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Oblivion For Quake Released

Oblivion, the "lost Anachronox secret level," for Quake is ready to play. Both single player mode (recommended) and three player deathmatch mode (not tested) have been implemented. No co-op mode, sorry.

Oblivion is probably the first "space level," a level setting later popularized by Quake 3 Arena. Space levels feature areas and architecture suspended in-mid air, starry space or a void. Floating castles. Space stations. Pocket dimensions. That kind of thing.

Oblivion is not a typical Quake level. No room-corridor-room-corridor. Very few monsters. A lot of jumping (which is fun in this level, not a pain in the ass). The level terrain is both your friend and your adversary. If you play the level you'll see what I mean.

As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

(originally posted by Rich)
I liked it, though there were some obvious problems. Some of the monsters weren't lit too well to be seen, I jumped into a deathknight I didn't know was there. Hard to manuever in some places because of the rocks, but they did really help with the vore.
Brushwork was very well done, super cool style. The rocks, the platforms, especially the underside of that one platform with the lava shooting out the underside (that was really cool.) Couldn't really find an end, just a warp to the top platform. Pretty neat map, but would've been better had it been appropriately finished. 
On the top platform, you just go in the teleport you come out of.

Fun little map, but definatly short. Very well built, and I love the atmosphere... Would've been really cool to have been expanded a bit, Taking the age of the map into account, this would've been the coolest thing around way back when in 1997. 
cool map; original and yet still has the old-school feeling. 
"The Edge of Oblivion" the first space map?
Yes, it was. 
I Did 
go into the teleport i came out of, i just went into star fluid 
What a coincidence! Never saw or heard of that one. When was it released? Mine was built in '97. 
Thanks, all, for your comments! 
I think he's talking about hipdm1, which was in hipnotic's mission pack.

And of course, there's also "Castle of Oblivion" from 2000, which is also named! I had to rename one of the zip files. It was awful. 
It was awful.

You having to rename the zipfile was awful? Or were you implying Castle of Oblivion was awful? Cos I thought it rocked :-)

If it's the former though then nm

If this was built in '97 then surely it has to be a close contender for first space map... SoA was released in '97 too wasn't it? 
I was saying that renaming the zip file was awful. Obviously it was a non-event, but i was being facetious. 
Meh Ok. 
Would be a great speedmap, but as it is it's a) too annoying b) too short

Right off the bat I got stuck in the rocks at the spawn and had to reload the map. Also, there was some weird looking brush construction on some of the rocks. (very unclean)

Other than that it was pretty fun, and definitely original for '97. The battles were setup well and for the most part, everything looked good except for what I said above.

As a speedmap 9/10 as a regular map 4/10 
Xen: Yeah, searching on the web for 'hipdm1' I found a few referances in Bluesnews' archive from way back in June '97, which places it at least a month or two ahead of this map's 'July '97' timestamp. Still, obviously both early pioneers of the style, and like I said, this would have been the balls if released way back when. 
Found It.

Feb. 27th 1997 Hipnotic Mission pack 1 started appearing in stores, making hipdm1: The Edge of Oblivion about 5 months earlier than 'Oblivion'. 
Thanks for the super-sleuthing! The best I can say is that the Anachronox Oblivion was probably started in June of that year, but that's not going to beat Hypnitual, so let's call it official.

What kills me is the name. Both are "space maps" of a kind; both are named Oblivion. I think it's coincidence; everyone was looking for evil foreboding Quake-sounding names. ; )

But I _was_ working in Dallas at the time, and Ritual was just down the road, as it were. All of the Quake engine developers were pretty close, and while I hadn't played the mission pack, it's possible that this name crept in from elsewhere.

What a predicament. ; ) 
Fun Map 
good for a quick blast, maybe it could have
used a few more scrags, would have been more
annoying,there were some behind the house
but there was the rocket launcher too :)
I�d like to play a speedmappack
in that style again (like sm45) 
I Bet 
I bet that beer swilling hedonist Levelord stole your stuff man. :) 
metlslime said the same thing and I agree, after the current Megatheme, I'm going to run an Oblivion themed Speedmap. 
Start Spot 
Blitz, thanks for your comment. I may update this map and if I do I'll be sure to fix/clip-brush the rox by the start point. 
must be the easiest map i've ever played, not counting start maps. ;) plus, the shambler can't come out of the room, so it's very easy to kill him.

looks nice thought. like others have said, it's too bad this wasn't longer and more expanded upon.

maybe you'll work on other maps? :) 
you could release the source map and let someone expand upon it... but i dunno if anyone would want to finish it -_- 
Review [by Tronyn] Posted 
Reality Check 
theres been HEAPS of space maps, even in q1 
And Yes I Do Mean B4 This 1 
Find Me One. 

Made in that big year period after Quake's release and before this map's '97 build date. 
Thats good news, looking forward
to that one. 
Stuff & Ty 
My God! 
Couldn't those shots at least be in GLQuake????
Btw, there is a lovely conversion of hipdm1 for Quake3 which does justice to every aspect of the original level. 
The Levelord Speaks 
I just sent a note to Richard and he replied that there have been 1000's of suspended platform levels since hipdm1. "a" may well be right! 
"since" isn't equal to "before" you know.
everyone knows there are lots of space maps; the question is simply which was first. 
In Fact 
"since" pretty much means "after", and "after" is the exact OPPOSITE of "before" 
Who Cares 
who was first or not? 
The whole world except yourself. Wake up to it ;D 
Yes Zwiffle, 
even Levelord is involved. Right now, this discussion is smoldering at a low intensity but it has potential to flame up. Any day now, Willits, Romero, Spector, and many others will join in and start duking it out. The big guns have been so emersed over the past few years in building next generation product, they have forgotten how to flame (when was the last good industry knockdown dragout? Paul Steed, year 2000 maybe?), and it is up to us to show them. 
I guess I don't see the point in arguing which level was the first void map. Anyone care to explain the importance to me? 
The Problem Zwiffle 
is that you are thinking rationally. 
I think you owe everyone an appology. 
I'm Sorry 
from the bottom of my heart. Please forgive me. I still don't know what's going on -_- 
Shut up donnie, you're out of your element! 
That's just like, your opinion, man. 
I Never Liked That Film 
but everything John Goodman said was hilarious. 
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