no definite time for the release yet, but it should be soon. I wanted to post a heads up for those not following closely. 
Rage 2 
Anyone playing Rage 2? I was initially very unimpressed by it; disliked the intro, disliked the world, disliked the driving. But I have to say that id (as I understand it, they are behind the combat, weapons, abilities etc) nailed the actual gameplay.

I thought it would be Doom 2016 in an open world and in a way it of course is, but they have somehow managed to reinvent the fps once again, creating a unique gameplay. So in short, as much as I dislike almost everything in the game, I just can't stop playing it as the combat is so fun. 
Blamit On Blondie 
er, boldie, theemee 
No JR - No JC - No SP 
no id nor dQ 
Really impressed of some old addon Doom levels like "Dantes's Gate" from John W. Anderson.
It might be the game is a bit outdated, but the maps are very well construckted and oversize the original Doom levels. 
Rage 2 vs A Plague Tale. Discuss. 
Your Face Vs Your Ass 
Raging On Rage 2 
A Plague Tale has beautiful art direction, stunning environments and character models.

Rage look like it was designed by a team of permafries that couldn't lay off the wacky tobaccy.

A Plague Tale has unique gameplay mechanics and story driven experience.

Rage is a ripoff of Doom 2016. Which in turn is an updated ripoff of itself.


... Raptor: Call of the Shadows!
Seriously this game rocks. 
I Call Bullshit. 
Rage2 is a rip-off of Far Cry meets Mad Max. Doom4 was pretty much it's own thing even as a reboot.

I am far more tempted by Plague Tale, despite the Vondur seal of approval on Rage 2.

It all goes back to focus and purpose. 
Fucking Dishonoured 2. 
So tell me. How can this game claim to give you a choice of playstyles when, despite giving you plenty of tools for some different playstyles, it will actively punish you with The Bad Ending etc etc. Spurious pile of shit. Either give the play some choice, or don't. Don't pretend to when what you really mean is "play in style X" or else. 
u prefer Black Ops1 or WWII? WWII for me pls, my map list haven't played neither exo zombies nor BO4. having one map ahead of another in a tier indicates I liked it more.

Sledgehammer CoD WWII zombies team can u name them somebody pls? I recognise WWII zombies director Cameron Dayton and Jason Warnke (lead design on the Frozen Dawn level), who does the actual 3D in WWII zombies maps? thanks.

what are your CoD ZOMBIES achievements? I have managed solo surviving to these number of waves in WWII/BO1: Groesten Haus 15, Call of the Dead 14, Shi No Numa 32, Ascension 42, Der Riese 34, Shangri La 31, Moon 22. EDIT: YAAAAAAS, yisyisyisyis yiiiissssssss, WWII Shadowed City Hunter finally defeated!!! now gimme WWII zombies season 2 pls!!!!!

PS: since Jason Warnke left the team in 2019, I guess there will be no WWII zombies season 2 after TFD ? 
FRom what I can see, absolutely no-one else on here likes COD Zombies, nor is remotely interested in discussing COD Zombies achievements. No offence intended but you might be wasting your time posting about it repeatedly?? 
On A Lighter Note if any fuckwits were sitting on the fence about this, get the fenceposts outta your arse and buy it for £4 or whatever that is in foreign money. 
That's Soon To Be 10 Cents In Foreign Money 
"i murdered everything in dishonored, fuck stealth" -Vondur, 2019 
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